NYPD vehicle trashed while cops respond to domestic violence call on Halloween: ‘Trick or treat, motherf***ers’

New York City police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call on Halloween night had their vehicle trashed with garbage and rotting food, according to the New York Post.

Numerous onlookers took great pleasure in watching the officers clean boxes, eggs, and other trash off their vehicle. Some recorded it on video and mocked the cops, who mostly appeared to avoid reacting to the disrespect.

“That’s what happens in the hood,” one person is heard saying. “Police get trashed.”

“Trick or treat, motherf***ers,” another person said.

The officers were in a residence for about 20 minutes handling a reported domestic violence situation, and came back out to see how some of the residents felt about their service.

One witness said before the video recording started, some of the trash on the vehicle had been set on fire.

“It was eggs and things put on it and also the boxes they were set on over fire,” said Ahmed Naji, who works at a bodega right by where the incident happened.

Retired NYPD Detective Joseph Giacalone expressed frustration on behalf of the department.

“It’s not a prank in any sense of imagination,” Giacalone told WLNY-TV. “I mean, what they do is they slow the response time down to this patrol car or wherever they need to be which puts the public safety in danger.”

A current officer anonymously told the New York Post that residents only hurt their own neighborhoods with that kind of behavior.

“The inmates are running the asylum,” the officer said. “There is no respect for cops. What these morons don’t realize is that they are only hurting their neighbors, who might seriously need a cop for an emergency.”

The NYPD is investigating the incident and told the Post it plans to deploy additional resources to the neighborhood in which it occurred.

17 thoughts on “NYPD vehicle trashed while cops respond to domestic violence call on Halloween: ‘Trick or treat, motherf***ers’


  2. Block off the entire neighborhoods, stop all emergency services, cut off power and water and let them implode!

  3. Looks like NYC is in deep trouble. Anarchy reigns. I wouldn’t visit NYC even if they given the keys to the city and a boat load of money. I applaud anyone who can get out of there. I pray for the well being of the police and for their families. See what happens when the city administration do not support the police department.

  4. WOW! . . . Looks like the “INMATES” are running the “ASSYLUM” – Looks like GOTHAM! where is the MAYOR in all this?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. There will be one day the goons will need the police and the police will not show up in time. Someone will be seriously hurt and the police won’t get there on time to save them. The police won’t be effective in stopping the deaths from happening because the “good” people will not let them into the neighborhood. It looks like Obama really did a number on the cops in this country. Cuomo, De Blasio are the real cause of this happening. They won’t take to steps to stop the crime and criminals and protect the police. I’d be finding a new job elsewhere.

  6. I feel sorry for the police in that or any area. They should not have to put up with that kind of crap. They are there to provide protection for the general public. It’s a damned if they do and hell to pay if they don’t situation. Let these same people have a fire, thief or killer loose and they will be screaming for the cops and demanding that they get there right now to keep them safe. Short term memory problems are just one symptom of police hatred by a community. What I say is keep up the good work and thank you for your service.

  7. Shameful, but that De Blasio’s and Cumo’s shithole New York City. Too bad the officers weren’t in the vehicle when trash was being hurled at them…they then could have run over the scumbags.

  8. Stop responding to those neighborhoods and let them fend for themselves.
    Without police protection it won’t take long for them to start killing each

  9. Such a disgrace !!! This speaks volumes about what’s happened to New York since the left wing radicals have taken over. No respect for the men who put their lives on the line.

  10. Residents of New York City have no one to blame but themselves for voting in an anti-police socialist, Bill de Blasio. He has set the tone for treating law enforcement so badly.

  11. Shame, shame, S H A M E on DiBlasio and his administration for turning scum to ANIMALS. HE SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT OF OFFICE BECAUSE HIS MIND ISNT RIGHT! One day, they ALL will need the help of the police….or maybe….one step further… THE HELP OF GOD, and maybe the police will still go in there our of their love and respect in helping and saving people in need, but I am sure GOD WILL SHOW HIS WRATH!
    I am glad that no police officer was hurt of killed….God bless the police men and women, as well as the trained deputy K-9’s.

  12. Had this CR*P been stopped day one we would not be where we are now. To all the police officers out there THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & GOD BLESS>

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