Antifa mob thinks it has cops retreating — until the tough leftists get pelted with flash bangs and tear gas

So there’s finally some good news out of Portland, Oregon — and this brief dispatch may even put a smile on your face.

What happened?

Well, our old friends Antifa — those figments of conservatives’ imaginations given they’re merely ” an idea” and a “myth” — were miraculously caught on video confronting federal police Wednesday night near the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building in the south part of the city.

Portland police said people were throwing rocks, eggs and vandalizing the building, KGW-TV reported.

The station said the feds continuously pushed demonstrators away from the ICE building, and that protesters tried regrouping and relaunching their offensives.

In one scene caught on video, Antifa militants stalked their way toward federal officers who appeared to be backing up — after which the leftists rejoiced with glee.

“Hey!” one Antifa bro shouted, mocking the cops as if there were listening to the lawless leftists. “Good boy!”

Another militant shouted at the top of her lungs, “We have the right to assemble in a public f***ing street!”

But things are not what they appear to be

But just when it seemed as though Antifa would win the day, BOOM!

It appeared the federal officers pelted the leftists with flash bangs and tear gas — and the leftists didn’t like it, no not one little bit.

“Bastards!” one hardcore radical hollered as he ran off into the night after appearing to get hit.

This pair appeared to be doing a little dance as they made their escape:

Another shouted, “You f***ing bastards! You f***ing little cowards!”

Not that it did much good.

Check it all out. (Content warning: Language:)

Anything else?

Six people were arrested, KGW reported, adding that the protesters — numbering between 100 and 200 — want ICE abolished.

More from the station:

As part of his first wave of actions as president, Joe Biden issued several executive orders Wednesday aimed at influencing the country’s immigration policy and reversing course from his Republican predecessor. The orders included preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and instituting a 100-day moratorium, beginning Friday, on the deportation of certain noncitizens.

14 thoughts on “Antifa mob thinks it has cops retreating — until the tough leftists get pelted with flash bangs and tear gas

  1. Antifa and BLM are leftist and follow Democratic Party … well Biden should be held responsible for their actions. Dems got them riled up all last year with looting and rioting. Biden should be impeached!

    1. Anonymous, you must mean Senator Biden………Better talk to Pislosi and Harris, they both have him by the ying yang………..

  2. biden/harris/barry…did not condemn this idiots… so that means they condoned them… message was recieved….. the Dems are contributers and should be held responsible……will harris bail out these jerks…

    1. Harris has bailed them out in the past and impeachment
      proceedings should be started against her ASAP!! The communist Democrat party is sure made up of filthy
      politicians that hate America!

  3. It is about time! Antifa & BLM are sponsored by the communist democrat party and soros and orchestrated by Obama from his DC house! They should have started shooting them on the 1st day of these riots in the cities and there wouldn’t have been a 2nd day! Both groups were involved at the Capitol. These hoodlums think they can do anything and get away with it!

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