Gang members instructed to shoot Chicago police officers: report

Gang members were reportedly “instructed” to shoot at Chicago police officers after the Adam Toledo shooting, according to a Saturday report from The Chicago Sun-Times.

Police fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo on Monday.

What’s a brief history on this?

Authorities have said that Chicago police officers responded to a city alleyway for reports of gunfire. When they arrived, they discovered Adam and a man. One officer ended up chasing the 13-year-old — who police said was armed — and shot him in the chest behind Farragut Career Academy High School.

Adam’s mother was not notified of her son’s death until two days after the incident, and authorities waited an additional three days to publicly reveal that Adam was just 13 years old.

What are the details?

According to a Chicago Police Department memo to officers, Latin King members were “likely to shoot at unmarked police vehicles” following Toledo’s death.

The alert comes from department leaders warning that the narcotics unit learned that “factions of the Latin Kings” were reportedly “instructed by ranking members” to shoot at police officers.

The alert did not state why the gang would be retaliating against officers.

According to the outlet, the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability vowed it would show the “troubling video footage” of the encounter to the family, and then release it to the public.

5 thoughts on “Gang members instructed to shoot Chicago police officers: report

  1. I can’t agree or disagree of why the gangs are getting orders to shoot down police, other than the people that are trying to destroy our society and destroy the Constitution written under the influence of our God and approved by ministers, priests and rabbis. It is not from the efforts of police to keep trying to protect and serve. It is by those that want to destroy the Nation, destroy our God and destroy our society which has led the world for over 200 years to believe in and fight for any that have believed in a peaceful co-existence with all others. The would be dictators, those that want enslavement and have already murderred millions and only seek the means to do others harm. It is not the police but those that brain wash and pay gang leaders to send their minions out to do no good., It is the foreigners, terrorists, and those that bring them in and spread the desease, the ones that relish the hurt.and have no remorse.

    1. The Democrats are out to destroy society so they can reorganize everything according to their socialist communist dictates.

  2. Criminals at the age of 13…and the mother didnt go to the police to look for her child?..What a mother! And no wonder the son was with a gun in the streets…Criminals get what they deserve

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