Snow-shoveling dispute turns deadly as vet slaughters 2 neighbors; authorities yank disturbingly graphic video from YouTube

Three people in Northeastern Pennsylvania are dead after a fight erupted over snow shoveling last week.

What are the details?

According to ABC News, police last Monday arrived on the scene of a shooting to find three people dead.

Plains Township residents James Goy, 50, and his wife, Lisa Goy, 48, were found lying in the street in front of their home after sustaining gunshot wounds. A third person, 47-year-old veteran Jeffrey Spaide, was discovered inside his home across the street, dead from a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Neighbors say that the Goys and Spaide were embroiled in a long-running feud that came to a head that day after the Goys reportedly threw shovelfuls of snow onto Spaide’s property.

In a joint statement on the incident, Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis and Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker said, “The Goys were shoveling the snow from their parking spots, shoveling the snow across the road, and throwing the snow onto Spaide’s property.”

Witnesses to the incident said that Spaide exited his home and asked the couple to stop throwing snow into his yard, and the three engaged in a profane exchange of words.

According to reports, James Goy could be heard shouting, “I’ll knock your a** out” and “I’ll make your life a living hell!”

The outlet reported, “James Goy apparently threw a tool at Spaide that he had been using to clear snow from his car, according to the statement. When James Goy approached Spaide with a raised fist, Spaide reportedly retreated into his house and fetched a gun.”

“The Goys proceeded to yell at him and, using expletives, the parties called each other names,” the joint statement added. “Mr. Goy then threatened Spaide and is seen making obscene gestures at him. Seconds later, Spaide returns holding a handgun.”

Despite seeing that Spaide was armed and clearly agitated, the Goys continued screaming at him from the middle of the street.

On the video, Lisa Goy could be heard shouting at Spaide, “Go ahead! Go ahead!”

At that point, authorities say, Spaide fired on the couple, striking them multiple times. Neighbors said Spaide then went back into his home, retrieved another firearm, and shot the couple again.

When authorities approached Spaide’s home, a single gunshot rang out from inside the house.

Inside, they discovered Spaide’s lifeless body.

What else?

PA Homepage reports that graphic video of the confrontation made its way to the internet on Thursday morning via leaked surveillance footage from the victims’ home.

YouTube pulled the original footage off of the streaming platform for violating graphic content.

A local teen told the outlet that he and a friend ran for help when he saw Lisa Goy lying in the street.

“We heard shots go off, but we didn’t necessary know what it was,” 16-year-old eyewitness Gary Mitchell said. “We came up and saw her laying in the road and I was like ‘Oh she must have fell or slipped on the ice or something because the road was all icy and snowy.'”

Gary said that he and his friend attempted to help the couple at that point, which, according to the outlet, was at the same time Spaide reentered his home to get another firearm.

“We ran to the other side of the car and looked and [James Goy] was lying on the ground and I could see he was covered in blood, he was gasping for air,” Gary recalled.

Neighbors, the teen said, told them to get inside to safety and to call 911.

“We heard more shots while we were down in the basement trying to get a hold of 911,” he told the outlet. “When we were first coming out seeing him walk back into his house and I saw his handgun in his hand. But after the second time I didn’t see him there. I don’t remember seeing him there until I saw the video.”

Gary said that he later found out that the footage from the shooting had leaked onto the internet.

“How did someone get their hands on the video?” he asked.

PA Homepage reported that it reached out to platforms allowing the video to run — including on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and more — for questioning.

In a statement to the outlet, YouTube said, “There is no place on YouTube for this kind of violent content. We’ve spent the last several years investing in tools and policies to help us quickly remove content that violates our policies, such as machine learning technology that now automatically detects over 90% of the videos we remove from YouTube before a human ever reports it to us.”

A spokesperson for Facebook told the outlet, “We do not want this content on Facebook and remove it when we become aware of it. We have removed the violating content from a surveillance camera and use technology to detect and remove copies and stop it from spreading.”

Anything else to know?

An obituary for Spaide reads, “Jeff was employed as a licensed engineer for over 20 years. He also served in the United States Navy, working as a shipboard engineering technician. He later transitioned into the United States Army National Guard and United States Navy Reserve as a heavy equipment operator.”

MEAWW reports that a Goy family member in a since-deleted Facebook post wrote, “For whoever is posting the video of my family being executed I hope you rot in f***ing hell. They had a 15 year old boy and our family has been through enough. Have some respect! The audacity of some people. If you see it report it and tell the people to take it down please for my family’s sake.”

8 thoughts on “Snow-shoveling dispute turns deadly as vet slaughters 2 neighbors; authorities yank disturbingly graphic video from YouTube

  1. Go ahead, Go ahead ? Who in their right mind would continue to provoke, harass and yell at someone who retrieved a weapon? I feel sorry for all the children in this world that have parents with no common sense.

    1. no matter how many times it has been said,it “bears” repeating “there “aint” no cure for stupid”. you REALLY have to be a moron to provoke ANYONE who clearly has a weapon AND is quite obviously “disturbed” !

