GOP congressman explains the alternative to impeaching Trump: ‘It makes him look as bad as he has been’

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Sunday spoke out about the Democrat-led effort to impeach President Donald Trump following last week’s riots at the U.S. Capitol, explaining that he does not believe the effort is a “smart move.”

What’s the background?

After the riots, Democrats — and many Republicans — have placed blame for the violence on Trump. Now, Democrats are pushing an expedited effort to impeach Trump for the second time in less than two years for “willfully inciting violence.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that impeachment proceedings would begin if Trump does not resign.

However, Trump will likely not be removed from office, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Kentucky senator explained that, because of the Senate’s legislative calendar, the upper chamber does not have enough time to conduct a trial prior to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

What did Kinzinger say?

The Illinois Republican explained on ABC “This Week” that impeaching Trump would be the right move if his presidential term were not about to end, but that impeaching him so close to the end of his administration would only “victimize” him and result in an effective exoneration.

“I honestly don’t think impeachment is the smart move because I think it victimizes Donald Trump again,” Kinzinger said.

“I think it would be the right move if we had more than basically 10 days left of the administration,” Kinzinger explained. “I mean, the fact that you mentioned we’re not going to be able to get through a trial. So, yeah, he’ll be impeached a second time, but also exonerated in theory a second time.”

Despite opposing impeachment, Kinzinger has made it clear that he wants Trump out of office — either through Trump’s resignation or by Vice President Mike Pence invoking the 25th Amendment.

In response to a question from show host George Stephanopoulos about the best “alternative” to impeachment, Kinzinger said, “I think the best thing for the country to heal would be for him to resign. The next best thing is the 25th Amendment.”

“It doesn’t victimize Donald Trump. It makes him look as bad as he has been here,” Kinzinger explained.

Still, Kinzinger said he would vote “the right way” if House Democrats bring articles of impeachment against Trump, which appears increasingly likely.

17 thoughts on “GOP congressman explains the alternative to impeaching Trump: ‘It makes him look as bad as he has been’

  1. I wasn’t happy to see republican’s protests turning violent. That has always been something the Liberals have done and supported/condoned. However for almost a year liberal criminals Antifa and BLM have beat people up, rioted, burned down many businesses and killed people (including black people). Liberals condoned all of that and fired people up to continue to do it without consequences. The only ones to suffer or be blamed and arrested are republicans. Something is wrong with this picture. Liberals are never punished for their crimes. They are a bunch of communists.

    1. It all stinks to high heaven! This is what incompetents looks like and its dangerous to “We the People” so Since the Constitution is base on “We The People” its going to be up to US. and I say break off from all these rogue actors that have betrayed US in every way and form a new Party called the “Constitutional Party” before we have no Constitution!

      1. I agree and want Trump to be the first candidate. If Pence stands beside him now I would like him to be the VP also.

      2. We don’t really know who was responsible for the mayhem. certainly have heard that BLM was in the front of the line. Can’t verify that.

      3. Search the net for Patriot Party. The Constitution Party has been around for a long time as has gotten no traction.

        My wife mentioned the opportunity to Primary the RINOs, but I pointed out that they are more likely to lose in the General, because the GOP has died. The Primary challengers will see a reluctant turnout of patriots who have been fooled too often by the GOP. GOP candidates will lose to the Democrats in the General.

        This is a sad state of affairs, and demonstrates the need for a massive turnover to a new Patriot Party, but two years is not long enough to mount an effective third party. Look at the Libertarian Party, which has been struggling for more than a decade., and too many Republicans will be afraid to leave the GOP, like rats afraid to jump from a sinking ship to a sound ship laying alongside.

  2. two words for you MF and they ain’t Happy Birthday…you can shove your impeachment right up your wazoo…WE WILL BE WATCHING

  3. Trump supporters are not rioters. They are peace loving people that love our country and welcome personal responsibility. The radical left will continue to paint them with the brush of violence because that brings comfort to the left.

    1. The FBI Deep State isn’t gearing up to monitor BLM; they’re gearing up to monitor Trump supporters. I don’t believe they have credible intel about a violent Right wing plan, but are merely signaling that they will be monitoring us in the hope of dissuading us from any even mounting our peaceful demonstrations. The Left wants to infiltrate its henchmen in place of true patriots to mount violence without fear of repression from patriots. They’ll hope to paint us as the aggressors and will have the narrative of the FBI to fall back on. “See! They told us Trump supporters are violent! See what they’ve done! Time to overturn the Second Amendment!”

  4. It’s just a cover-up, of the democrats, condoning the riots that are a plague in the US. They should practice what they preach.

  5. This plan is a disgrace to the US A few people storm the capital yet the Democrats have urged the attacks by leftist organization on. the left has hated and done all they could to prevent him helping the people of America.

  6. TRUMP stands between us and Socialism, like it or not, that is the real problem. I would rather we go to WAR with these Commie Bastards then become one.

  7. I think all of you Demoncrats (and turncoat Republicans) should pull your heads out of your anuses, wipe the crap from your eyes and look at yhe accomplishments of Mr Trump during the last four years. Here is a man that is not a Politician that has done a great job. The economy has been booming. He helped recononize Isreal as a state in Jerusalem. The Dollar has been gaining strength. The world has been steadoly looking up to US for leadership. Mr Trump had not taken one dollar for payment since he has been in office, This is just to name a few. What other polatician can say the same? Think about it poeple. He has kept us from becomming a communistic society. The next step for us with Biden will be Socialism. We are doomed as a free nation.

  8. I am so sick of these Dimwits twisting things. The barriers were open by police and ushered in. Trump did not incite anyone, they were all adults.

  9. A stupid and totally undeserved action. We all know that President Trump is leaving the WH on the 20th of Jan. and he did not encourage rioting or attempting to overthrow the Government. The Democrats on the other hand DID encourage rioting and attacking Police and the Government by ANTIFA and BLM during the spring and summer and fall of 2020! Plus those that were doing most, if not all of the actual rioting in DC were id’ed as being ANTIFA and BLM associates!

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