Biden White House: Putting ‘kids in cages’ is now the ‘humane and moral’ thing to do

With a full-blown illegal immigration crisis worsening each day at the country’s southern border, the Biden administration has elected to adopt the very same measures Democrats once condemned under the Trump administration — only this time with a major rebranding.

What was considered the tragic and deplorable locking of “kids in cages” under former President Trump is now considered the only “humane and moral” thing to do, according to the new administration.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted the administration is handling the rapid influx of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border by reopening surge facilities dedicated to temporarily housing migrant children until they can be transferred to long-term facilities. But this, she said, is “safe and humane.”

“We’ve made a policy decision as an administration that the humane and moral approach is to keep these kids safe and get them into facilities that are safe,” Psaki stated, adding, “It is an area of policy discussion, how will we continue to accommodate, in a safe and humane way, these kids.”

“Our objective remains moving them as quickly as possible out of the Border Patrol facilities,” she continued. “[But] in order to do that, we need to have shelter facilities that are safe, that have access to educational resources, legal resources, health and medical resources, and we need to ensure that we have capacity to do that.”

Democratic lawmakers and progressive immigration activists excoriated Trump in 2019 when his administration opened a surge facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas — for just one month. Frustrated over the attack, Trump pointed out that it wasn’t his administration that built the so-called “cages”; rather it was the Obama administration with Biden serving as vice president.

Now these surge facilities are in line to get much more use than they ever did during the previous administration. As the Biden administration has consistently and loudly broadcast lenient immigration enforcement policies to the world, an unprecedented number of migrants have rushed to the southern border.

Obviously unprepared to handle the surge, the administration has been forced to adopt crisis mode interventions, such as reopening migrant children housing facilities and purchasing plane tickets to fly migrant children to their relatives’ residences in the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security projects 117,000 unaccompanied migrant children will illegally enter the U.S. this year, 45% more than any other year on record. As of last week, the administration was short by approximately 20,000 beds and predicted that shelters would be at full capacity by the end of the month.

Believing the Biden administration is not up to the challenge, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently ordered the Texas National Guard to the border to help with the crisis.

8 thoughts on “Biden White House: Putting ‘kids in cages’ is now the ‘humane and moral’ thing to do

    1. We can’t , They have all the keys to everything now. And they are hoping that the American people never realizes that they have been had.

  1. To us ship all the little bastards back to parents. We can’t take care of the ones here now legal or not. I’m tired of all the commercials about donating to help feed people here. Let the billionaires feed them, clothe them and pay for the medical and education needs. Sorry but America first! Politicians are looking at what’s good for them not the rest of us.

  2. The Democrat leaders must be getting ready to really piss the American people off soon with all these fences and barbed wire and Troops and new special protection cops for all the hated leaders etc. I hope that this is not the start of a rebellion in America because of this present Administration. I guess they can’t imagine millions of Angry people tearing the fences down then coming in after their as is to do what ever these angry people decide at the time. As for the Troops . I don’t believe that our Troops will want to kill any American Patriots , Family , Friends , kids or any of our Believers of the Constitution by laws. Our Troops are Trained to protect our country and our freedom from Traitors that are trying to take that away from us. So you Traitors best be careful what can of worms that you all are trying to open because it’s already starting to smell fishy.

    1. Read a little history and you will change your mind! Just for one, McArthur used troops against Veterans protesting for back pay in D.C. These troops are there to guard the subversive democrat’s as they dismantle America, and they will follow their orders! How all dictatorships work and the democrats will give those orders calling the protesters every name such as subversives, white supremacists, and everything else but patriots trying to save the country from them! And the people will swallow the democrat garbage as they had been doing and the media will cheer them on!

  3. Joe Biden cages children but leaves his dogs out where they can bite his staff and others. Makes Biden sense to me!!

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