Impeachment backfire – Democratic anxiety soars over rampant impeachment opposition

Democratic lawmakers are becoming increasingly worried about the Republican-led anti-impeachment campaign, especially those most vulnerable to losing their seats in the upcoming election.

Politico reported over the weekend that vulnerable Democrats are “watching in horror” as Republican interests sow impeachment opposition in their home districts. The anxiety has caused many Democrats to demand increased support from their party leadership.

Specifically, the fear is that $8 million worth of ads — set to air over the Thanksgiving holiday in battleground districts with anti-impeachment messaging — will sway voters in favor of the Republican Party. By comparison, Democratic groups have spent just $2.7 million for holiday ads, just $2.1 million of which aid vulnerable lawmakers, according to Politico.

“Many of us have been expressing our concerns to leadership,” one Democratic lawmaker told Politico. “Everyone knows you don’t just take a shot and sit there. It’s like someone taped our arms to our side and punched us in the face.”

Democrats have good reason to feel pressure. After weeks of closed-door impeachment hearings and two weeks of public hearings, polling shows that Americans — and most importantly, independent voters who hold the power to sway an election — oppose the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that Democrats made a miscalculation in pursuing impeachment, one that could badly backfire.

In fact, Democrats are so concerned about the political implications of impeachment that many are now getting “cold feet.”

Now, there are even whisperings that Democrats will not hold a formal vote to impeach the president given that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to schedule such a vote, The Hill reported.

Even if the House holds a formal vote and impeaches Trump, the president will likely not be removed from office because Republicans control the Senate, leading many to wonder if the impeachment proceedings are merely a hollow exercise meant to block Trump’s re-election.

17 thoughts on “Impeachment backfire – Democratic anxiety soars over rampant impeachment opposition

  1. Stop this nonsense. Congress is spending our taxpayer money on this impeachment process that obviously will go nowhere. Only good thing is maybe some die hard Democrats will realize just how crooked their party has become. The Democrat Party today is not your grandmother’s or even your mom’s Democrat Party. Wake up before we become captives of the government (Socialism).

    1. You are absolutely correct. As a lifelong democrat, I no longer follow this party. There have been too many lies and deceptions along with useless expenditure of our money on bogus allogations! I think that the president has done a terrific job of improving the economy despite the roadblocks that have been thrown his way and the Democratic party has been engaging in some very unethical conduct–they feel that the ends justifies the means. In other words, it’s OK to lie as long as we get what we want!

  2. I CAN’T wait for the day tat the HANDCUFFS are put on Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff for CRIMES against the POTUS, Sedition, Treason and Perjury as per the U.S. Constitution. team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. Here’s the thing guys there is nothing to impeach him on there is no high crimes or misdemeanors he has done nothing wrong you cannot impeach someone just because you don’t like him. End of discussion

  4. I agree. Trump did NOTHING WRONG. I think Trump needs to fire Vindman who seemed to think he was the one who was in charge, not our President. There were others who should be removed. Opinions, hearsay, and consumptions showed that they did not like Trump’s foreign policies and wanted to use theirs, not his. That is not good ambassadors.

  5. Those most economically affected by all the Democrat garbage is the elderly. Pelosi stole millions from the social security to pay for the inquiry. Who is going to pay that money back. Congress has done nothing but waste dollars on investigations that have gone no where. Pay the money back from their own pockets is the thing to do and I think the American citizens need to push on that. It’s ridiculous we have to pay for something we didn’t ask for.

  6. Its about time they get the shakes; payback for their abuse of American Government, and causing so many to loose heart at fear of loosing everything they have lived their lives for AS Americans, and watching our Elected president be thrashed mercylessly all for the sake of their hatred at Conservative Americans , who elected a NON politician to run the country. Who would have ever thought he has done a better job probably than all those politicans before him.

  7. Democratic fools being lead by ignorant and even more foolish democrats. For over 3 years the Democratic Party lead by Nancy Pelosi and her side kick owned by the Clinton Corruption Team Adam Schiff who has terrorized this country with investigation after investigation which has resulted in nothing but a faint wisp of smoke that disppears as quickly as its seen. Other than Trump being a typical Text book Narcissist, the only fear he has created is fear itself thrown at us by the Democrats. When you have a drunk, an true alcoholic that’s so past her prime being lead around by the nose by the likes of the Clinton’s, George Sorros, and the rest of the Deep State or NWO, what do you expect when their primary goal is to set us up for Socialism instead of our present form of government. Just like Human life, once you kill our form of Government and take on Socialism, nobody can bring it back to life. If you love the thought of being told what to do or not to do, where you will work, when, and how, and how much you will receive, having welfare cut off unless you work, and a cadre of enforcers running around like “Brown Shirts”, they you need to start looking at the real history of how the NAZI rose to power. The ultra rich will take over, just as they have done in California for the last 60 years and took the richest state, the golden state, and turned it into a 3rd world country so far in debt it will never pay off its debts. No thank you, I will take Trump over that any day. Those fighting him are the swamp he has threatened and they are using any thing they can to stop him. You either support him or go down the road to socialism like you have never experienced before. Stop these actions in their places. What you see today is not the Democratic Party of your grand parents, that has hijacked by the Socialists who want to own and control you.

  8. When a Democrat who is running for the Presidential office, threatens Americans by stating, that when they win the office, that they will be coming for every one who supported Trump. They know who they are and where they live and that they’ll pay for supporting Trump. This folks IS tyranny and dictatorship. If this person feels this way, could not the rest of the Democratic party feel the same way? They have stated that Americans are too stupid to know how to vote correctly. With this impeachment and the false collusion, one can’t help but believe that the Democratic party is not for the people, but rather for themselves AND in controlling the populace. Each and every one of them should face charges of sedition and treason for trying to overthrow our government and the president.

  9. If this impeachment is not successful, which it won’t be, is it not time to charge those who committed the high crimes of sedition and false charges, not to mention the millions of tax dollar removed from the Treasury for these false actions, to be arrested, charged, and dealt with in the harshest available punishments?

  10. I think most of us are tired of the name calling and the violence aimed at Republicans! If you are older and support Trump openly you need to worry about democratic thugs trying to intimidate you with violence and destruction of your property! Our nation is going to hell and it will only get worse as we hear liberals talking shit to any Republican without a conversation at all. I was a democrat until Clinton was elected, with him in office the moral compass of America went to hell and has stayed in the gutter since he left! The investigations into our president about Russia and now BS about Trump asking for dirt on biden is all crap! Biden and his son SHOULD be investigated, they are crooks!

  11. The ones who SHOULD be impeached is Nadler, Pelosi and Schiff. They should be led away in HANDCUFFS awaiting a PRISON cell for TREASON and SEDITION as per the U.S. constitution for crimes against the POTUS, awaiting a TRIAL themselves. POTUS Trump is NOT GUILTY and these people KNOW it. He is performing his DULY authorized duties as per the Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  12. Ain’t but 3 or 4 Trump loyalists in Washington DC otherwise none of this coup would be as well coordinated. Republicans lend this coup dignity and legitimacy and participate as if the kommiecrats have found crimes that warrant Trump’s removal from office.
    Trump needs to start arresting people. Tweeting is fine, but arrests of the traitors would stop this coup. I’d like to see lots of Republicans arrested too, every anti Trump Republican.

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