‘Stop the Steal’ rally turns bloody after four stabbed and in critical condition; counterprotests incite chaos in DC

There were several pro-Trump rallies held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, including the “March for Trump” and the “Stop the Steal” rally in support of challenging the 2020 presidential election results. In retaliation, at least three anarchist and Antifa-linked groups planned counterprotests in the nation’s capital, including the “F*** MAGA” protest. The clashing groups clashed on the streets of D.C., which resulted in four people being stabbed and nearly two dozen arrests.

The large protests in support of President Donald Trump were mostly peaceful, but violent skirmishes erupted on Saturday night between the adversarial groups.

A coalition of Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters appear to be prepared for battle as they wield shields.

A horde of black bloc members are seen marching towards police and throwing water bottles and bricks at them.

(Content Warning: Graphic footage):

An alleged Antifa member was physically removed from the fracas when a police officer picked him up like a child and dropped him on the street.

Members of BLM and Antifa fought with the Proud Boys, despite police attempting to constantly separate the warring groups, as seen in video from Daily Caller field correspondent Shelby Talcott and Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas.

Fireworks were reportedly launched towards the hotel that the Proud Boys were staying at, according to Matthew Miller from the Post Millennial.

A man dressed in all black is surrounded by a group of Proud Boys, some of them are heard yelling, “He’s got a knife!” One person walks behind the man with the knife and hits him in the head with an object. The group then jump on the man, and apparently, that is when the stabbings happened.

The exact moment that the man drew his knife was captured by SWNS chief photographer Adam Gray.

The four people who were stabbed were said to be in critical condition, some suffered “life-threatening injuries,” according to D.C. fire spokesman Doug Buchanan.

Proud Boys pray for the members who were stabbed, asking for a “moment of silence” for two “brothers” who are “fighting for their fing life” and “might not fing pull through.”

Two police officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and two people with minor injuries, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said.

The Metropolitan Police Department reported making 23 arrests on Saturday: 10 for simple assaults, six for assaults on police officers, four committed “riotous acts,” two charged with “crossing a police line,” and one person had a taser and was charged with “possession of a prohibited weapon.”

Video from reporter Brendan Gutenschwager appears to show the man with the knife being arrested.

7 thoughts on “‘Stop the Steal’ rally turns bloody after four stabbed and in critical condition; counterprotests incite chaos in DC

  1. Mainstream media is presenting their coverage of this as if the Proud Boys initiated the violence. The video shows otherwise. They are also calling the Proud Boys ‘white supremacists’ ignoring the fact that their leader is african-american-cuban and at least 10% of their membership is black and their public position is against anyone who uses race etc. against others.

  2. The terrorist groups were hatched from the days of the DEM/RINOS…………DEMS wanted mayhem and did everything they could to have it occur………..The BLM movement have created their own demise, just like Antifa, etc. etc., and the DEMS…….

  3. Don’t you remember Kamala Harris said on TV interview that she expected street violence to continue…and in fact said…this is what we want. So how can anything like this ever hoped to be stopped when now we have the Executive office sanctioning this activity. All I can say folks…..keep your powder dry, and keep your oil and rags handy cause it looks like we all are going to be in in the streets as well.

  4. Notice if you will that it was again ANTIFA that started the violence during a peaceful protest against a stolen election. ANTIFA and BLM are always guilty of starting violence. They are a Socialist Organization and should be listed as a Terrorist Group as they are for the violent overthrow of our Republic.

  5. It was Walters that said get in their face. It was the democrat congressman that stated there was no Antifa as people were being beat in the streets. It was . Harris that promoted a go fund me to get those people and others such as rapists out of jail. It was Biden that stated Antifa was nothing more than an idea! It was Oetez that told people to take over Government buildings. And Pelosi ate icecream bars …All democrats It was Facebook and Twitter that censored what was happening. The Democrats turned on something that they will not be able to controll and it will come back to eat them!

  6. Oh! They took over a government building one woman shot to death four people stabbed, Thank God no reporter got hurt we would never hear the end of it!

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