Pelosi, McCarthy to offer competing responses to Trump’s veto threat during Christmas Eve session as shutdown looms

According to multiple reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) plan to offer competing “unanimous consent” resolutions to amend the coronavirus relief package in response to the veto threat issued by President Donald Trump earlier this week. Neither resolution is expected to pass, with the result being an apparent stalemate over the fate of the bill. Because the bill also functions as an Omnibus spending measure that was designed to avert a government shutdown, the possibility of a Trump veto means that the government could shut down the week after Christmas. POLL: Will you be spending Christmas with your family or social distancing?

The wrangling began Tuesday when Trump issued a stern rebuke to Congress about the bill, which has been widely lampooned on both the left and the right for failing to give enough direct relief to Americans affected by the pandemic and its associated business shutdowns, and for giving too much to special interests, particularly in foreign countries. In his video message, Trump specifically hammered home those two points, criticizing Congress for not sending at least $2,000 per person in direct relief, and also for including millions of dollars in foreign aid in the bill.

Democrats, led by Pelosi, have announced plans to introduce a unanimous consent bill that would leave the rest of the bill unchanged, but increase the size of payouts to American families to the $2,000 figure requested by Trump. Mr. President, sign the bill to keep government open! Urge McConnell and McCarthy to agree with the Democratic unan…

— Nancy Pelosi (@Nancy Pelosi)1608737892.0

“Mr. President, sign the bill to keep government open! Urge McConnell and McCarthy to agree with the Democratic unanimous consent request for $2,000 direct payments! This can be done by noon on Christmas Eve!”

According to Fox News, McCarthy was not impressed with this gambit, and multiple Republicans plan to object, which would defeat the unanimous consent resolution.

In a tweet, McCarthy accused the Democrats of having “selective hearing” when it came to Trump’s remarks, accusing them of ignoring Trump’s call to pay for the increased payouts by reducing or eliminating the foreign aid in the bill, and released a full letter to his House colleagues about Republicans’ plans: Democrats appear to be suffering from selective hearing. They’ve conveniently ignored @realDonaldTrump’s call to re…

— Kevin McCarthy (@Kevin McCarthy)1608777139.0

According to McCarthy’s letter, Democrats “have conveniently ignored the concerns expressed by the President, and shared by our constituents, that we ought to reexamine how our tax dollars are spent overseas while so many of our neighbors at home are struggling to make ends meet. Thus, Republicans will offer a unanimous consent request to revisit the State and Foreign Operations title of the Omnibus so that we can full address the concerns at hand.”

Fox reports that Democrats plan to object to this resolution, which means that the House will be right back where it started. And of course, even if the House did act on either of those unanimous consent resolutions, the amended legislation would then have to be re-passed by the Senate, where its fate would be similarly uncertain.

Reading between the lines, Democrats appear to be betting that Trump will not make good on his veto threat, which would raise the specter of a government shutdown the week after Christmas. Currently, the federal government is operating on a one week continuing resolution that is set to expire early next week, if a longer-term funding measure is not passed. In addition to the potential for a government shutdown, a number of other COVID-related benefits are scheduled to expire immediately, including expanded unemployment benefits, which will expire the day after Christmas if a funding package that extends them is not passed.

12 thoughts on “Pelosi, McCarthy to offer competing responses to Trump’s veto threat during Christmas Eve session as shutdown looms

  1. The liberals led by Pelosi will spend this country into the failure of this democracy. The Democrats are not worried about what this will do to our future generations. If the Senate goes to the Democrats January 5th, God help this country. As an 86 year old, I will not be around to see America go Socialist. Don’t let them add the foreign aid.

    1. Mr. Pemberton,
      I and at least 75 million other voting citizens feel the same way the Democrats couldn’t care less about the average American. We are all just supposed to listen to their lies, cheating and enriching themselves and their families while making corporate America billions or trillions of dollars. I am in no hurry to die but I’m kinda glad I won’t be around to watch the country and the next generation crash and burn from this liberal lunacy and giving money away like the supply was infinite. Washington is a cesspool of corruption and greed. This year unfortunately is the stuff revolutions are made from.

      1. Robert and Jack, I too am of the same generation that actually grew up with morals and a since of value to the dollar, when a candy bar was a Nickle, a loaf of bread 29 cents and a gallon of gas, depending if there was a gas war going on, from 10 cents to 35 cents a gallon. Each Congress, the opposite of Progress, has created larger and larger deficits to the point where they no longer even worry about paying the bills. People live on credit now days, just as our government has since the 1950”s. spend today and pay it off or don’t worry about it years later. Today’s Democrats give our money away like it grows on trees, with no thought of how it will be repaid. Who gives too hoots and a holler about gender studies in Pakistan or how the weather is in Tibet? I sure as hell don’t care, that’s their problem. I was taught if you can’t pay for something in cash you cannot afford it unless its a house. My parents taught this 74 year old male the correct way and I thank them for it. I wish more would do the same, especially our politicians.

  2. Pelosi you’re crazy. I hope the president uses his Veto power. Why in Hades should we send tax dollars overseas when we are hurting? Too, I am tired of giving tax dollars to the Kennedy center. Who gets to use it, but you local elites. If they need money, they can charge its members NOT the taxpayers. Why don’t you forfeit your pay and give it to Pakistan, Egypt etc.? I’m sure your colleagues would want to do the same, haha.

  3. You’ve shut down our businesses so it’s okay to shut down govt’ as well. And not pay the congresspeople…not proved them any benefits as they’re so willing to provide for the foreigners but not for their own people. Personallly, that’s bordering on treason, Seeking to destroy our nat ion by any hook or crook…stealing. Just my opinion.

  4. Mr President I am so proud of you sticking to your guns regardless the crazy democrats having fits.. The constitution cannot be toyed with, it must be followed as written by our founding fathers. This is the only way our USA will continue to stay great. God Bless you and your family.

  5. VETO THIS BILL, do not pass it, period…too much foreign aid when Americans are hurting and suffering…this is no covid relief bill…this bill is a f’ing joke and needs to go pronto

  6. Get rid of foreign aid in the bill. Make truly a vivid relief bill for the American people but the dems dont care about us. They are sick.

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