2-year-old boy abandoned at a Mississippi Goodwill drop-off with a note about his mother

A 2-year-old boy was abandoned at a Mississippi Goodwill drop-off with a note about his mother on Monday.

The heartbreaking incident happened in Southaven, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.

The Southaven Police Department said the boy was healthy and in good spirits when a man left him at about 10 a.m. with employees at the drop-off. They said the child played with toys even though he was not dressed for the cold temperature when he arrived.

The man was seen with a woman accompanying him.

The note was written on a paper towel and read, “child abandoned…no phone number for mom.”

Police said in a Facebook post that the child was too young to give his name or the name of his relatives. When they asked him his age, he held up two of his fingers.

The child was left with a plastic bag that contained a change of clothing and some food. Police interviewed a worker at the Goodwill who told them that the man who dropped him off said simply, “The child’s mother couldn’t care for him.”

The police said that they later made an arrest in the case across the state border line in Memphis.

“Southaven Police received numerous tips, and with the assistance of FBI offices in both Mississippi, and Tennessee, along with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department a suspect related to this case was taken into custody in Memphis,” police said.

Police said the boy had been identified and was in the custody of Mississippi Child Protective Services, but would be reunited with his relatives. They are investigating the circumstances of the strange occurrence.

Here’s more about the 2-year-old abandoned at Goodwill store:

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