Adam Schiff obtains, releases personal phone records of Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunes — without explanation of why or how

With impeachment enthusiasm waning, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) released his committee’s 300-page impeachment report Tuesday, formalizing his committee’s findings in order that the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump may proceed.

Perhaps the biggest revelation stemming from the report is that Schiff obtained the phone records and text message logs of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney.

In addition, he also collected phone records and text messages of journalist John Solomon and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

According to NBC News, the phone records fuel speculation that Giuliani in particular acted nefariously to advance the president’s personal interests.

Who in the White House budget office called Rudy Giuliani on an August afternoon, and what did they have to talk about for 13 minutes?

It’s unclear what legitimate purpose the president’s personal lawyer would have to speak at length with the White House Office of Management and Budget. But the revelation is likely to fuel arguments from House Democrats that Giuliani was intimately involved in a scheme to use U.S. taxpayer dollars as leverage to advance Trump’s personal political interests.

There is little doubt the phone records were included in the report to advance theories that Trump’s staunchest defenders have conspired to protect him and further his interests.

But what the report does not spell out, and what NBC noted, is how — and why — Schiff obtained the records.

At the very least, it is odd for a House committee to subpoena the phone records of its ranking member, a journalist, and the president’s personal attorney — let alone in the midst of a presidential impeachment inquiry.

42 thoughts on “Adam Schiff obtains, releases personal phone records of Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunes — without explanation of why or how

  1. Did he have a legal right to obtain these phone records? Who the hell does he think
    he is? It has been obvious he lies a lot but he does not even bother to offer a lie to
    cover his act. I think he should be served with a warrant for arrest for illegal access
    of private information. I bet there are many laws that have been broken and it is
    time these corrupt creatons are made to pay.

  2. How was Schiff able to obtain these records? These people have committed no crimes to warrant such invasion of their private lives. Did Schiff obtain FISA warrants for this? These people aren’t drug dealers or are carrying out any criminal plots. Did he get a warrant from any court to carry out his illegal spying? Schiff has no right to these records and committed a crime publishing these findings. He, his staff, people either in the NSA or phone company, need to be investigated and arrested for carrying out criminal acts. He needs to go to jail and immediately removed from Congress.

  3. ADAM SCHIFF IS A CROOK – ISNT THIS ILLEGAL RECORDING CONVERSATIONS FROM PEOPLE IN P OLITICS. SOUDNS LIKE REGAN DID – TIME TO IMPEACH ADAM SCHIFF – HE IS NO GOOD, AN EVIL MAN- BUT GUESS WAHT GOD IS ALREADY WORKING ON GIVING HIM ONE OF THE WORST ILLNESS EVER CANCER OF THE BRAIN. THIS IS HIS PROMISE. TO HELL WITH THE EVIL ONE I have never met/ or seen someone as evil as he is. To impeach one of the best presidents we ever had. who helped in the ecconomy, jobs, protecting animals, stopping the leaches from food stamps – helping the homelss and becoming friends with outer countries NO ONE LIKE PRES TRUMP and there never will be again. Democrats get in and everyone will know we have a socialst country.


  4. Pencil neck needs to be be HUNG FOR TREASON with the muslim ahole and the TREASONOUS clintins and biden,and many others,it is our COUNTRY not theirs.
    We do need a law that prohibit anyone with a brain(anurism) from holding office,because they are unstable
    and unfit to serve ( 4F)

  5. Schiff is a threat to the USA. He continually lies and does things contrary to common since and the law. At the very least for this action he should be reprimanded by the house and censored for these actions and fined appropriately. if not expelled.

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