Antifa member attempts to block road, smash someone’s SUV — but he picked the wrong guy to mess with

Last week, video surfaced showing an alleged Antifa member attempting to block an SUV in the road and harass someone before getting taught a lesson he won’t forget anytime soon.

The video, originally posted on LiveLeak, shows the agitator wearing the usual black mask getup seen on Antifa members and wielding some sort of weapon reminiscent of a baseball bat. Whatever it is, it ends up being completely useless to him.

Apparently the agitator is also wearing a pink “Dora the Explorer” backpack, which surprisingly proves not to be very intimidating to the man driving the SUV, who — after attempting to slowly push the agitator out of the way with his vehicle — proceeds to get out and remove the roadblock the old-fashioned way.

(Warning: video contains violence and explicit language)

When the video begins, the agitator and the man can be seen already caught up in a heated exchange, with the agitator shouting at the man as he returned to his vehicle.

The agitator then continued to block the road before the man exited his SUV a second time to forcibly shove the agitator out of the way.

The man can be heard shouting expletive-laden demands at the agitator instructing him to get out of the road and never touch his rig again.

Blocking roads, disrupting traffic, and carrying bludgeoning weapons has been the modus operandi of Antifa members over the last several years.

Just recently, an Antifa protester was arrested for allegedly smashing a car with a metal baton during last year’s riotous protests in Portland, Oregon, while another Portland protester was sentenced to nearly six years in prison for clobbering a man in the head with a baton.

This time, the alleged Antifa protester picked on the wrong guy.

(H/T: RedState)

28 thoughts on “Antifa member attempts to block road, smash someone’s SUV — but he picked the wrong guy to mess with

      1. Sure was great to see this little masked coward antifa moron get his scrawny little butt kicked.
        Too bad the driver didn’t pull off the little cowards mask and stuff it down his filthy mouthed little throat.
        The little masked coward had to use his filthy mouthed language to try and make himself sound oh so tough.
        Funny, the little coward didn’t look so tough while he was getting his scrawny little butt kicked.!!!

    1. Yes, when he gets in your car get your speed up to about 70 miles an hour and shove him out. They are a bunch of terrorist any way you want to look at it. Everyone understands that except the Democrats.

  1. Score!

    At what point does the motorist become a target of the local district attorney? I suppose that depends on which state this sort of confrontation erupts.

    At what point would a concealed carry firearm be considered a legal remedy? Again, I suppose it depends on the politics of the local district attorney.

  2. This should happen each time Antifa blocks traffic. After about the second time, the creeps in masks would stay home in their pajamas! Would love to see the Portland mayor burst from his chauffeur-driven car and clobber an Antifa!
    That would end their protests!!!!

    1. Aantifa (brown shirts) are domestic terrorists. They should be severely punished with serious jail time. Persons attacked have every right to defend themselves and their property. I am sick that they get away with their attacks, violence, hatred and liberal support of violence and lawlessness.

    1. Right on James. Antifa should become designated terrorists and treated as such. Soros should be indicted and brought to trial for funding terrorists. Then he can be fined millions and sit in jail for the rest of his life. The world would be better off without him.

  3. That’s what needs to happen, everytime one of those ignorant fools gets in the road. Should be allowed to just run them over and put them out of their misery, when they are ignorant enough to go up against a vehicle.

  4. That made my day!! If it happened more often, it wouldn’t happen more often! They love giving people a hard time. Run with tail tucked when the “victim” refuses to be a victim.

  5. Once upon a time these wackos were locked up in asylums!!! Oh how l long for the good old days when insanity was not something to be proud of!!! The end has to be near!!

  6. After watching the video, I now know why Antifa likes to attack people when the odds are 20 to 1 infavor of Antifa. Also figured out why Antifa likes to attack old ladies and old men using walkers and wheel chairs. Less chance of getting hurt. This also proves why there is a need for normal Americans to arm themselves. Only a complete lunatic would attack someone who is in their vehicle while it’s running and is able to run the Antifa wimp over. I wouldn’t think twice if it ever happens to me.

  7. Bless the man in the car. It serves these low life’s right. That’s exactly what should happen to them and maybe all of this BS would stop. Bet he will remember that and not be so obnoxious after this.

  8. The antifast are the coward used by the liberals and socialist to try to bring terror to all the citizens, to brake the law and order

  9. That antifa thug deserved to have his face busted for him, o eof these days these antifa thugs are really going to mess with the wrong person and there is going to be some serious damage done to a thugs body. In this case the driver should have pulled on a pair of gloves and just laid I to the thug breaking at the very least his nose and maybe his jaw. These antifa types need to be taught a very hard lesson, that being stupidity does not work, had the driver been me the thug would have gotten a boot in the chest or maybe even the face.

  10. If he stopped me I’d show him a little old lady can do!! I’m a retired nurse. Don’t puss me off. I’ve handled the worst!

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