Portland cops run away from emboldened leftist mob physically attacking them over home foreclosure

Portland police officers apparently were no match for a violent leftist mob Tuesday, the members of which didn’t like that cops were enforcing a home foreclosure.

Members of the mob kicked and threw rocks at retreating police vehicles and ran up on cops and appeared to try to steal their equipment while taunting and threatening them as they literally chased officers down a street.

“We ain’t f***in’ around!” one militant was heard yelling at cops while another leftist declared, “I’ll knock you the f*** out, bitch!”

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language: Full clip from outside the Red House as activists aggressively push police out of the area, halting the eviction of… https://t.co/quGitfNmdw

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How did this all unfold?

Early in the morning, police were trying to protect the perimeter of the foreclosed home so new owners could erect a fence, but the Oregonian said the size of the opposing crowd swelled — and officers were “struck by projectiles such as rocks and paint-filled balloons.”

Cops made seven arrests, the paper said, and officers found one person with a gun as well as other guns on the property. But when police departed, the mob simply pulled down the fence and re-entered the property, the Oregonian said.

Police returned — and then more serious problems developed, the paper said:

The crowd swelled to about 200 people, and violent clashes ensued. Law enforcement ultimately retreated as police vehicles were damaged, including at least one window smashed. Protesters threw rocks at officers and one sprayed a fire extinguisher at them, prompting an officer to deploy an impact munition.

One police vehicle hit a parked car while trying to leave.

Content warning: Language: Police continue to get pushed back, a protester with a fire extinguisher covers a vehicle as people fight back. https://t.co/drvWXhXNMq

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The Oregonian said the melee subsided after police left about 10:30 a.m., and demonstrators took the down the fencing around the property, known as the “Red House on Mississippi,” and piled up rocks and bricks, presumably for future throwing purposes.

Another ‘autonomous zone’

Turns out another “autonomous zone” was created in the area in order to subvert the foreclosure: It’s a very calm scene at the moment, with more than 100 demonstrators holding the area around the Red House on Mis… https://t.co/lo9EmVaKiq

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What did police have to say?

“I certainly am respectful of the issue that people are there to address, but blocking streets and chasing police officers out of the neighborhood is still not OK and really contrary to our values as Portlanders,” Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis told the paper Tuesday evening.

Davis added that police “have to be thoughtful about” the situation and go about it “in the right way” and “consider all the angles and do our best to resolve the situation as safely as possible,” the Oregonian reported.

As it turns out, squads of Rapid Response Team officers assigned to the location departed — partly to avoid overtime spending — once contractors completed their work around the property, the paper said, adding that a much smaller group of officers who relieved them were “overrun by the large crowd after which police made a swift retreat.”

Here’s more video of police heading for the hills. Content warning: Language:

5 thoughts on “Portland cops run away from emboldened leftist mob physically attacking them over home foreclosure

  1. This kind of crap is gonna get worse if the liberal socialist demoncRATs get away with STEALING the election and Sleepy and the Ho get sworn in! After all they catered to these kind of lowlifes and now they gotta pay up on their promises!! These lowlifes don’t wanna go back to africa, they don’t wanna get an education, and they CRETAINLY don’t wanna actually WORK and live according to their earnings!!!!!!

  2. violence NEEDS to be met with overwhelming force..Stop “pussy footing” around with these commie scumbags. you cannot be “nice” to thugs. Just “take them OUT !

  3. When someone comes to serve a legal dictate and they are met with violence that’s it. They are goners. This crap has to stop. We The People are sick and tired of it all. Many of us are military or Veterans. We took an oath to defend our selves-country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well domestic terrorists are the enemy. Take no prisoners.

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