IG Horowitz found that an FBI agent altered a document in the FISA probe of the Trump campaign

An FBI agent is reportedly being investigated for allegedly altering a document in the controversial probe of Trump campaign aides.

CNN published the exclusive report on Thursday based on sources familiar with the matter.

According to the report, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz turned over evidence of the altered document to federal prosecutor John Durham.

The document was altered in a “substantive” manner, but it is unclear whether it would have changed the origin of the FISA probe.

Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the FISA probe into the Trump campaign in 2016.

The controversial investigation of Trump campaign aide Carter Page has come under intense scrutiny as Republican allies of the president accused former members of the Obama administration of inappropriately using the power of the government to surveil the campaign.

Former Obama era national security advisor Susan Rice are among those claiming that there was no political motivation involved in the investigation, and that the probe was conducted appropriately.

Details of the allegedly altered document will be included in the report from Horowitz to be released in December.

CNN admitted in its report that the altering of documentation would help “fuel” claims from the allies of the president that the FBI was improperly abusing their power to target then-candidate Trump.

“This is exactly what people close to the president have been saying, that the FBI committed wrongdoing in starting this investigation,” said CNN’s Manu Raju.

Here’s CNN’s video on the report:

11 thoughts on “IG Horowitz found that an FBI agent altered a document in the FISA probe of the Trump campaign

  1. I assume that this means that since the FBI was corrupted during the Obama years we can guess who directed it and now it can’t even be trusted to do the correct thing. I highly doubt that their FBI, and least the I portion is not for integrity anymore.

    1. If it was altered to get the warrant approved it is an act of treason, and if they had enough to get the warrant without the change, why change it?

  2. If the FBI has a code of honor like Japan’s Yakuza, the recalcitrant who committed the offense owes a cut off finger to the FBI Director!

  3. I am not at all surprised! The FBI and the CIA have been involved in bad operations for some time. Especially during the 8 years of Islamic rule. I have told Trump that the best thing he can do is to release, dismiss, fire all the appointees of the last president in all of the Departments and agencies in the executive branch in an attempt to get rid of all the spies and leakers.

    The country is going to suffer because we have ‘invited’ God to leave us alone. And that means Satan will have free run.
    The Dem. party is an example of what happens. They were for the people and stood for the Constitution but now they are wanting the government of our foreign enemies and totally disregard the Constitution. They have, in my mind, become Satan’s party. Satan has always wanted to rule the world and his method is to destroy all Christians and Jews. The Islamic world has adopted the same method so they can rule the world. In Fact two of the members of Iran government said that they were working to get the world in such a mess that the 12th Imam would come and set up his 7 year rule. That is from Revelation, the Ruler who is called the ‘AntiChrist’ is to rule for 7 years. Actually he is killed shortly after taking power and Satan makes him one of the walking dead, makes an Image of him which speaks and he rules thru the Image. That is all in the Bible AFTER the Christians are all gone and Satan doesn’t have much opposition.

  4. The rule of law is that any evidence that has been tampered with must be thrown out of court. Why can’t the DOJ / FBI / or even Congress just follow the letter of the law?

  5. Marines are required to & do follow their mission regardless of their
    political opinions. FBI agents should be required to do the same,
    Both Wray & Durham are dirty cops because they refuse to do their duty. Disgusting. We need to stand up to these corrupt “people” who deny us the rule of law. They are committing treason.

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