Biden to sign a dozen executive orders on day one in office — reverse Trump’s travel ban, rejoin Paris Agreement

President-elect Joe Biden will sign about a dozen executive orders on his first day in the White House, reversing several key policies enacted by the Trump administration.

Biden’s transition team revealed on Saturday that the incoming administration would sign executive orders regarding climate change, immigration, student loans, and the coronavirus pandemic.

Incoming Biden chief of staff Ron Klain sent a memo to his staff on Saturday, outlining a 10-day plan of action. Included in the memo to the new White House staff, the Biden administration declared it would address “four overlapping and compounding crises: the Covid-19 crisis, the resulting economic crisis, the climate crisis, and a racial equity crisis.”

“All of these crises demand urgent action,” Klain wrote. “In his first 10 days in office, President-elect Biden will take decisive action to address these four crises, prevent other urgent and irreversible harms, and restore America’s place in the world.”

Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday when he will reportedly sign a number of executive orders. On day one, Biden will allegedly sign executive orders to return the United States to the Paris agreement on climate change, which President Donald Trump withdrew from in June 2017.

“The bottom line is that the Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States,” Trump said at the time of the withdrawal, adding that it provided China and India a competitive advantage.

The incoming administration will also rescind Trump’s controversial travel ban of nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and certain government officials from Venezuela.

Biden will reportedly introduce a “groundbreaking legislative package” addressing immigration reform, and provide a pathway to citizenship to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States.

The Biden administration will allegedly sign executive actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that will “change the course of the COVID-19 crisis and safely re-open schools and businesses.”

Biden will purportedly introduce the “100 Day Masking Challenge,” which will implement face mask mandates on federal property and for interstate travel.

The president-elect will reportedly extend the pause on repayment of and interest on student loans, and continue restrictions on nationwide evictions and foreclosures.

“Between Jan. 25 and Feb. 1, Biden will sign more executive actions, memoranda and issues additional Cabinet directives, including ones addressing equity and support in communities of color and underserved communities, and criminal justice system reforms,” USA Today reported.

Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, and the swearing-in of the 46th president of the United States will feature an unprecedented security presence of up to 25,000 troops. The largest security force at an inauguration in U.S. history stems from the storming of the Capitol building on Jan. 6, and the subsequent threats of violence thereafter.

16 thoughts on “Biden to sign a dozen executive orders on day one in office — reverse Trump’s travel ban, rejoin Paris Agreement

  1. Thanks to President Trump we were on top of the hill. The pandemic struck and things slowed down and now biden is kicking us off the hill and into a very deep valley. It will take years, if ever, to recover.

    1. Biden was an idiot VP, and now he is an even bigger idiot for thinking that he is CIC material………..LOSER BIDEN/HARRIS.


  3. It’s really to bad that some good democraps don’t have a mind of their own. They vote because Pelosi demands they back her even though they know it’s not what Americans want or need. People need to get their heads out of their asses!

  4. He is about to start a civil war. And the Right wing has had it! I doubt he will complete his term alive as the Left wing has created such hate and divide that it will take decades to recover as long as no other left wingers ever get elected again!

  5. The government is no longer listening to the American people. They are coming up with draconian rules for everyone else and living the lives of kings and queens. This election was a disaster and planned out way in advance by self serving traitors.

  6. The PRESIDENT was set by the SCOTUS when “Johnny” Roberts and crew would not let Trump over turn Obozo’s executive order on DACA with his executive order….SO Beijing Biden can not over turn Trump’s executive orders either.

  7. I don’t wish or pray for bad to come to anyone but I surely don’t wish for anything good to come to this band of criminals. This has been one nation under God and if we return to him he will bring us all back home again. He will help us make America Great again. I hope that He (in some way) gets Trump and his family back into the mainstream of Govermental power. God Bless Trump and the American Patriots.

  8. It will be a sad day for America. We won’t recognize America.
    I will miss President Trump the greatest President we have ever had.

    God, please save us.

  9. The United States of America is facing it’s worst crisis of all time with the take over of our Government by Socialists through an unlawful election. We must pray and work very hard to stop them from taking control and doing as little harm as we can by getting the truth out to the public and getting loyal Americans who believe in following the Constitution and Bill of Rights back into our Government.

  10. By God he DOES look amazingly like Jeff Dunham’s dummy “Walter”. Doesn’t he? Unfortunately he has less brainpower than that wooden dummy! We know that he will not complete his first term, heck he won’t finish his first year and will probably be replaced by Kamala Harris inside of the first 6 months when he is removed because of dementia by the leftist leaders.

  11. Please do us all a favor and publish your complete list of how you plan to completely destroy Americaq and Citizens. What you have mentioned so far scares the bejesus out of me already.

  12. The Paris Treaty was horrible for the United States and other nations we consider allies and great for nations like China and India. Allowing 11 million illegals to become citizens is just such a stupid idea as at a minimum 10-15% at criminals being gang members or cartel members etc.. A very sad day when Biden destroys so much good the President Trump accomplished with the support of the American people. What is really bad is that when Trump got rid of some of the mandated medical fines against the people, Biden and others condemned him saying that he should not be allowed to change a prior Presidents actions yet here he is doing exactly that and against the will of the majority of Americans.

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