Judge Orders DOJ To Give Mueller Grand Jury Material To House Democrats

A federal judge Friday ordered the Justice Department to provide grand jury materials from the special counsel’s investigation to the House Judiciary Committee, in what will be hailed as a major legal win for congressional Democrats.

Judge Beryl Howell set Oct. 30 as the deadline for DOJ to provide grand jury information cited in the special counsel’s report, which was sent to Congress on April 18.

Howell also ordered the release of grand jury materials obtained by the special counsel but not specifically cited in the report, as well as other exhibits.

Democrats sued for the grand jury information July 26 as part of an impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump. Justice Department attorneys argued against releasing the information, noting that grand jury proceedings are conducted in secret.

“The need for continued secrecy is minimal and thus easily outweighed by [House Judiciary Committee’s] compelling need for the material,” Howell said in the ruling.

“Tipping the scale even further toward disclosure is the public’s interest in a diligent and thorough investigation into, and in a final determination about, potentially impeachable conduct by the President described in the Mueller Report.”

The special counsel’s report was separated into two volumes: one that dealt with an investigation into whether Trump associates conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election, and the other that focused on whether Trump attempted to obstruct the investigation.

The first volume of the report contained 240 redactions for grand jury material, according to Howell. The second volume contained far fewer redactions, largely because the obstruction portion of the special counsel’s investigation did not rely on grand jury proceedings.

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, said prosecutors were unable to establish the Trump campaign conspired with Russia, or that any Trump associates acted as agents of Russia.

Mueller was less definitive on the issue of obstruction. He said prosecutors could neither recommend charges against Trump on obstruction, but could also not exonerate the president.

House Democrats initially sought the materials in hopes of using the information to mount an impeachment campaign against Trump.

Three House committees are leading a so-called “impeachment inquiry” focusing on Trump’s actions towards Ukraine.

25 thoughts on “Judge Orders DOJ To Give Mueller Grand Jury Material To House Democrats

      1. These corrupt Democrats used deep state spys to leak any information to try to make Trump appear guilty. A woman in the U.S. Treasury Dept. was in trouble for leaking financial info. to the biased media that selectively leaked parts to try to make Trump look awful. Trump grew up in the eye of the media his entire life. Trump was a Democrat until 2012. When Trump ran for president as a Republican, they began to call him racist. Trump isn’t racist, he dated Kara Young a black model for two years. Kara said Trump isn’t racist. The Democrats and their biased media hate Trump now that he’s not a Democrat anymore. The Democrats are angry that they can’t control everyone and profit from the government anymore.

  1. The dummy rats know this won’t stand up in the Supreme Court and judge Howell should be admonished by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He knows that grand jury information is secrete.

    1. I believe that, with William Barr and John Durham getting so close to the real truth, democrats are willing to risk the political fallout in order to prevent indictments. It will be almost impossible to indict anyone mentioned in the report if the grand jury information has already been made public. The indictments would be of Democrats. Boomerang!

      1. Yes, the Democrats have a definite strategy for doing what they’re doing with this impeachment insanity. They want to expose the secret evidence to try to make Trump appear awful while they ruin the cases against their own by exposing the grand jury evidence.

  2. It is a waste of taxpayers money and all it is a witch hunt!! The Dems have done nothing for the past 2 1/2 yrs. and will continue to do nothing to help or support Trump and surely will do nothing for our Country and it’s legal people!!! The Judge Howell needs to be removed and an his actions need to be looked into!! The judge as well as the Dems all need to be held for Treason of a standing President.

    1. Yes, the Democrats could put the USMCA trade deal through the House for more jobs and greater prosperity, but they’re busy with this impeachment instead. The Democrats don’t want to help people, they want to control the people while they profit from our government. The dems lie to get elected, then lie to stay there. Many Democrats have run as moderates to get elected, but Project Veritas has proven that they will lie to get in.

