Bystanders taunted and laughed as police officers were being fired upon in Philadelphia

A reporter at the scene of an attack on police officers said that bystanders were mocking and taunting police even as bullets rained down upon them.

A video shows a crowd of residents shoving and confronting the police even as they were dealing with a tense hostage situation.

It was circulated online among many supporters of law enforcement who expressed outrage at their treatment.

Even as six police officers were being treated for injuries the attack by a man barricaded inside a home, the neighborhood residents expressed hostility and antagonism against the police.

Reporter Alexandria Hoff of CBS-3 Philadelphia reported that she had been harassed along with the officers.

“I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here too,” Hoff tweeted.

“A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire,” she added.

One officer was shot in the head, while another was shot in the hand. All injured officers have been released from the hospital.

There are reports that the suspect was broadcasting part of the attack on Facebook.

Two police officers were trapped inside the home as he fired on the officers outside, and they were saved by the SWAT team along with two other hostages.

Here’s more on the Philadelphia attack:

52 thoughts on “Bystanders taunted and laughed as police officers were being fired upon in Philadelphia

  1. Wow. God bless our police officers – they are amazing. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be putting your life on the line for people that are completely mistreating you. Makes you wonder what keeps them motivated…

    1. I totally agree and respect and honor all police men and women, as well as the K9 deputies. They are completely ignorant and have no morals… I am putting it nicely! They NEED TO GET A JOB, STOP BEING PARASITES, AND GO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THEIR LIVES. Don’t get me started on these low-lives…then they wonder why they get called names.

  2. How could anyone expect anything but this from these type of people. Look at the destruction they have caused in every major city in the U.S. and it keeps getting worse.

    1. MaryAnn no the blacks said they were going back to their homeland during the riots in 1967 and the African nations told them no as they didn’t want their homes and businesses burned.

      1. It’s a shame those shots didn’t hit the low life brainless scums and stop them in their tracks. This sickness on our police officer’s must be stopped and the liberal demorat politicians need to stand by our officer’s. Vote them out of office.

    1. russell no we reward them every time the woman pops out another fatherless child thanks to Johnson’s great society program.

    1. could not agree more. those who think it is funny to get shot at, maybe a stray will end up in the big fat ugly mouths!

  3. That crowed is the direct blatant results of The DemoCommunist Party of America it is pure unadulterated EVIL. Those men put their life on the line everyday only to be treated by these Arseholes like dirt! Well next time one if you Arsehole’s is robbed don’t call the police, next time one of you arsehole is raped don’t call the Police, next time a gang member shoots and kills an innocent child you Arseholes don’t call the Police you don’t deserve any protection when you Arseholes act like Arseholes.

  4. THE THING IS::I wish you would look at this picture and see what you think. if you are a conservative, as I am, you may come to the conclusion as I do. I lived in Pennsylvania for a
    while so I have a few ideas of my own. The fact is, to get a good look at this picture and get
    some kind of an idea of your own. I hope it is the proper one. Not far from what mine is. This
    is not unexpected by me or thought of out of the question. This is not very far out, is has
    happened, The news says so. I won’t go any further into the subject.

  5. The tribe should be rounded up and returned to Africa. Educated and law abiding People don’t act this way. That makes these individuals subhuman.

    1. DB they tried that back in 1967 and those in the African nation said they didn’t want them there as they didn’t want their homes and business burned.

  6. I’m sorry to see this. And Black Americans wonder why they’re treated differently. Here’s a great example as to why they are treated with suspicion.

    1. The sad thing is that these uncivilized barbarians give the entire black population a black eye. There are millions of upstanding black citizens. Horrible to treat police officers this way. The first ones they call when they need help are the police.

        1. The Blacks need to do something about their fellow blacks acting like this. Please help these misfits get on a boat to Africa. They have no place here in America.

  7. You know all we hear lately is that blacks should get reparations for slavery. You know some might not want to hear this but they should actually be thankful their ancestors came here as slaves. Otherwise they might have been born in Africa where food, clean water and cellphones are non-existent……

    1. They have plenty of cellphones in Africa. The people in Africa want to be educated to get better lives. They don’t get government handouts like here in America. I agree with Tina though. There are many fine African-Americans. Look at Secretary Ben Carson and Justice Clarence Thomas for example. The people ridiculing police have been taught the wrong lessons by guys like Al not-so Sharpton and Jesse Adulterer Jackson.n.n.n as Rush would say.

