11-year-old boy shoots self in the head during live Zoom instruction. School support director notes noticeable uptick in depressed, anxious students.

Authorities say a sixth-grade student shot himself in the head during a Zoom distance learning conference, according to KCRA-TV. A spokesperson for the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the incident took place Wednesday in a news release shared to its Facebook page.

What are the details?

Officials reported that the victim — an 11-year-old boy — died at a nearby hospital after suffering self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head while he was attending Zoom instruction. KOVR-TV reported that the child had his microphone and camera turned off when the shooting took place.

The outlet noted that the child’s sister, attending her own Zoom conference in another room in the house, discovered the horrific scene and alerted her neighbor and teacher.

Deputies arrived on the scene in Woodbridge, California, to find the child with a head injury. Neighbors said they heard the child’s sister running out of the home and screaming for help after the shooting.

“The sister come here, banging on the door,” one neighbor said, which prompted him to call authorities. “That little boy was one the [sic] nicest little boys you’ll ever want to know. He was special. Easygoing. He was the type of person who would never hurt anybody. Soft-spoken with a beautiful smile.”

What did the support director say?

According to KXTV-TV, Paul Warren — Lodi Unified School District student support director — said the school district has seen an uptick in the number of “anxious and depressed students, as the students’ routines have been interrupted and they aren’t able to socialize amid the pandemic.”

In a statement, the Lodi Unified School District said that counseling and support services are available to affected students and staff members.

“Our thoughts are with the family affected by this terrible tragedy,” a letter to parents read. “We also offer our condolences to the Woodbridge Elementary community.”

David Bain, Sacramento, California’s executive director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, told the station that parents must remain vigilant about their child’s mental health.

“Avoid saying things like, ‘You will get over it,’ or ‘Toughen up.’ Be empathetic and understanding of how they feel. Tell them whatever is going on won’t change how you feel about them, that you still love them and care for them,” Bain advised.

Authorities are investigating the boy’s death. The gun was reportedly registered to an adult in the home.

9 thoughts on “11-year-old boy shoots self in the head during live Zoom instruction. School support director notes noticeable uptick in depressed, anxious students.

  1. In cases like this, I put the blame solely on the fear-driven mayors and governors, as well as the teachers who refuse to return to their classrooms. And they all place the blame on the covid pandemic. No, it’s not the pandemic that produces this kind of horrific actions that many students are taking in recent months….it’s solely the fault of the FEAR-MONGERING that continues to hover over our country, and certain members of our government, esp. our local and state officials, who worsen the problem by their negative attitudes. Over the last few months, it has been PROVEN by medical experts that children between the age of babyhood to 12, are the LEAST affected by covid, and therefore are the LEAST likely to carry/spread this virus!! My heart broke when I read about this young boy….just 11-years-old and a victim of what fear can do. May he rest in peace, and I pray for his family who are grieving over the loss of their beloved son.

    1. The Left has been solely targeting President Trump with their pandemic fear mongering. The people are just “acceptable collateral damage.”

  2. Unfortuntely….in these times……this type of tragedy, is “common place”! Our Society, has been driven further from God, & Morality….as we “progress” further down the road of de-humanization!

  3. This is so very very sad. What is wrong with our school system and their Union that they are purposely keeping kids out of school. Our Education system needs to get back to teaching Civics/History and stop trying to change our history to their liking. Also, teachers must be in live attendance, in the school room, in order to receive their paycheck. No work, no pay and Gov’t should pay for private schooling or tutoring, whatever is available. My taxes to the schools are sky high and I am retired living on a set income and they want to keep raising our taxes that goes to the Administration, nothing that helps the teachers or students . A lazy bunch!!!

    1. Not all teachers are happy with virtual school. Parents might consider adapted homeschooling. Gather a dozen kids in a home, and the parents pay the teachers directly.

  4. This political Covid nonsense is nothing but control of American citizens by the Democrat/Socialists. They have been inflicting as much pain with all of the unscientific restrictions, lockdowns, ,unconstitutional house arrests, unconstitutional religion assaults , etc. WAKE UP PATRIOTS.

  5. For any parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors who would like to help our children by teaching them real stuff in the home and community (coop schooling) with the money that goes to your child if attending public school, see thehealthyamerican.org/freedom-learning For businesses use /business-help see also for nursing home residents and in general for free US Citizens who have rights that protect you from the tyrants, state or local who are breaking the law to coerce you to comply with edicts/mandates that are not laws.

  6. Lets not forget who has been depressing us for the last 12 years with their hate toward half the nation, the hate for President Trump, the abridgement of our rights, the lies, deception, and out right apparent cheating to reach their goals of total and unabridged control, the Socialist Democratic Party of the United States of Amerika. I place the blame for most of what ails American phychologically today at the feet of both the Democrats and the left leading News Media which has been pounding us with negativism for almost as long as I can remember and I am now 74. There were the years in the late 50’s when we were going to get wiped out by the Russians and China fought against us in Korea, in the 60’s it was Viet Nam and stroking racism in the 70’s, the 80’s we had conflicts in the Americas and the war on Drugs, in the 90’s we finally had some peace but had to deal with competing with being dominated by Russia in the Nuke Race, in the 00’s we had Russian aggression in eastern Europe and of course 9-11, for the remaining of that decade and into the next we have been at war with the Islamic Nations and still dealing with Russia. Now this decade so far we are dealing with the hatred of the Democrats, BLM, ANTFA, Racism again, and COVID19. Is it any wonder that we are bringing up damaged generations of children who are depressed thinking they do not want to continue living in a world as F uc Ked up as we have made for them? Trump promised we would be getting out of the Mideastern conflicts and let them fight their own fights, he promised us that the rest of the free world would start paying their fair share of protection from aggression, he promised us that he would enforce existing laws in immigration, When attacked by a deadly virus he promised us a way to protect ourselves and it has come through. In other words he is not a politician who promises before elections and never delivers, he delivered. He forced through a Stimulus to every eligible person in the USA and delivered, he wanted another stimulus but the head of the Democratic House insists of attaching bills that basically changed the way rules are followed, wanted to bail out states in huge debt due to their own faults (mainly California) and much more. Trump said send me a clean bill and she refuses totally playing politics knowing full well that her party had Impeached him with idiotic charges, had harassed him for 4 years, and so much more against the citizens of the USA. She knew full well, and even HRC knew that they had the machinery in place to ensure he would not be elected again because the next term would mean he would have been free to start draining the Washington DC swamp, the one promise he had left to do. All of that is very depressing to an adult, I cannot imagine what it is like to a child is unable to play with friends, not being able to do all the things that are normal, and growning up.

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