Federal judge orders Illinois’ prisons to allow transgender inmates to pick housing based on gender identity

A federal court has ruled that prisons in the state of Illinois must provide access to hormone therapy for transgender inmates and must let inmates choose which facility they go to based on their gender identity.

In a 39-page court order dated earlier this month, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois ruled that the Illinois Department of Corrections make multiple sweeping changes in how it deals with transgender inmates, which includes a mandate to “ensure timely hormone therapy is provided when necessary and perform routine monitoring of hormone levels,” and a prohibition on “mechanically assigning housing based on genitalia and/or physical size or appearance.”

The class action lawsuit was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of five transgender inmates who identify as women for all prisoners in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections, claiming that the agency’s policies had violated transgender prisoners’ constitutional rights against facing cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment. According to the plaintiffs, the disputed prison policies denied inmates proper medical treatment for gender dysphoria.

The order was handed down by Judge Nancy Rosenstengel, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama. In the order, she also directs state corrections officials to develop policies to allow the “social transition” of transgender inmates, which includes “individualized placement determinations, avoidance of cross-gender strip searches, and access to gender-affirming clothing and grooming items.”

“The Court recognizes that these changes will take time, but it in light of the serious deficiencies in IDOC’s treatment of transgender inmates set forth above, the undersigned seeks assurance that progress is underway,” the order concludes. “There is a long way to go, and the issue must be promptly addressed.”

Ghirlandi Guidetti, staff attorney of the LGBTQ & HIV Project at the ACLU of Illinois called the decision “a sweeping victory for our clients, who have been subject to unspeakable harm by a Department of Corrections that has truly been deliberately indifferent to our clients’ suffering.”

21 thoughts on “Federal judge orders Illinois’ prisons to allow transgender inmates to pick housing based on gender identity

      1. You mean socialists DON’T support wasting money on transgender idiocy? News to me. But then again, it WOULD cut into what they pocket from the rest of us.

  1. These liberal judges need a good butt kicking and arrested for crimes against humanity. Transgender is a total joke. There is no such thing. Just mental ill Looney tunes. Enough of the b.s. Judges. Do your jobs are leave you sick disgusting lowlife stains on America.

    1. Pj, YOU ARE SOOOOOO RIGHT! So sick to the freaks in this country! This is like Sodom and Gomorrah! All I know, is these morons will be WIPED OUT, and hell is waiting!!

      1. I’m willing to send them on for judgement. Sick to death of the freaks and perverts destroying our country and youth.

    2. This is not a liberal judge. This is a socialist judge….placed in this position by obama, the president whose goal was to tear apart our constitution and bring socialism to the US. Obama helped write the migration pact of the European Union which would have given our borders which is our sovereignty to the United Nations/EU….Thank GOD Trump read it and decided not to sign it. But while in office, Obama managed to place 358 FEDERAL judges in office. Our courts are full of them. We need Trump to put in constitutional judges to offset obamas socialist judges and we need Ruth to move on to allow Trump to put in another constitutional judge.

    1. The state that still punishes children for the sins of the parents! How about putting forehead tattoos on the fornicaters instead of the kid’s birth certificate! The KID had nothing to do with their choices!

  2. well here we have a wacked out Judge !!! next maybe he order that these same inmates pick there own cellmates as well !!! OH YES I forget they are in a country club setting !!!

    1. There you go! Who says crime doesn’t pay?! Expensive operations ad free college degrees for the criminals who live better than the taxpayers forced to fund them!

  3. These programs are all promoted by the usual suspects Soros,the ACLU, the Vulture Capitalists! The “TRIBES” names are endless as well as its finances. They must be stopped, Now!

    1. The vulture capitalists had nothing to do with this judges placement or decision. This is pure obama. This is how the socialists tear apart our country….one crazy law at a time.

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