Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting her own action figure — because she’s the ‘face of the future’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) will soon be immortalized — in a plastic action figure.

What are the details?

On Tuesday, product design company FCTRY — the brains behind “Real Life Action Figures” — announced and launched a crowdfunding campaign to create the doll.

At the time of this writing, the page has received more than $21,000 in donations, far surpassing its initial goal of $15,000.

The freshman lawmaker will be featured wearing the white pantsuit she donned when she was sworn into Congress.

FCTRY CEO Jason Feinberg said that it was a “no-brainer” to add Ocasio-Cortez to the growing collection — which features politicians such as former President Barack Obama, former special counsel Robert Mueller, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and more.

“AOC went from bartending and waiting tables to becoming one of the most influential politicians of our time, all in the span of three years. If Hollywood made a movie about her life, you’d probably say it was too far-fetched to believe,” Feinberg told Newsweek in a statement. “Adding her to our collection of political action figures was a no-brainer. AOC is the face of the future.”

Anything else?

This is hardly the first foray into pop culture for the freshman lawmaker’s public image.

In February, she had a comic book dedicated to her heroic efforts in politics. She was featured as a heroine in comic book, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis?”

Josh Blaylock, who is the founder of Devil’s Due Comics, said that the comic book aims to provide “intelligent, unique commentary on current events in a way that only the comic book medium can.”

“It’s different than reading prose. It’s different than watching a movie,” he added. “It is something that happens between the panels when a talented comic book artist really knows what they’re doing, that can convey information and feelings and a story in a way that you can’t do in any other medium.”

21 thoughts on “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting her own action figure — because she’s the ‘face of the future’

    1. The next “doll” will be of AOC sitting on the outhouse poop hoie with her hands up turned saying: I got no where else to go…..”

  1. I wonder if it will be anatomically correct – you know, with a penis! Because, she sure knows how to screw over her constituents!

    1. If that’s the face of the future AMERICA is in BIG trouble – the woman is an idiot! & I agree she is a “one & done” & when she goes I hope the other 3 (omar, tlaib & pressley) go with her & the “left” all seem to have become low class PIGS – they seem to have forgotten the freedoms we have (or use to have) before this left wing trash took over.

  2. I think it would be a great promotion to include a real lock of AOC’s hair with the purchase of the doll. I might go $20 for that package….jus sayin’.

  3. Hahahahaha … Make Sure To Print Bye-Bye on her back? … Because, she will most assuredly be VOTED-OUT in 2020. … This is a waste of time and money. In 2020 the Silent Majority is going to head to the VOTING BOOTH and the entire WORLD is going to be STUNNED! … Because, the Silent Majority is ALL of us from every political position. We want what is best for us and our Country. People like this woman with a action figure doll? Is NOT DOING HER JOB she was hired to do. Maybe, she should try Show-business? … She is TERRIBLE at This Job. Uggg. VOTE-HER-OUT!

  4. just as plastic and phony as AOC herself!and whats with those teeth? Reminded me of that old sayig”she could eat corn on the cob through a chain link fence”

  5. I can’t believe joe baylock used the word intelligent to describe AOC. She continues to show how uneducated and misinformed she really is. It’s sad we as taxpayers get to pay her insurance even when she’s out of office. Another perk for All politicians that must go away

    1. Look at cortez’ sidekicks: incest omar and gutter mouth ratshita and pressley. Real winners from the demo hog farm.

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