Bystanders taunted and laughed as police officers were being fired upon in Philadelphia

A reporter at the scene of an attack on police officers said that bystanders were mocking and taunting police even as bullets rained down upon them.

A video shows a crowd of residents shoving and confronting the police even as they were dealing with a tense hostage situation.

It was circulated online among many supporters of law enforcement who expressed outrage at their treatment.

Even as six police officers were being treated for injuries the attack by a man barricaded inside a home, the neighborhood residents expressed hostility and antagonism against the police.

Reporter Alexandria Hoff of CBS-3 Philadelphia reported that she had been harassed along with the officers.

“I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here too,” Hoff tweeted.

“A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire,” she added.

One officer was shot in the head, while another was shot in the hand. All injured officers have been released from the hospital.

There are reports that the suspect was broadcasting part of the attack on Facebook.

Two police officers were trapped inside the home as he fired on the officers outside, and they were saved by the SWAT team along with two other hostages.

Here’s more on the Philadelphia attack:

52 thoughts on “Bystanders taunted and laughed as police officers were being fired upon in Philadelphia

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  2. I am from Philadelphia. I am sorry to say I left the same exact issues 35 years ago. Nothing has changed.
    Philadelphia was once a Republican Run city and County…..and State once….until 1933.
    During the depression Quakers posted huge billboards along the roadways of the Southern States inviting American blacks to come to Philadelphia, domestic jobs await you.
    And this is where it began, and it’s it’s been democratic run ever since.
    All those row houses you see on these videos were Anglo neighborhoods once. The churches (what’s left of them) display the wealth and civilization that once was long ago. Magnificent mansions existed in North Philadelphia. All vandalized and burned in the end. The train stations on the North Chestnut Hill Line corridor and to Norristown had stations at each stop to rival London in architecture…..those too all gone by burning down and neglect. I witnessed this and this helped make the decision to move away. It was wisest move I ever made.
    The real poison was the moving in of the moslems from North Africa. This really did all the good blacks in. Sadly, moslems really do ruin everything. Their MO isn’t to about stewardship and cohesion. It’s quite the opposite. They have knack for creating ugliness wether it be dress, architecture, bad habits, unruly morass and behavior. It is these militant minded moslems that enter old cities that are already on the edge and come in and eat the carcass of anything good that is left. We see this happening all over the cities of Britain.
    It’s a culture that promotes human devaluation…..all promulgated by dominance and fear to conform to rot.
    What we are looking at is contemptuous human rot…..liken to rats, roaches and bedbugs who are doing the rest behind the walls.

    1. The Muslims from any country have one goal – do away with Constitution and replace with 7th century barbaric Sharia law and kill all who will not convert to Islam. Most of the people in the inner cities aren’t Muslim. These people have been taught to be dependent on the government. Some of their community leaders tell them that if they get educated, they are “too white.” There is also rampant gang and drug activity. I know. I grew up inside the city of Chicago. My sister still lives there. Murders almost every day. Take no responsibility for your own actions. Blame the police like Kaepernick who made millions before he started his stupid anti-American protest and ruined the NFL. Maybe the movement he created will one day cause the downfall of the NFL. The NFL deserves to die for not taking stronger action to stop these protests.

  3. THE THING IS::There is a lot that can be done, to make this country much better than what it is at this point in time. but it never will be done. This needs the people if you are a conservative or a liberal democrate. it is your country but it isn’t the way the liberal democrates see it. there Is
    still a need for the wall to be built it will help to keep the undesirables out of the country. you should have seen the picture of the cars that got through. There was a picture of these cars that
    got into this country from Mexico in one day. You can’t see the whole picture. There was enough
    in what you could see to prove a point. I think there was four truck loads one right behind the
    other on automobile carriers four of them. I would say think it over see what is there in one hour.

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  5. The police there should go on strike for a couple of weeks and then see what the idiots that were doing this crap think then. It is my thought that they would welcome the police back with open arms. A lot of people in this country are total idiots as evidenced here.

    1. The police in communities where police have been treated this way or worse, were shot and injured or killed should strike across the country. They are not that well paid to be putting their lives on the line for ungrateful citizens.

  6. These people have truly lost whatever is left of their minds!! No forgive me! They never had minds to begin with!!! Losers!!!

  7. To get the criminal out of the building, just set it on fire. That probably would not bother any of the crowd there, anyway. They would bring marshmallows. Quit the coddling. Fight gunfire with fire.

  8. The police comissioner appears to be the person I would want to be the commissioner in my town. Philadelphia historically was rough and ready in the old days with the police on horses and batons first facts second. This man seems like he is putting things in the right order. He has my respect.

  9. Pennsylvania Governor: I noticed in news that you will introduce sweeping gun control measures by using recent attack on our people in blue. I say to you sir, Gun control is not the issue, it is your citizens? Maybe you should include those on this video as your first examples of gun control. Always it ends up with having to do something to address the problem, so let’s attack gun control it is much easier than attacking those responsible and sympathetic for the perp.

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