Pelosi, Dems claim they didn’t ‘want to impeach’ the president. Remember: 58% of Democrats supported impeaching Trump just five weeks into his presidency.

Wearing all black on the House floor Wednesday morning, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) opened up debate on the impeachment of President Trump “somberly and sadly.”

Pelosi didn’t want to impeach the president, CNN’s Dana Bash reported. Pelosi contended, “He gave us no choice.”

“You can feel it in the air here. It feels different,” Bash said during live coverage of the proceedings, according to colleague Brian Stelter. “It is palpable — that this is momentous. That this is grave. And it is … not something this speaker wanted to do…”

Pelosi was so committed to the somber act that she glared at fellow Democratic lawmakers for cheering the impeachment results like a mother scolding children for talking during a church service.


Democrats didn’t want to impeach Trump? Is anyone buying it?

However, a Washington Post article from nearly three years ago on Feb. 24, 2017, told a much different story.

The article highlighted a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute that found that a majority of Democrats — 58% — supported impeaching Trump just five weeks into his presidency.

While the graphic below seems to show some parity among opposition support for impeaching a president from the other political party, the early timing of Democratic support for impeaching Trump is what set it apart.

The Post article even highlighted the fact that 58% is “not an unthinkable number in our polarized political climate, but it is extraordinarily early in a presidency for such a high level of support for impeachment.”

“As PRRI notes,” the article went on to say, “as late as 2014 — in the sixth year of Barack Obama’s presidency — a similar proportion of Republicans supported impeachment: 56 percent. And even as the case for the Iraq War was being picked apart in 2006, Democratic support for impeaching George W. Bush was only at 48 percent — lower than it is today for Trump.”

In other words, it took Republicans past Obama’s first term and Democrats three years into an unpopular war under Bush before their support for impeachment rose to the level it was for Trump just over a month after he took office.

In a partisan vote on Wednesday, all but two Democrats — one of which has since formally switched to the Republican Party — voted to impeach the president, passing both articles of impeachment introduced against him. No Republicans voted in support of either article.

The Democrats’ decision to proceed with impeachment comes as American citizens are cooling to the idea. A recent CNN poll, conducted in the lead-up to the vote, showed overall support for impeachment had dropped under 50% and Democratic support, in particular, had dropped by double digits in just a few weeks.

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14 thoughts on “Pelosi, Dems claim they didn’t ‘want to impeach’ the president. Remember: 58% of Democrats supported impeaching Trump just five weeks into his presidency.

    1. I am sure most remember Pelosi’s statement a few months to the effect that for Impeachment to be valid it had to be BIPARTISAN. This was not as not a single Republican voted for it!! Where is Pelosi’s integrity, where is her honesty? she violated her own principle!! Or Jerry Nadler NY D-Congressman, Chairman of Judiciary Committee, who said in 1998 that “election not impeachment is the way to remove a sitting President from office, as it would overturn an election”. What does he say now? Pelosi, Nadler and others, their statements live on YouTube!! Liars and Hypocrites all!

  1. The democrats have lost their way. I voted for President Trump 2016, and will vote for him in 2020. I was a life long democrat, after 8 years of Obama, I changed to republican. I had high hopes Obama would help with race issues, he played the race card, getting police killed, etc, as one Minister said he deceived America, truth started coming out in his second term, to what he really was, a player, at the Expense of America.

  2. Pelosi is a liar as we all know. Schiff is a piece of schiff. As for Nadler…there isn’t any form of life lower than he is as he dribbles fro the mouth during hearings. What a revolting development in our halls of Congress. They should all be ashamed for lying and plotting against our president after he has done more for America than any other president in history!

  3. The Dipshidiot Demonrats don’t know what they do or don’t want just like they don’t know what “We the People” do or don’t want…

  4. I will NEVER vote for a Democrat, hasn’t been an honest one since John Kennedy. They are out to destroy America, and everything she stands for. Just adding more anti Americans to the squad.

  5. Pretty interesting COMMENT stating that “we’ve been impeaching trump for 2 1/2 years”. What ELSE will that LIAR say? Unbelievable! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Pisslosser, shitstane, needledick and scumsucker all need to be arrested and locked for attempting a coup along with berrybuttfucker and the rest of the scrum at the bottom of the swamp…..

  7. they are all a bunch of hillary clitons, liars, thieves, back stabbers and the greatest group of bullshitters that there ever beeee

  8. But But, my colleges were clamoring for impeachment! I blame the Squad, Maxine Waters and others like them who from before my great friend Donald Trump the President of the United States were saying Impeach the Mother F—–. I was forced into it, My other Friends Schiff, Humpty Dumpty as I can remember Jerry Nader’s name. Chuck Schumer and the rest of my party were insisting we try to usurp Donald’s office. I really tried to work with him for the last 4 years but they just would not let me visit him in the White House. Oh me what will I do, oh you got gourmet Ice cream, my favorite chocolate covered strawberries and booze. You are my friend, what can I do for you?

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