Home of ‘defund the police’ just saw a staggering 537% rise in violent carjackings

Minneapolis officials have a mess on their hands. Following the death of George Floyd, the City Council vowed to dismantle the city’s police and encouraged anti-police protests.

But then the thing that happens when there’s a law enforcement vacuum happened: Crime increased — bigly. And now the city is facing a wave of a type of crime that had been pretty infrequent: violent carjackings.

What’s happening?

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, cops have recorded almost 130 carjackings in the city over the last two months. Initially, they believed the crimes were happening mostly among bands of teenagers, but they soon discovered that it’s not just marauding youths. Recent weeks have seen a rising number of adults being nabbed for carjacking, too.

And things are getting worse.

Just last Saturday, cops reported three separate carjackings in the span of one hour, the Star Tribune reported.

These types of attacks were up 537% for November, compared to one year ago.

The newspaper said Tuesday that Minneapolis has seen at least 375 carjackings in 2020, including 17 just last week. Those to-date 2020 figures are more than three times higher than all of 2019.

This current spate of attacks has been so significant that the Minneapolis Police Department was forced to create a new coding system after the violent protest-filled summertime saw an unusually high number of carjackings.

Minneapolis’ remaining cops have been taken aback by the specific crime wave. “The numbers are staggering,” police spokesman John Elder told the Star Tribune. “It defies all civility and any shred of common human decency.”

And the crime problem in Minneapolis is more than just carjackings. Violent crime, especially shootings, is way up. From the Star Tribune:

The spree comes amid a nearly unprecedented spike in violent crime, particularly shootings, since the May 25 killing of George Floyd in police custody and the civil unrest that followed.

In November, the toll of people shot this year surpassed 500 in Minneapolis, the most in 15 years. Seventy-nine homicides is the highest count since the mid-1990s, an era when the city earned the grim moniker “Murderapolis.”

Still, the city council — which has been forced to outsource its police work — is determined to continue its push to defund the police even further.

Several members of the council introduced a plan Friday that would institute additional cuts to the Minneapolis Police Department and make the city’s reduction in law enforcement permanent. The plan would cut about $8 million from the police budget and shrink the MPD force by 15%.

15 thoughts on “Home of ‘defund the police’ just saw a staggering 537% rise in violent carjackings

  1. Minneapolis should be renamed CRIME CAPITAL U.S.A. The city council must consist of criminals attempting to escape or hide their activities from the police force.

    1. WAIT A DARN MINUTE THERE! You can’t arbitrarily take “Crime Capital USA” as its already been taken, by Chicago, then Detroit, and Cleveland. Minneapolis has to wait it turn to receive that designation. The only common thread between all these cities is they have been democratically controlled for decades and are all cesspsools of humanity, oops, Democratic voters.

    2. The sad part is they don’t hit the ones that deserve it. They hit the ones that has no control over it. If they would start hitting the ones that is causing the problem, they might have sense enough to wake up.

  2. Good for you all, serves you right. And you all havent seen nothing yet. So go ahead, cut more police. Next people start moving out.

  3. They voted those people into office, now they are paying the price. Wonder how many of them have private security that the citizens are paying for?

  4. Guarantee you none of the city council members live near Minneapolis proper. Probably in gated communities in the nearby suburbs. No problem…it will be moving there next!

  5. Look for a LOT worse if Biden becomes president (for a very short time) until BLM can “remove him and get “The Ho” into pffice!

  6. DO any of these city’s that say defund the
    Blue have any brains I guess not because
    You are sitting on them.You are not taken care of the people in your City. So I say hold a special meeting you Vote in take them OUT…. speak up for your rights

  7. I say that if there is a murder in any of those states that are defunding the police, then they need to start charging the idiots who allowed the changing of these laws to be charged as an accessory to murder along with the criminal who did the deed, IF THEY FOR ONCE find the killer or killers.

  8. I wonder what would happen if suddenly in cities like Austin, Atlanta, Kansas City, LA……if all conservatives would no longer be found there. They everyone would just up and move out and leave it to liberals totally. Would there be no more crime. Would the police be quieten down with no more incidents. Would all city counsels not have any more arguments. No more arguments from citizens. All news paper and tv news would be onesided views. Suddenly all democrats / liberals would wake up one morning and have it all to themselves. Would it become there instant utopia they all express such affinity to obtain. Their perfect world. Just consider.

    Well then consider the outcomes of Detroit. Look at the decline of Chicago. Washington DC. Portland, Oregon. Seattle. Could these examples be the answer to my question. Mmmmm.,….perhaps I shall back away and allow all liberals to comment.

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