Police arrest elderly woman on weapons charges for reportedly shooting at intoxicated driver who plowed into her back yard — but charge driver with just public intoxication

Authorities arrested a 74-year-old Virginia woman after she reportedly opened fire on a vehicle that allegedly crashed in her back yard, striking her vehicle and her other personal property. Police charged the driver of the vehicle with public intoxication.

What are the details?

According to a Monday Newsweek report, authorities in Warrenton, Virginia, arrested Nancy Blough after police said she shot at the vehicle of 29-year-old Kaitlyn Yontz on Saturday night.

Yontz, who was reportedly under the influence, was said to have crashed her car in Blough’s yard. Blough, hearing the disturbance, reportedly armed herself, went out onto her property, and opened fire at Yontz’s vehicle as it tried to flee from the scene of the accident.

No one was injured as a result of the incidents.

According to authorities, the elderly woman “fired several shots at the vehicle, striking it as it attempted to leave the area.”

Local station WJLA-TV reported that police charged Yontz with being intoxicated in public. Authorities charged Blough with reckless discharge of a firearm and unlawful discharge of a firearm into an occupied vehicle and held her on a $5,000 secured bond.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident and urge anyone with information to call Detective Michael Gemmell at (540) 347-1107.

What else?

News of Blough’s arrest resulted in mixed reactions on social media.

On WJLA’s Facebook post pertaining to the incident, one social media user wrote, “I took a gun class which discussed ‘fearing for your life’ and this doesn’t warrant shooting at someone. Sorry for you trigger happy folks but it is what it is. A car crashing in your backyard while you are inside isn’t putting your life at risk no matter how scared and surprised you are. Especially not while they are attempting to leave!”

“Stupid OWL … you are not allowed to take the law into your own hands like this … you can only fire your weapon if the intruder is in your house …. not outside, not near, inside … ya’ll trumpets need to go back to school and learn your state, county or city laws,” another user wrote.

Another added, “[S]he’s driving drunk, wreaking havoc & granny gets penalized for trying to protect her property?!?”

“Looters can openly steal, burn, and shoot people protecting their shops and homes, but an old lady protecting her home and car is arrested?” another user observed.

8 thoughts on “Police arrest elderly woman on weapons charges for reportedly shooting at intoxicated driver who plowed into her back yard — but charge driver with just public intoxication

  1. She shot at the car because the driver was going to leave the scene of the accident. Lots of property damage should be paid by the intoxicated driver. She should have been charged with way more!

  2. You didn’t read the part where she shot out the ties so the drunk couldn’t drive off, Bidenets? Do we just let criminals to continue on to kill someone by running over them, destroying more property, or even kill or hurt themselves or do you stop them in their tracks? The police are there to write reports and make charges against those who protect their own property. Just a bunch of liberals mouthing off about should a, could a, world a. A good flogging should straighten the driver out and make her remember not to drive drunk. What was she out getting drunk for anyway?

    1. She didn’t shoot her! Shooting out her tires? What the “L” is wrong with that? The old lady didn’t have any other way of keeping her from leaving. Chicago has had over 3,800 people shot, yet not a “PEEP” from the “Lame Stream” media! I guess she was supposed to drag the woman out of the car at her age? NUTS! Next time, shoot the engine! That will stop the car. I’ll give 5 to 1 odds, the driver was a “black bitch”???? That’s why 80% of the 3,800 shot in Chicago are “BLACKS”!

      1. Have you notice the “new” trick of the lamestream media? Only show pictures of suspects if they are NOT negro?

      2. First off Bill, your bigotry is shining through. You nor I have any idea what race or even nationality this young woman was. Secondly one CANNOT shoot even in someone’s direction, much less shooting out the tires, unle3ss they are in fear of their life and trying to leave the area is not considered threatening their life. While I feel for the old lady she is a menace and should not have a firearm unless she passes a course in when she can and cannot shoot at someone. Now the Driver should have been charged with DUI.

  3. All grandma needed to do was declare she supports the blm and antifa and that she is a democrap. The cops would have just left and said good night!

  4. Assault with a 4000 pound weapon through her fence and property toward oneself by an intoxicated person who is not in control themselves is not considered a threat on their life? Give me a break. These idiots who arrested her should have given her a medal instead for not killing the driver but keeping her there!

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