Night of horror: Suspect arrested after stabbing five with a machete in another anti-Semitic attack in NY

At least five people were stabbed during a Chanukah celebration at a rabbi’s home in upstate New York on Saturday night. All of the stabbing victims, who were reported to be Orthodox Jews, were transferred to a nearby hospital. The alleged assailant used a machete during the attack and fled the scene, but has since been apprehended.

According to CBS 2 New York, at around 10 p.m. a man entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s shul in Monsey, New York, located about 45 minutes north of Manhattan, and stabbed several people. The attacker covered his face with a scarf and chased several victims out of the home while wielding a machete before escaping in a Nissan Sentra. Within two hours, Ramapo police announced they had arrested the suspect.

The attacker is a 37-year-old male from Greenwood Lake, New York and faces five attempted murder charges and one count of burglary.

This is the second anti-Semitic attack in Monsey, a town with about 18,000 residents, in under a month, according to Fox News. In November, a 30-year-old man was beaten and stabbed on his way to morning prayers.

An 18% increase in anti-Semitic hate crime reports in New York

The stabbing is also part of a pattern of rising anti-Semitic activity in the New York area. There have been at least nine hate crimes targeting Jews in Brooklyn in recent weeks, prompting the New York Police Department to increase its presence in Jewish neighborhoods.

The New York Times reports that there has been an 18 percent rise in anti-Semitic hate crime complaints this year, according to NYPD data. As of last Sunday, the city’s police department received 214 anti-Semitic hate crime complaints, 32 more than during the same period last year.

Jewish leaders condemn attack

Jewish leaders swiftly condemned the attack in upstate New York, with several noting how the treatment of anti-Semitism varies depending on the ethnic and religious identities of the attackers.

Reached by TheBlaze on Sunday, Daily Wire Editor-at-Large Josh Hammer said, “Jew-hatred is the world’s oldest bigotry. It is also one of the last politically acceptable forms of bigotry in America today — especially when the attackers are conveniently non-white and those attacked are conveniently Orthodox.”

“Those who would like to help all Jews — period — amidst this horrific onslaught are, of course, more than welcome,” Hammer added. “But if you are the kind of person who politicizes Jew-hatred based on the identity of the culprit and the religiosity of the attacked, then please kindly shut up and retreat to the sewer whence you came.”

In a statement, the Republican Jewish Coalition argued that political leaders in New York need to do more to combat anti-Semitism.

“The political leadership in New York isn’t doing nearly enough to protect its Jewish citizens,” the RJC wrote on Twitter. “This has become a daily occurrence in NY. These attacks might not be a convenient talking point for those on the left, but they still need to speak out.”

The New York Police Department said it is investigating Saturday night’s hate crime as an act of domestic terrorism.

6 thoughts on “Night of horror: Suspect arrested after stabbing five with a machete in another anti-Semitic attack in NY

  1. Another Black has been accused in a vicious attack on Jews with intent to kill. Like the last Black attack and killing in Jersey City we never heard about it in any of the Main Street Media. Not even on Fox News. Why do you think that is? Is it because of the race of the perpetrators? If it was a white man who did these attacks we would never hear the end of it. I do believe we have a double standard here, don’t you? Why? Makes no sense to me. Is anyone else curious about this or am I the only one? I hope not.

    1. I’ve long hated the media’s failure to report the race of nonwhite perpetrators. It has gotten to the point that a failure to report the perp’s race is a strong indicator that it was a black.

      In a recent post on my local Nextdoor Neighbor social media ap a member reported that a person was observed opening mailboxes to search their content. The member posted a detailed description of the perp, including gender, height, weight, clothing, age, but did NOT report his race.

      This Politically Correct person would have neighbors fruitlessly keeping an eye on everybody, when it would be so much easier to watch for a black guy, or an Hispanic guy, or an Asian guy. But, of course, her failure to report the offender’s race allows most of us to leap to the assumption that it was a black. It’s not fair to force us to jump to such conclusions. Just report ALL relevant information, and, yes, race in such cases is relevant.

  2. Only armed citizens can protect themselves. The five people stabbed were probably stabbed before anyone could even call the police; let alone accounting for the response time of the police. If even one person there were carrying how many people could have been spared pain and inconvenience?
    Will Americans ever get smart enough to realize that anti-gun laws only benefit the criminals?

  3. History repeating itself. These left wing nut’s are trying their best to turn our great country into another Natzie Germany. People of America wake up and put a stop to all this left wing nut B*** S*** and stop voting for any Democrap or for any person that does not believe in our constitution. If an elected person can not take their oath of office on the Bible, then they do not get to hold that office. If a person fails to up hold their oath of office they need to be removed from office. The failure of the left wing Democraps and a few others to uphold their oath of office should be reason for their immediate removal from office and to never be allowed to hold any elected or non elected position in any form of government with in our country. The same for any employed person of our government system.

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