NEW VIDEO: Leftists sucker punch, put choke hold on man trying to hang on to his MAGA hat outside President Trump’s Minneapolis rally

We know about the leftist protesters who threw urine, burned “Make America Great Again” hats, and even spit on a supporter of President Donald Trump outside his Minneapolis rally last week.

But a new video released by Minnesota’s Alpha News reveals quite a bit more about what happened in the streets Thursday night.

Sucker punches, choke hold

Leftists outside the rally cursed out a man who was wearing a MAGA hat — the iconic symbol of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

But it soon got quite a bit worse for him.

As he tried to prevent protesters from taking his MAGA hat, one guy put a choke hold on him.

Seconds later, a protester sucker punched him from behind.

As he tried to walk away he got sucker punched two more times — once from behind and once from the side.

When he was interviewed on video afterward — with what appeared to be welts visible over his right eye — he explained he was simply trying to find a cab and go home when he was attacked.

“Unfortunately it’s not too surprising considering what I’ve seen,” he said.

What else?

The clip also showed a woman, who was holding the hand of a man wearing a MAGA hoodie, getting slapped in the head from behind. (Is that how leftists roll when it comes to fisticuffs? Make sure they’re in a mob of like-minded cronies then attack Trump supporters when they’re not looking?)

Also, one protester chanted “save a life, kill a cop!” as police marched down a street.

Another protester gave a double finger to officers and yelled “f*** you!” over and over again as they passed by.


  • Leftists attacked vehicles leaving the area.
  • A protester yelled, “Nazi! Get the f***ing Nazi! Get him! Get him!”
  • Protesters chanted “I’m so bored with the USA!” and “USA equals ‘you suck ass!'”

Here’s the video. The entire thing is worth watching, but the incident involving attackers putting a choke hold on the Trump supporter and sucker punching him begins at the 25-second mark. (Content warning: Language):

40 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Leftists sucker punch, put choke hold on man trying to hang on to his MAGA hat outside President Trump’s Minneapolis rally


    1. This just shows what low life people democRATS socialist behavior is like. Unruly, violent, rude disgusting people who actions speak for themselves. While the true Americans act with dignity and are never violet or disrespectful. I certainly would not someone like that behaving and acting like that as the President. Those chanting they are sick of the USA wish they would leave ASAP, and we would all be happier.

      1. I would be glad to start a go fund me account to buy tickets to one of the countries for them if they don’t l;ike the USA. Me, I am damn proud of the USA and spent 40 years total in uniform. Ret SFC US army.

        SFC kellams ret aemy

      2. Eventually they will attack a bunch of former Navy Seals and THEN…………………………………………………………Mommy’s little bullies will end up in Wheel chairs

        1. We can only hope! And “eat the rich”, are you kidding? Most of the rich people are home getting ready for their work day tomorrow! And part of their salary provides taxes to pay for you to live in momma’s basement and go out at night and hit people for no reason, show your I.Q. With your middle finger and use the f word!!!! Pathetic! YOUR behavior is pure hate!! Trump loves this country so why don’t you and your middle finger move away!!!

    2. Just infiltrate the Trump Crowd coming out in MAGA Hats with “little” 5 foot 8″ former Navy Seals and Spec Ops Army and Marines and let them loose in DEFENSE of their rights and make those wanna be tough guys eat a MAGA hat in addition. One of them is going to get his/her throat cut & die when they tackle the wrong “victim” and HOorah for that.

      1. Remember the
        San Francisco Judge who at 73, disarmed a man who held him up at gun point with a gun in his back??

    3. They know that you cannot take any type of weapon in when you go to the rally so they take advantage of that. It is time to set them up and take them out. The left is hiring them to do this. They want us to start paying them back so that they can use it as propaganda. They are the scum of the earth and don’t want Trump to bring out their crooked deals. Everyone knows that the politicians could not become millionaires on their salary alone.

