Joe Biden Wants to Massively Increase Refugee Numbers Admitted Yearly

Joe Biden

If Joe Biden becomes president, he’s promising to raise the number of refugees admitted to the United States by an awful lot. The former vice president has set a goal of raising the current number of annual refugees resettled into the United States by a staggering 800 percent. Under the Trump administration, the maximum number of refugees permitted in the U.S. per year is 15,000. Biden pledged that he will dramatically raise that number to 125,000.

Biden made the declaration in a prerecorded video created for a virtual celebration of the 40th anniversary of Jesuit Refugee Service.

“The United States has long stood as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and the oppressed, a leader of resettling refugees in our humanitarian response,” Biden said on Thursday, as reported by the Religion News Service. “I promise, as president, I will reclaim that proud legacy for our country.”

“The Biden-Harris administration will restore America’s historic role in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of refugees everywhere and raising our annual refugee admission target to 125,000,” Biden announced.

In June, Biden released a statement on World Refugee Day, in which he said, “Fear-mongering, xenophobia, and racism are the unabashed tenets of Trump’s refugee and immigration policy,”

“I also recognize that it is not enough to simply reverse or dismantle the heartless policies of the Trump Administration,” the former vice president stated. “We need to look for ways to do better.”

“As President, I will increase the number of refugees we welcome into this country, setting an annual global refugee target of 125,000,” Biden said, then hinted that he could raise that amount, “And will seek to further raise it over time commensurate with our responsibility, our values, and the unprecedented global need.”

Biden added, “I will repeal the Muslim ban — and other discriminatory bans based on ethnicity and nationality — and restore asylum laws, including ending the horrific practice of separating families at our border.”

In October, President Donald Trump released a memo that read, “The admission of up to 15,000 refugees to the United States during FY 2021 is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”

A study released earlier this year claimed that refugees cost American taxpayers as much as $133,000 over the course of their lives.

10 thoughts on “Joe Biden Wants to Massively Increase Refugee Numbers Admitted Yearly

  1. If Biden does become President, what difference will it make? We will be under the Chinese Communist regime, and they can rule and control refugees wherever they are, along with us!

    1. ITS over for america with biden and his vp america will never be the same he has no brain and she has no class how will either of them deal with foreign states men they are like too idiots

  2. Why? We can’t seem to take care of our own homeless, displaced veterans, unemployed, families who have lost their homes, treat our addicted, or keep up with our COVID19 problems. Why are we inviting more problems to enter out country?

    1. Why? Because the Democrats are out to destroy the US so that they can impose more draconian rules and laws and dismantle our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If they manage to gain enough seats in the House and Senate then they will fairly quickly transform our nation into one that mirrors a socialist country.

  3. where are the jobs how do we support all the homeless and all the illegals and wellfare unemployed dsiabled and all the CORRUPT POLITICAINS

  4. They are creating a new world order , they are Globalists. It was all in the Biden Bernie manifesto 100 pages of how they’re going to destroy this country. Apparently Biden supporters never read it! They don’t want a middle class in America. Socialism Will be created with the help of AOC and Bernie Sanders.

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