  3. Judge Howell’s decision is a disgrace, but of course she was appointed by Barack Obama, so can you expect anything less? What made me the angriest is when she stated “A House Resolution has never, in fact, been required.” Can you believe a judge saying this. In other words, she thinks it is okay for a Nancy Pelosi and a handful of (Democratic)committee chairmen to decide on the Impeachment Inquiry. What about the other 430 members of Congress who represent the majority of Americans??? When our founders wrote in the Constitution that the House has the power to impeach the president, they meant the WHOLE House, not just a handful of members. Also precedent was set; previous impeachments had the whole House voting. I sent judge Howell a letter. I hope you do too.
    Her address is: Judge Beryl Howell, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, 333 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington D.C. 20001
    Please write and let her know how you feel. This Impeachment inquiry is a sham and she just not only opened up the Mueller investigation again, but she insuring that all of this turmoil continues.

    1. “Jedge” Howling at the Moon is another left winged lawyer who will be overturned upon appeal…….
      She wants to console Mueller since the United States Marine Corps has disowned him for being a LIAR and ruining so many innocent persons’ lives.

  4. judge howell, another corrupt judge on the soros-obama-clinton dnc mob payroll. Time to clean out the court judges,

    1. Notice that the Democrats never put moderate judges in place. The Democrats put radical leftist judges in so they can get what they want, when they want it. The ninth circus court is a disgrace. These corrupt people will pay for their corruption one day. Hope it’s sooner than later.

  5. remove the judge and file charges, it is illegal to give up grand jury testimony, but legality never stops DEMONRATS

  6. Where IS contempt of court when we need it the most? SO-CALLED “courts” that legislate from the bench and make contemptible rulings DESERVE to be disobeyed, and DESERVE to become objects of contempt.
    Richard William Faith
    central Florida

  7. Looks like time is running out for democrats actors in the House. Atty. Durnham’s criminal probe is now starting so we have another lots of SUMMONS AND SUBPOENAS TO BE ISSUED TO ALL ACTORS IN THE DEMOCRATS RUSSIA, RUSSIA AND RUSSIA COLLUSION BUT THIS TIME IT’S THEIR TURN TO APPEAR IN COURT. WOW! It’s exciting to see how these morons will behave in court of law.

    1. The Democrats slither around like the snakes they’ve always been. This isn’t the party of JFK anymore. JFK was cleaning the mobsters out of our government, but they got him. Read Roger Stone’s book about who killed JFK to know why they went after him the way they did using CNN, their biased lapdog media.

  8. Judge Howell’s decision is appalling. Dragging out the Mueller investigation once again to try to get a different decision is ridiculous. She needs to be disbarred. She is a disgrace and should be off of any bench.

    1. Yes, the Democrats placed leftist lunatics in judges positions so they can manipulate their way into getting what they want – total control over the entire country.

  9. Even if they impeach President Trump, I for one will write him into my ballot and vote for him! I hope Barr can get to the bottom of things much like Dan Bongino and a few others have. Then arrest the whole lot of them for treason. I wish we still had hanging trees and firing squads once they are found guilty. I hope Guantanamo will have enough space for these evil power-hungry morons. Their coup and dictatorship attempts need to come to an end! Pelosi, Schiff and others don’t want their gravy trains from Ukranian arms dealers (Igor Pasternak for Schiff), Soros and others to stop feeding their pockets. We need to take a good look at ALL of their tax returns from day one to see where all their money has come from. We also need to include their families and close friends! (Like Obama’s buddies who took over the online universities after Obama stopped Veterans education grants etc.) They sure are trying to shake my faith in the USA. They have made us a laughing stock throughout the world!

    1. 0bama was a fraud. 0bama stated in the video created by his publishing company for his book about his father that he “wasn’t born in the USA, but in Kenya”. 0bama was standing as he told that to another black man who was sitting down in the video. 0bama’s grandmother in Kenya swore that she saw him being born there in Kenya and it was shown on a morning show. The biased media claimed that 0bama was born in Hawaii and that he was Christian. 0bama went to Wright’s church in Chicago for their “down low club” to meet gays. Wright’s church isn’t Christian, it’s communist ideology propaganda. 0bama posted his birth certificate on the White House website. Sheriff Arpaio hired a forensics expert with forty years of experience to investigate his birth certificate. The press release of the conclusions were posted on 12/16/2016. 0bama’s birth certificate was proven to be a fraud. Johanna Ah Nee’s birth certificate was used to copy and paste dates, signatures etc. Forlab in Italy verified the forensic findings. The biased media was complicit with 0bama’s fraud to get him elected. When 0bama was asked about his religion, he claimed to believe in islam and he had little knowledge about Christianity.

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