Elderly Trump supporter attacked, protesters shoot fireworks at diners, surround hotel of Million MAGA March attendees

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Warning: Some videos contain scenes of violence and graphical content. Watch at your own discretion.

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for the Million MAGA March. The first hours of the rally for President Donald Trump was a peaceful protest. Then counterprotesters entered the area by mid-afternoon. Right before nightfall, there were numerous attacks on Trump supporters, including an assault of a multiracial family and one man was knocked out. The violence against Trump supporters only grew as the massive crowds from the “Stop the Steal” rally diminished and the sun set.

A swarm of counterprotesters surrounded and harassed an elderly couple holding a Trump flag in Washington, D.C. Some in the group were holding signs for Refuse Fascism, a self-described “national movement organizing to drive out the Trump/Pence regime.”

An elderly man was shoved to the ground when he attempted to get on a bicycle in Black Lives Matter Plaza. Then an agitator held the man’s bike down, and he retaliates by shoving him. As the man is walking away, the crowd tosses a liquid at him and starts chanting: “Black lives matter!”

A teen couple attempted to flee from a gang of counterprotesters; the girl is seen terrified and crying. They are hit with liquid, and then two women try to rip the girl’s “Make America Great Again” hat from her hands, as seen in footage taken by Drew Hernandez.

Black bloc protesters shot fireworks at Trump supporters who were dining outside. One of the fireworks exploded dangerously close to a couple.

Hundreds of anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter supporters swarmed hotels that Trump supporters were staying in try to intimidate them. The crowd, some waving Biden flags, chant: “F*** Donald Trump.”

Police used a chemical agent on anti-Trump protesters after they refused to back away from the Capital Hilton.

A street store selling MAGA merchandise was completely ransacked.

There was a huge brawl between Proud Boys and anti-fascists.

Despite all of the violence directed against them, Trump supporters rallied on Saturday night to sing the national anthem in unison.

Daily Caller photojournalist Jorge Ventura shared his footage of physical attacks that occurred during the Million MAGA March with authorities, which reportedly led to the arrest of five assailants.

13 thoughts on “Elderly Trump supporter attacked, protesters shoot fireworks at diners, surround hotel of Million MAGA March attendees

  1. I don’t know why Antifa and BLM think they can cause all this trouble and hurt people.They are nothing but a bunch of thugs And I mean all of them.God Bless Trump

    1. This is what we have to look foward to for the next 4 years where is the law and order why cant people walk in peace without these mobs attacking them with no police protection we are in a bad place protect yourself and beware at all times better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6

    2. Because the democrat party supports antifa and blm TRUMP WAS OUR ONLY HOPE WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS HOPE we can make it

  2. I do. It’s because the Democrats encourage them by failing to speak out or take action against them. They’re the Stormtroopers of the DNC and enjoy the full support of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the left-wing leadership, none of whom have condemned them or asked them to stop.

    And where are the police? Has the Democrat Mayor and Council of DC ordered them to stand down and allow these people to riot and wreak violence and destruction?

    The Dems have let these savages loose. How are they ever going to control them? Do they want top control them? Or is this just a microcosm of what the expect in the future?

    1. The democrat in all political areas SUPPORT ANTIFA AND THE B L M this is why nothing is done to stop all the violence this is it will go on till we the people stand up and protect ourselves the politicians do nothing because we elect the same POS when we vote your vote does count

  3. Ane you wonder why these animals are shot and then the shooter is prosecuted. I will shot to kill anybody that attacks me with violence.and attempts to harm me or my family. I haven’t got many more years to live and I am willing to go to prison for the rest of my life to defend myself and family….

  4. antifa is the news media and democrats brown shirts hitler employed right before he came into power. these thugs like antifa and blm busted out windows,set buildings on fire,attacked innocent people and even shot people on public streets. the important thing for you to know is that the news media was the ones that supported hitlers brown shirts before world war 2. when hitler came into powaer he shut down the news media in favor of joseph goebbles his propaganda minister. do you see something similiar in today’s liberal democratic party.

  5. The Marxist BLM and Antifa seem to be the radical left arm of the Democrats! I doubt Biden or anyone else will come out to strongly object to the kind of Harm and Destruction caused to MAGA folks. George Soros pays to have these maggots looting and rioting to bring in Socialism,

  6. WHY hasn’t Comrad Biden and Comrad Harris denounced Antfa and BLM organizations who trample on the rights of other citizens, who are doing harm to them and their property?

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