  8. They should have loaded every dam one of them in a paddy wagon and locked them up. The disrespect to those police is disgusting. There out there trying to protect and serve and these ignorant idiots out there harassing them. It is a disgrace.

    1. I used to live in philly and i still love this city and am proud to say i am from philly. i do not condone the behavior or attitudes of the protestors that were doing that to the Philly cops.. But there has always been that element of people that live and act like this in philly. Why, i do not know- maybe they are the lowest paid, the least educated, the forgotten ones, the criminals, the ignorant, the loudest..they just are there. They should be arrested for the harassment they cause, the disrespect for authority they show, for the criminal acts they do to the police. It really is the only way to deal with them unforunately. But the cops are trained to basically ignore it and them and that is what they do on a daily basis, not just when unforunate events like this happen and that is why Philly cops are the most awesome, toughest and BEST Police Officers you will ever find on this planet!!! Linda Spicer

      1. Unfortunately, in Democrat cities, the mayors order the police to stand down and ignore this absolutely intolerable behavior by inner city residents.

      2. Linda why didn’t you just say there are the results of our welfare program. People that work for a living don’t have the time to stand around for hours doing nothing but causing problems.

  9. This is a good example of the brainwashed radical left ,teaching and encouraging this type of respect for the people who try to help,this type of people have dug their own hole,so next time ,let them dig out of the hole they have put them in……what animals,ignorance is wild there,what fools…PERIOD…

  10. THE THING IS::I will have to repeat my self. well I will say this doesn’t give the people very much credit of being very good citzens. but it is a fact. these people are the ones who will call the police if they need some help. there is a lot that the liberal fake news has printed is what has happened in some other cases. I lived from 2002 till 2007 I think that is correct. Well you think that discrimination is dead,, well you can take it from me it is very much alive. Because I have some experence along these lines. and I know what I am talking about. just some well people who feel sorry for them selves are jealous of white people. Where their honor isn’t one of their virtues, I have reason to know. like I said have lived in pennsylvania for a few years.

  11. They should have been arrested for obstruction at the very least. Maybe police ought to withdraw from a city that shows no respect and see how fast they would destruct themselves.

  12. THEB NTHINGB IS::Well here is another space so I may as well fill it im have to repeat my self to a point; I do know what I am talking about. you can’t blame all black people for these stupid people I deal with black people here where I am at now. Every day They are for the most part are just good people trying to make a living I am honored to know them. Ihose here where I am now and those in pennsylvania are as different as day and night. I try to be nice to them when they come around I try to greet them with a smile and I get greeted the same way. There are those few that are those are bot very friendly as the others you are going to find this where ever you go who ever you meet no matter what nationality they are.There are things that can be done but it hasn’t
    been tryed it can I think will work.

  13. THE THING IS::There is a lot that can be done. a little honor can go a long way. I think there should be time limits in both the Senet and congress, Nancy Pelosi has been in congress for 37 years this
    is too long for any one to be where she is, but it wont come out how old she is. There are some
    senitors that you ever hear about or from one. I think was 87 years old this is too old and another
    one was I think was 91 years old this is not the supreme court. There you have a life time job, If you are confirmed there you are not elected. as in the lower echelon such as the Senet or the congress, and the president. but there is the need for time limits. but who is going to do it. it was mentioned one time before and you should have heard the howl like a bunch of wolves.

  14. I totally agree with you Mr. Smith – I worked for Non Profit & we employed a mixed group of people from all ethnic backgrounds – fortunately this group of people does NOT represent the Black community & FYI while I am white, I have both North African & South African blood running through my blue veins & I was born in Harlem – accident of birth. But I am very proud of that.

