Nashville police release video showing fatal shootout between woman and officer

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has released body camera and dashcam video footage showing a shootout between an officer and a female suspect during a traffic stop, which left the woman dead and the officer recovering in a hospital.

What are the details?

At around 9:30 a.m. Friday, Officer Josh Baker pulls over a black Chevrolet Camaro that is owned by a man who was wanted on six outstanding warrants. But the owner of the vehicle was not in the car, which was being driven by Nika Holbert, 31.

Baker, a 14-year veteran of the police force, explains to Holbert in the video that she was stopped because of the warrants of the owner of the vehicle, and the officer proceeds to search the contents of her purse where he finds what The Daily Mail described as “a powdery substance in a small bag.”

When Baker attempts to take her into custody, she refuses, saying, “I haven’t done anything wrong,” then grabbing her purse and running around the vehicle back to the driver’s seat while ignoring the officer’s repeated calls to “get on the ground.”

Once Holbert gets back in the car, Baker can be seen deploying his TASER on the woman, before she pulls a gun and he yells, “Ma’am! Put the gun down!” before grabbing his service weapon.

The two then exchange fire, and Baker drops to the ground, notifying dispatch that shots had been fired and he was hit. Meanwhile, Holbert throws her gun on the ground in the parking lot and drives away, but only makes it about a block before losing control and crashing.

Warning: Graphic footage

WRAL-TV reported that Baker and Holbert suffered gunshot wounds, and were rushed to separate local hospitals.

Holbert died from her injuries, and Baker is in stable condition after having surgery for a gunshot wound to his torso. He is reportedly “in good spirits.”

What did the police chief say?

MNPD Chief John Drake said at a news conference over the weekend that after reviewing the video footage of what transpired, Officer Baker “appeared to do everything he could to try to deescalate the situation, including the use of taser, including trying not to use his firearm,” WKRN-TV reported.

On releasing the video, Chief Drake said, “I want to show that we’re an accountable police department and we want to get the accurate information out there as quickly as possible, whether it’s a shooting that’s deemed good or one that has a lot of concerns.”

He added later, “This is a dangerous job and it’s a dangerous time not only here in Nashville but around the country. Violent crime is on the rise everywhere.”

7 thoughts on “Nashville police release video showing fatal shootout between woman and officer

  1. Why did he search her purse and was that legal since he knew she wasn’t the person he was looking for?

    1. For obvious reason. If she would have been an innocent and law abiding citizen she would have complied with the officer. PERIOD.

  2. By refusing to give him her ID and taking something out of her purse she showed a complete disrespect for our laws and the police. She then became confrontational and pugilistic and tried to flee. His taser did not have much effect and she pulled her gun and shot him twice prior to his shooting her. By refusing to give him her ID, becoming confrontational, possessing what appeared to be drugs, grabbing her gun, refusing to drop the gun and then opening fire on the officer she bought what she got. Looked like voluntary suicide to me.

  3. Stalling techniques should have been initiated by the officer until backup could arrive, approximately 4 minutes according to the dispatcher. Those techniques could have included many options. One technique would be to place his person between the subject and the door of her vehicle. This human barrier creates a psychological hindrance to the idea that she could easily flee the scene. It would have been better for the officer to wait for his backup to arrive before trying to conduct a search of her purse and finding possible contraband. He was already suspicious of the potential for problems when he radioed for assistance prior to the use of the taser. The subject should not have been allowed to re-enter her vehicle after the intensity of his investigation had increased.
    Like many police traffic stops, especially one which could involve a subject with outstanding warrants, the officer should proceed with caution and utilize his experience and people skills to delay as much as possible any questions and commands that might make a subject fearful of a possible arrest. The thorough investigation should only proceed after help has arrived and the subject has been properly secured.
    It’s easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback after a situation has concluded but quite difficult to make split second decisions under stress. In summary, I believe the officer conducted himself very well under difficult circumstances. He was careful to act in a manner using only a minimum of force. Unfortunately, the subject was not reticent in her decision to use deadly force against the officer. I thank the Lord that the officer has survived and pray he will be able to handle the emotional stress he has to endure after ending another person’s life. That will not be easy.
    Hopefully the officers police department will utilize the dashcam video in the continued training of their officers and the officers of other police departments as well.

  4. Wow! Is that Chris Farley? So much for Black Lives Matter when they pull that bullshit. I’m glad she died. It’s hard to feel for blacks when they do that shit.

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