Minneapolis city council members unveil new plan to eliminate police department — but keep police officers

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council unveiled a plan last week to finally make good on their promises to fundamentally transform the Minneapolis Police Department.

What is the background?

Following the tragic death of George Floyd last May, the Minneapolis City Council promised to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department. City council members vowed a “start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity” approach to law enforcement.

But their promises never came to fruition.

In fact, the anti-police rhetoric triggered an exodus of police officers, resulting in record violent crime last summer. The crime wave, combined with inaction by city officials, angered residents — but that did not stop the city council, which has zero Republican members.

When pressed by residents to combat the crime, city council members had the audacity to question, “Where are the police?” Later, city council members recanted their promises to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department upon learning that inflammatory rhetoric does not result in functional public policy.

What’s happening now?

The council members — Phillipe Cunningham, Steve Fletcher, and Jeremy Schroeder, all of whom are Democrats — released a proposal on Thursday that would eliminate the city’s police department, but keep the police officers.

Their plan establishes a new Department of Public Safety, which includes “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

More from the Star Tribune:

The proposed charter amendment would eliminate the requirement to maintain a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population, leaving the force size entirely at the discretion of the mayor and the 13-member City Council.

Fletcher said, “Minneapolis residents are imagining a comprehensive public safety approach that is more effective and more reflective of our values, and they are calling on the city to act. This charter amendment creates a structure that supports that vision and allows our city to innovate.”

The proposal would also move the city’s Office of Violence Prevention and perhaps even 911 operations into the new department, the Star Tribune noted.

To appear on the next city ballot, the proposal must first be approved by the city council and city Charter Commission.

Anything else?

According to the Associated Press, the plan is very similar to a proposal made by the city council members last year.

The proposal is similar to one that was blocked last year after the city’s Charter Commission decided to take more time to review it, essentially stopping it from advancing to the November ballot. Both proposals were designed to eliminate the police department as it is and create a new department focused on broader public safety. Last year’s proposal made it optional to include a “Division of Law Enforcement Services,” but the new proposal says officers would be mandatory.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, is reportedly concerned that the proposal “would diminish accountability,” the Star Tribune reported.

“I believe in a comprehensive approach. That’s what we’re hearing from people,” Frey said. “We are not hearing people want to dilute accountability by having the head of public safety report to 14 people.”

22 thoughts on “Minneapolis city council members unveil new plan to eliminate police department — but keep police officers

  1. These lefty loons hate law enforcement and as such, next time you have a break in or a sexual assault don’t bother calling police, call a pimp or the antifa sissies and see how that works out for ya!

    1. Minneapolis government should shove their ideas up their asses. Oh that can’t happen because they are already asses. Democraps true to the core, fucking idiots, they don’t give a crap about anything or anyone but themselves.

    2. Does this mean, that America, can keep the Government, & ‘GET RID OF THE BIDEN HARRIS, ADMN”?…:o}}}

      How appropriate? How sensible? How predictable, & wonderful!

  2. i AM so tired of hearing about the ‘tragic death’ of floyd. He comitted suicide. Why are you letting your leaders use lies against you?

    1. I guess that’s what happens with a voluntary life of crime, ingesting potentially fatal drugs, & then “resisting arrest”? Is that even “half sane”? I guess also, “you get what you ask for”?…:O}}}

  3. Minneapolis could not get more stupid and clueless morons on their City Council. I believe most are terrorists funded by Soros the criminal. They don’t want a real police chief or he mayor controlling the police but do want them whenever they become threatened. These are treacherous imbeciles .

    1. Do they { minnesotoans}…”deserve” what they get? after all, they elected Ilhan Omar….Anti American, Jew hater, & Somalian sympathizer? How does that fit into Democracy? She is corrupt, a-moral, & illegal…..anything else you need to know?

  4. The City Council seems to think by changing the Police Department, which they seem to think just changing the name will make things different, will change the behavior of human beings from crime/criminal to more agreeable people. No more stealing/thievery, no more gang fights or domestic violence, no more drug pushers or sellers, no more prostitution, no more human trafficing, no more road violations, speeders, auto wrecks, and on it goes no more anything, all people will behave themselves or if they break the law they will not resist, not try to kill or harm the police officer. The denial that Mr. Floyd was a crimianl, a habitual criminal at that, has truly had by swallowing the fentyll he brought on his own death…but that is still another problem as justice was denied to the police officers as they were not the problem but Floyd was. The Black community knows about Floyd, but the real problem is how they, the Black Community perceived the handling of the situation. They only saw what they wanted to see, and the City Council has the same problem, they see only what they wanted to see. It is Not the Police Department, the problem is Human Behavior that the Police Department has to deal with. Just going around in circles.

    1. Minnesota…..Low IQ Voters = insurrection, corrupt politicians, illogical thinking, & a very, very bad outcome to civil unrest!

      Will that ever end?…{ Not as long as these LOW IQ, voters are voting!}….Look who they elected to run the nation!/….{ I rest my case}….:O}}}….{ so very sad}

    1. What about all the innocent republicans, patriots,old people that simply do not agree with the ignorant *Demoncrats?….Throw them to the wolves?

  5. Floyd. Wasn’t he a boxer? That is the only person named Floyd that I can remember………maybe there was an automobile racer with that name. These (so called ) Democratic leaders don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground….It is that way all over this country. God willing, someday they may see the light. Someday.

  6. (“The proposed charter amendment would eliminate the requirement to maintain a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population, leaving the force size entirely at the discretion of the mayor and the 13-member City Council.’)

    More power in the hands of Government. They already abused their power and want more! Apparently the people of Minneapolis can not see a difference between what they need and what they want, they will live in the absolute hell they themselves caused or just sat back and let happen. How is all this working out for them? Must be good there is no recall of their Mayor or counsel members, all I can say is, ( Live with it ! )

  7. Does this plan somehow confiscate the property wanted by minorities and give it to them so they don’t have to steal it? Sounds to me like this would be the only plan with a choice of working!
    Maybe the good people of Minneapolis should take these idiots homes and relocate them to the minority neighborhood where all the worst people in Minneapolis live. And pull police coverage from their new location? See if they still want a non-punishment mentality then!


  8. Quit blaming the cops. They don’t make the laws your YELLOW, CORRUPT, POLITICIANS DO. It all flows downhill doesn’t it. A good leader doesn’t fix blame he fixes the problems.

  9. If this council could bring Capone back from the dead they would. He would own all the police and the Demo-RATS would have all the votes they would ever need. If it isn’t whitey”s fault it is the police’s wrong doing. Give all law abiding citizens automatic weapons and see how fast law breakers are dealt with. Case loads just went down.

  10. I am in complete amazement of the stupidity of the City Council and those that support them. Floyd was a career criminal who took a fatal dose of Fetinal which caused his death, NOT THE POLICE! His death actually caused the crime rate to fall as he has not committed anymore crimes since his death! 99.9% of Police Officers are dedicated professionals who do an amazing job keeping the wolves at bay from the good citizens. If you think YOU can do a better job, join the Police Department. It is VERY dangerous work that gets little thanks but lots of blame for what they did “wrong”. Little pay and lots of missed time with the family. LEO’s have the highest divorce rate and suicide rate of all professions, there is a reason for that. We deal with the scum of the earth so you do not have to and we also are supposed to keep it out of your sight. Become an Officer or at least support them and report crime whenever you witness it and be willing to testify about it.

  11. Oh, seriously lol. How many stupid people are alive still? If I were a police officer I would just quit. Let’s bring back the Wild West. These idiots don’t deserve officers, and if I was one, no way I’d work in these leftist states.

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