  15. Oh & totally agree with you re Nancy – Mr. Smith – she has lost control of her party & the party needs someone STROGER then her to take control of the 4 lunatics of the Apocalypse

  16. I am from Philadelphia. I am sorry to say I left the same exact issues 35 years ago. Nothing has changed.
    Philadelphia was once a Republican Run city and County…..and State once….until 1933.
    During the depression Quakers posted huge billboards along the roadways of the Southern States inviting American blacks to come to Philadelphia, domestic jobs await you.
    And this is where it began, and it’s it’s been democratic run ever since.
    All those row houses you see on these videos were Anglo neighborhoods once. The churches (what’s left of them) display the wealth and civilization that once was long ago. Magnificent mansions existed in North Philadelphia. All vandalized and burned in the end. The train stations on the North Chestnut Hill Line corridor and to Norristown had stations at each stop to rival London in architecture…..those too all gone by burning down and neglect. I witnessed this and this helped make the decision to move away. It was wisest move I ever made.
    The real poison was the moving in of the moslems from North Africa. This really did all the good blacks in. Sadly, moslems really do ruin everything. Their MO isn’t to about stewardship and cohesion. It’s quite the opposite. They have knack for creating ugliness wether it be dress, architecture, bad habits, unruly morass and behavior. It is these militant minded moslems that enter old cities that are already on the edge and come in and eat the carcass of anything good that is left. We see this happening all over the cities of Britain.
    It’s a culture that promotes human devaluation…..all promulgated by dominance and fear to conform to rot.
    What we are looking at is contemptuous human rot…..liken to rats, roaches and bedbugs who are doing the rest behind the walls.

    1. The Muslims from any country have one goal – do away with Constitution and replace with 7th century barbaric Sharia law and kill all who will not convert to Islam. Most of the people in the inner cities aren’t Muslim. These people have been taught to be dependent on the government. Some of their community leaders tell them that if they get educated, they are “too white.” There is also rampant gang and drug activity. I know. I grew up inside the city of Chicago. My sister still lives there. Murders almost every day. Take no responsibility for your own actions. Blame the police like Kaepernick who made millions before he started his stupid anti-American protest and ruined the NFL. Maybe the movement he created will one day cause the downfall of the NFL. The NFL deserves to die for not taking stronger action to stop these protests.

  17. THE THING IS::There is a lot that can be done, to make this country much better than what it is at this point in time. but it never will be done. This needs the people if you are a conservative or a liberal democrate. it is your country but it isn’t the way the liberal democrates see it. there Is
    still a need for the wall to be built it will help to keep the undesirables out of the country. you should have seen the picture of the cars that got through. There was a picture of these cars that
    got into this country from Mexico in one day. You can’t see the whole picture. There was enough
    in what you could see to prove a point. I think there was four truck loads one right behind the
    other on automobile carriers four of them. I would say think it over see what is there in one hour.

  18. THE THING IS::I will say a few things about my self. there are almost every one wants some
    contribution but I don’t have any money. I had a dream last night about going to a bank with a friend to cash a check, and being as I was in the bank, I tryed to see if I could get a loan so I would have some money but they very much with courtesy flat refused me. just turned me down flat. I had dreams like this before. being as I don’t have any money, I would expect them to turn and walk away as if I had the plague, soon as they found out about it. To contribute to all that is required, they all want money, You would have to be a multimillionaire to be able to do it. I hate to live like this. You have money every one will love you to pieces, and try to get what you got. if you don’t have money then they have no interest in you at all.

  19. The police there should go on strike for a couple of weeks and then see what the idiots that were doing this crap think then. It is my thought that they would welcome the police back with open arms. A lot of people in this country are total idiots as evidenced here.

    1. The police in communities where police have been treated this way or worse, were shot and injured or killed should strike across the country. They are not that well paid to be putting their lives on the line for ungrateful citizens.

  20. These people have truly lost whatever is left of their minds!! No forgive me! They never had minds to begin with!!! Losers!!!

  21. To get the criminal out of the building, just set it on fire. That probably would not bother any of the crowd there, anyway. They would bring marshmallows. Quit the coddling. Fight gunfire with fire.

  22. The police comissioner appears to be the person I would want to be the commissioner in my town. Philadelphia historically was rough and ready in the old days with the police on horses and batons first facts second. This man seems like he is putting things in the right order. He has my respect.

  23. Pennsylvania Governor: I noticed in news that you will introduce sweeping gun control measures by using recent attack on our people in blue. I say to you sir, Gun control is not the issue, it is your citizens? Maybe you should include those on this video as your first examples of gun control. Always it ends up with having to do something to address the problem, so let’s attack gun control it is much easier than attacking those responsible and sympathetic for the perp.

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