Leading House Democrat reveals their next GOP target, cite info that will be challenged by lawsuit

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) revealed on Saturday the next target of House Democrats: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee.

When asked Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” whether Nunes would face an ethics investigation, Smith said, “Quite likely, without question.”

“I understand a lot of this is about Joe Biden but the bigger thing is about what President Trump and the Russians and all these people have been doing … is a systematic problem that is a threat to the country because of what Russia is doing to democracy,” Smith went on to say, Politico reported.

Central to the push to investigate Nunes are allegations that he secretly met with former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin in Vienna last December to gather dirt damaging to Joe Biden.

CNN reported the allegations Friday after the lawyer for Lev Parnas — a Rudy Giuliani associate who was indicted on unrelated federal charges last month — told the news outlet his client wants to tell House impeachment investigators what he knows.

Nunes responded to the report Friday, telling Breitbart News he plans swift legal action against CNN and the Daily Beast, which published a similar story earlier in the week, for “demonstrably false and scandalous stories” that he called “the perfect example of defamation and reckless disregard for the truth.”

Nunes said both news outlets “will find themselves in court soon after Thanksgiving.”

Rudy Giuliani came to Nunes’ defense on Saturday, telling Fox News the California Republican did not meet with Shokin. “I would have heard of it if he would have,” Giuliani said.

10 thoughts on “Leading House Democrat reveals their next GOP target, cite info that will be challenged by lawsuit

  1. the democrybabies got their feelings hurt real bad. they want any type of message so they can counter sue. these democrats have WASTE enough of taxpayer money thru corrupt thoughts and trips & outings. From here on out if the democrats start a court case, advise them they are to pay with their personnel money , the taxpayer are not paying for their crap. that needs to be brought under control along with trips out of the country and big dinner outings at the expense of the taxpayer. I wish the company i worked would pay for me to take a weeks vacation in a foreign country with all expenses paid starting when i departed the white house until i returned to the white house and still get a full pay check. all this trip includes all my eats, drinks,flight to & from. also while i was on my trip whatever i bought would be paid for under expense. to many people can get their dirty hands on the taxpayer dollar. get it under control


    1. I am not the smartest person but the Dems are so STUPID thinking if they go after Nunes that that will bring them more votes? WHERE THE HECK ARE THEIR BRAINS? Nadler going after Trump, and Schiff or who ever in Dem party going after Devin Nunes, a true patriot. WHat this is going to do is make the DEMS party look more than just stupid but look like they are WACKO! They are already losing votes because people in the middle and some Dems are TIRED of the lies, made up stories and downright nasty people. They are moving toward the next election with lies they have been spreading. They ought to realize all they got left are a few crazies, elites, and always a Democracy. THey have lost over 28% of the black/brown votes. From the last election of 8%. Trump has opened a “Sleeping Giant!”

  3. Democrats are a bunch of revenge seeking idiots. Nunez is during the news outlets the reported the lie, He went to UKRAINE to dig up dirt on Biden. It was fake news any the Democrats are actually running with it. Fools

  4. rep adam smith is just another FULL OF SCHITT demo-crapper donkey. MORE LIES and MORE LIES, they are in close contract with the russians for sure they are, they are using them to validate their lies. Remember the political russians are commie, like the demo-donkeys

  5. Schiff Pile is always trying to attack Nunez because he shoots holes in Schiff’s hot air balloons. Nunez = TRUTH.
    Schiff = LIAR

  6. Remember Schiff is not a very smart man. He was bought and paid for by the Clinton Foundation who bankrolled his campaign to unseat the Republican Prosecutor who was the incumbent, that prosecuted Billy Clinton in his impeachment. It was highly unusual that a sitting President would campaign for and bankroll a challenger to a currently occupied office and the Clinton’s don’t do things unless their is an ulterior motive. Schiff is only doing what his masters tell him to do. He is nothing more than a Clinton Lap Dog.

  7. Why dont we turn the tables and do a treasure hunt on the Dems. There are certainly Dems that are on the dark side of the moon. Start with Waters who has been investigated over 3 times for fraud.Or Schiff who doesnt live in CA. He lives in a mansion in Washington, DC. Nadler who is so hateful of the president, he has garbage to hide. Even Pelosi is not the “sweet, pure lady” she wants everyone to believe. SHe is the DEVIL in disguise. THen we have the SQUAD who has far left members and one in particular who has broken so many rules it is hard to keep up with the list. Married to 2 men at sometime, money missing from the leftover of campaign. Married her brother, broke ups a family by having an affair with a married man, illegally filing income taxes, 2015 and 2016. The list goes on. Then the big mouth, who seems a little wacky, RASIDA TLAIB FROM Michigan. THe Dem party is slowly drowning themselves with lies. The people do not trust the Dems for anything anymore.

  8. The Democrats can try all they want to but until God is ready for Trump to be removed they are just a lot of hot air. I believe God put him there to stop the Democrats from destroying America. God is giving America another chance and we better take it. We don’t really deserve another chance if you look at what they are teaching in our schools and the kind of people we are getting in our judicial system and our Government and People believing it is OK to murder unborn Babies.People turning against God.Why would God think we are worth saving ? America better wake up before it is too late.

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