Brutal brawl erupts between black bloc anarchists and ‘Back the Blue’ supporters in Washington

There were violent clashes in Washington’s capital on Saturday during a “Back the Blue” rally when black bloc anarchists held their own counterprotest.

The Olympia Police Department released a notice: “Large group of opposing protesters started near the Capitol and are now moving through downtown Olympia. Near City Hall. The groups have dispersed into smaller groups and are moving throughout the area. Officers are monitoring to ensure things are peaceful from here forward.”

The black bloc anarchists held their own event titled “Squash Fascists.” The two groups baited each other throughout the day, as seen in footage from photojournalist Independent Media PDX. The black bloc members burned American flags and the “Back the Blue” supporters retaliated by burning a black umbrella, which many Antifa members carry to conceal their identities.

(Content Warning: Explicit and violent videos):

At one point, alleged Proud Boys and black bloc members clashed. Black bloc members attacked Trump supporters and left them injured.

13 thoughts on “Brutal brawl erupts between black bloc anarchists and ‘Back the Blue’ supporters in Washington

  1. Since when is any of these actions been allowed by supposed citizens of the USA. This is NOT peaceful protests, these is insurrection and anarchy. Local government officials who have not reacted to stop it as are as guilty as the protesters are and should be charged with aiding and abetting the riots. The individuals who are wearing all the protective and identifiable gear, are carrying weapons of any type, are aggressive in any way, should be immediately arrested and put in jail to await for a hearing. Those that bail them out should be limited in their actions. Bail should be set at a million dollars each, minimum.

    1. GOD BLESS our men in BLUE……….We, the legal citizens, are now empowered via the CONSTITUTION to help & protect our men in BLUE against all terrorists whether domestic or illegal……..Those terroriists have bought that treatment via their own terrorism……

      1. Sad isn’t this? In our FREE America ! RADICALS would NOT be allowed to do these crimes without punishment. TY DemoRATS for letting RADICALS into our government

    2. We need to have a CCP along with a a powerful weapon and the will to use it with a lethal effect when accosted by BLM or ANTIFA.

    3. True, and hundreds of the BLM and ANTIFA goons should be arrested and indicted and tried and convicted and put into prison for lots of time depending on what they are guilty of. Bail should be in the millions of dollars, so that George Soros or whoever is funding all this will begin to take notice, if the financier is communist China, then the bail should be in the billions of dollars.

    1. And just think it was the Dirty DEMS that started the KKK……Too bad they don’t have the cajones to do that again…………It sure would do the USA a world of good………

  2. The Liberal socialist demoncRAT’s must be getting worried? How are they going to keep these criminals in line if they even partly deliver on Dem promises??? Most of these “protesters against law and order are black! We seem to be headed toward a race war!! If the blacks perform like they did during Nam it will be a short one! They don’t like anyone shooting back at them!

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