  2. This tragedy is the result of what deep-seated anger and hatred can do. If only one side had the guts to cool down and try to make peace, the victims would be alive now, and their children would still have parents. This is nothing but a tragic example to leave a child.

  3. This is what happens when people live on top of each other. I myself plan to buy 2 acres and put a home in the middle of it. I don’t want people living on top of me. I have had crazy horrible neighbors in the past

  4. Dee/Sue, Yes, those are both really good ideas, & yes any extra space helps situations out a lot, but no matter whether you are 2′ or 2 acres or 100 acres away from your neighbors; you will always have neighbors next door, & some you won’t get along with very easily no matter how far apart you are. The biggest issue is that people used to want to meet their new neighbors, get to know them, & even help them whenever/however they could, & they relied on one another, Not anymore!! That offering is so rare now!! Now, no one hardly ever makes the effort, which is where all the crap starts, & where issues arise. If you don’t ever get to know your neighbor, how are you ever going to know what gets on both of your nerves to avoid most issues, before they start/turn into something this bad where there is no return from a possible tragic outcome!! Most people, in general, already know that you cannot disrespect your neighbor by throwing snow/crap on their property for them to have to remove, & not piss them off, really bad!! He may have had PTSD from the military!! Who knows, but because they never really took the time to get to know one another, to see if he was having a hard time himself, how else would they realize what they were doing to him by acting the way they did on a regular basis, I’m only thinking here; but really… That couple should have been fully aware that no one pulls a gun, unless they are fully and completely ready to use it. So, why did they continue to taunt their neighbor, instead of calling the police. That was JUST PLAIN STUPID, and YOU CANT FIX STUPID!! They not only instigated it, but even escalated this atrocity to the point they were going to loose face, if they did decide to back down at that point, but if they didn’t realize or couldn’t figure out that he really must not have had anything to loose, it was their own damn fault in continuing to provoke him when he brandished a gun! What; did they think he didn’t have it loaded or something? How Freaking Stupid is that, HE HAD A GUN IN HIS HAND, and from having been in the military, I would be 95% willing to bet that it was legally owned, as well!! YOU DON’T MESS WITH ANYONE THAT IS THAT PISSED OFF WITH A GUN!! THIS IS JUST HOW STUPID PEOPLE HAVE GOTTEN THESE DAYS!! NOW WITH THAT SAID, I STILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CONDONE THIS MANS REACTIONS IN ANY MANNER FOR SIMPLY HAVING SNOW THROWN ON HIS PROPERTY!! ESPECIALLY NOW, THAT A YOUND MAN IS WITHOUT EITHER OF HIS PARENTS, but if they were teaching him that this behavior TO PROVOKE A MAN WITH A GUN was ok in the first place, what does that say about the type of adult were they raising in the first place!! You should never disrespect your neighbors, you have to live next door to them, people!! Come on!! Make a cake, mow their yard for them when they can’t!! LIFE CAN BE SO SIMPLE AND LAID BACK!! DON’T GET IN ANOTHERS WAY WHEN DRIVING TOO SLOW IN THE PASSING LANE, “MOVE THE HELL OVER TO THE RIGHT” DON’T BE A DUMBASS; YOU AREN’T THE ONLY ONE THAT OWNS OUR ROADS, DON’T BE A FREAKING ASSHOLE TO ONE ANOTHER, DON’T THROW SNOW ON YOUR NEIGHBOR, WHEN YOU KNOW IT WILL PISS THEM OFF SOMETHING REALLY BAD, AND PEACE WILL FOREVER REIGHN THE COUNTRY!!! CAUSE IF YOU DO, YOU MIGHT JUST MEET A MAD MAN WITH A LOADED GUN, NOTHING TO LOOSE, AND GET SHOT DOWN DEAD!!! THAT IS WHAT MY PARENTS TAUGHT ME!! HOW ABOUT YOU????

  5. As a combat vet with PTSD and I do take meds for it. Don’t jump the gun on the issue. This had been a long standing fude acording to the article we don’t know how long or why. However it was, it was is a breaking point not necessarly PTSD . People murder eachother in this country every day, has nothing to do with PTSD! Actually we who were in actual combat areas were safer than living in this country check out the stats more are murdered in this country than die in combat, it is a fact. Yes I am armed and paranoid that is what PTSD does to some of us, but that don’t mean we are going to kill off our neighbors. Get a grip, people do stupid things all the time, just ignore them and go on your way. Some one driving slow in the passing lane, you have no idea what is going on with them , don’t get pissed off just get around them and go on about your business, put your middle finger in that dark moist spot your mother never kissed, simply put, get over yourself and move on. I have to take meds to do all that, but then you people are supposed to be sane.

  6. Again why no photos of the SHOOTER? Was he another abused minority? Press showed phots of the victims and printed quite a lot about them – mostly in negative manner – so what about the shooter?

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