AOC attacks ‘monster’ President Trump, accuses him of ‘war crimes’ over threats to Iranian aggression

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Saturday called President Donald Trump a “monster” and accused him of threatening to engage in “war crimes” for promising to hit Iran with military power if they retaliate over the death of Qassem Soleimani.

“This is a war crime. Threatening to target and kill innocent families, women and children — which is what you’re doing by targeting cultural sites — does not make you a ‘tough guy,'” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “It does not make you ‘strategic.’ It makes you a monster.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one of Ocasio-Cortez’s closest congressional allies, concurred that Trump is threatening to commit “war crimes.”

Ocasio-Cortez said Friday that Congress has a “moral and legal obligation” to prevent war with Iran. She, like many of the president’s Democratic political opponents, has voiced opposition to further escalation with Iran.
The freshman lawmaker’s remarks were in response to Trump’s promise to respond to Iranian aggression with American military power. Specifically, Trump said that U.S. leaders have identified 52 Iranian targets in that would be “hit very fast and very hard” if Tehran retaliates to avenge Soleimani.
Top Iranian leaders have promised “harsh revenge,” which could reportedly come in just weeks.

27 thoughts on “AOC attacks ‘monster’ President Trump, accuses him of ‘war crimes’ over threats to Iranian aggression

  1. AOC is a nut case along with the other Democrats who are against the United States Of America population. President Trump is protecting our military as well as or civilians, and country. AOC stopped Amazon from entering her district and gave up numerous jobs. AOC is totally “off the wall so to say. Amazing!”

    1. If I was a woman I’d like to slap the crap out of ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  2. AOC is a bonafide nut case. She as well as most democrats hate the United Ststes so much every time they open their moths it just drips from their jaws!

    1. Should say mouths not moths.i don’t know how someone so hateful could be a member of Congress. Apparently this is the current democrat party.

  3. AOC D would rather see American Soldiers and Christian Civilians killed, maimed, and hurt than her beloved terrorist friends who are killing innocent civilians, women, and children. She does not understand that this man who has been killed has been responsible for thousands of people being killed and hundreds of our American Soldiers being killed and even more injured for life. This does not mention the equipment that has been destroyed which costs the tax payer millions of dollars to purchase. Perhaps she needs to go outside and turn around to look at the building where she has an office and see if its an American Government Building or a Terrorist headquarters and then think who she wants to work for. Right now her actions indicate that she is in support of terrorists, the same kind that caused 9-11, that are raping, killing innocent civilians in many countries, and have vowed to kill all Americans and end the USA. Why is she even being tolerated in Congress much less who are the voters that put her there. She is the cloaked monster she is talking of by supporting the enemy, inviting terrorism and further war crimes by the Iranian sponsored organizations of terror. If she loves them so much I invite her to go over there and talk to them about how bad we are wanting to stop their mass murders. If she won’t then she is nothing but a brainless mouth that does not belong in any government position due to her incompetence.

  4. I was unaware that President trump revealed what those targets would be so how Occasional-Cortex can extrapolate from nothing that women , children and cultural sights will be targeted I guess requires a bartender’s insight.

    1. hum, not even the respect to put a capital letter on Trump’s name! You both should go back to the same bar….in iran or venezuela ( I don”t put capital letters on names I have no respect for!)

  5. 2 of the dumbest people on earth together. Maybe it’s time for another strategic move……
    Seriously these have got to be some of the dumbest people alive,we already know they top the list of dumbest politicians. This guy has strategically killed 1000’s of America’s and Trump is a monster. These people should be removed.

  6. Free speech is one thin. It’s only free if you are not slandering. These two have slandered our President and Country to the point of disgrace. If our elected officials had guts, they would reprimand them severely, and possibly start impeachment investigations. These two are a total disgrace to themselves and their countries they came from. If it wasn’t for our country, they wouldn’t be sitting in the high position their in now. The people put them in to do a job for the betterment of our country, not to disgrace it.

  7. No kidding, these two idiots do not belong in Congress. In fact, we should send them to Iran so they can be in a better position to kiss their arses after we kick them!

  8. dumb bartenter where were u when iranian moster was killing terosising americans u facist anty american like omar ur end is coming 2020 u gonna be out of office so fast

  9. AOC (All Out Crazy) has NOOO idea what she is talking about! . . . she BETTER read the U.S. Constitution before she talks out her WAZOO like she ALWAYS does. Don’t vote for this BUFFOON again . . . EVER! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Why don’t they punish TRAITORS, the way they use to?…swinging on a rope! THAT would Make America Great Again!

  11. What about the monster that has threatened to kill us Americans for hundreds of years.
    I say F–K AOC and the New York Taxi she rode in on’

  12. President Trump didn’t think about the American people with this move, remember last year over the wall issue, well federal employees went without pay checks over Christmas through New Years into January, how do you think those people felt, what I’m saying is you are the President but you can’t play god and do what you want, you think the American Soldiers want to go to war and maybe loose their life, do you have a son or daughter that you’re not worried about, before you jump on the Trump ban wagon, you better think about everything that he does, this is no game, now President Obama did what he had to do because of the World Trade Center, 911, the problem I have here is, where is the proof of what he was about to do to the United States, did he have a bomb set to go off somewhere or ECT… If the President was right then okay, but if he was wrong we have to look over our backs in 2020, don’t do this just to try to win an ELECTION because the wrong moves can be costly to US…

  13. AOC needs to meet the families of the men and women who died in service of this country and spout the her trash to them instead she hides her ass . Meet the real people not the morons who think you can say anything more then “like and you know” I hope she didn’t get a govt back school loan. We should get our money back the school produced an idiot.

  14. don’t remember obama being President when 911 happen in fact don’t remember obama doing much but send pallets of cash to iran

  15. All Out Crazy hasn’t the intelligence to criticize a steel block let alone any of us including Trump. I’m surprised she made it as a bartender. I’m ceertaily wouldn’t trust her to make me a drink……but then again, I’m surprised New York is still around. They’re following Mexifornia into hell.

  16. This suck ass bitch was pouring beers to drunks before her gig to get out from her student debts. SHE KNOWS NOTHING !!! (the only problem are the idiots that put this clown into office). Butt (!) that is N.Y. for you.

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