    4. Fortunately this has never happened to me while wearing my Trump hat or T-shirt to a Trump rally. The reason it is a very good thing for me is because I would end up going to jail and hopefully acquitted at my trial. Anyone put their hands on me WILL have a very rude awaking from this 70 yr old Vietnam Veteran and retired Police Officer. I will not be attacked by anyone and I will not stand by and watch an innocent be attacked either for expressing his Constitutional Rights.

    5. The Victims should sue the city and mayor separately for tens of millions. and the police dept needs to get on the rioters cases and start prosecuting those that oppose others constitutional rights


    1. Antifa = Pulosi’s BROWN SHIRTS. This is how Hitler came to power. Everyone needs to read The Night of the Longknives.

  3. Put them in jail and fine the hell out of them . You got them on film go get them may them pay for watch they did to those people just carrying their rights granted to them by law.

  4. Evil THRIVES on APPEASEMENT!!!!!!!!! The Godless; Gutless and Gullible who PROCRASTINATE by playing nice with premeditated and orchestrated evil are as much of a reason for the EVIL as the EVIL is. If we make EVIL FEAR GOOD, these kinds of INSOLENT and IMPENITENT behaviors would cease.

  5. The time has come to stop the punks. These have nothing scum, who assault innocent people at will, need to be put where they can only devour themselves. Physical assault is a crime as far as I know? Maybe not in Minnesota? This once respected state has given the keys to the low life scabs that prowl the streets eating their own feces.

  6. Every red blooded american should be carrying a gun at all times to take this slime out when they attack . they do not belong in the USA because they hate our country and people the same way the demoncraps in congress do.

  7. These commie crowds must be dealt with harshly and permanently. The police are standing down thanks to our “great” leadership.
    Time to crush these scumbags!

  8. What aren’t these mentally deranged thugs being dealt with by authorities? They are assaulting innocent people and need to be tazed and dragged away by their feet. But I take it the leaders of the shit hole now known as Minneapolis, is anti American and filled with hate and the police don’t give a crap either. If the police did they would take action no matter what the Nazi mayor says. This is the UNITED STATES not some third world country.

    1. If the Officers did take action they would be criminally charged and fired. The liberal left has gotten that much in control there with all these Muslims that Obama brought in.

  9. People on the left say conservatives are the only ones talking about civil war. We maybe the only ones talking about it but the left is the one fighting it. Their pet terrorists (that they won’t let us call terrorists) are attacking President Trump’s supporters (especially in democratic held cities) with complete impunity.

  10. Such intelligent people who can only swear and use violence to express themselves. But I must ask why the National Guard isn’t there arresting these people/animals and handing them the bill for what their incredibly animalistic actions have cost the tax payers. Let’s see how they like the US when people are standing in line for a loaf of bread because that’s what happens in third world countries and that where the dems are taking us. And now they are making moves to remove the electoral college? I do think it is time for me to carry a gun to protect myself from these lunatics.

    1. The National Guard cannot arrest civilians for criminal acts that are not on Federal Grounds or against Federal Law. No problem as the Police will be glad to do just that if the mayor and Chief allow them to enforce the laws.
      Yes, it IS time for all law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm once they have been trained in what they can and cannot do and promise to practice on their accuracy and be very serious about it.

  11. Outrageous. Why aren’t they being arrested?
    Video shows irrefutable evidence of felony assault, with intent to cause great bodily harm.
    These thugs are not protected by First Amendment freedom of speech, when such speech is intended to incite violence.

  12. Posters, if you think antifa violence is disgusting now wait until the November election in 2020 approaches. The low-life-scum-bag-cowardly-antifa-population will be out in full force disrupting voting centers, intimidating and attacking Trump supporters. Eventually, someone will be murdered as a result of the deplorable-knuckle-dragging-Neanderthal-antifa-violence. To all antifa-scum out there…I, for one, will be waiting!!!

  13. Its time to put the liberals DOWN, they wait until the numbers favor them and then they attack like the liberal cowards that they are. Someday there will be heck to pay when they try to pull this crap.

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