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  1. Love me or hate me It really doesn’t matter what your opinion of me is and I know it doesn’t matter what my opinion means to you.
    Having said that, I know I post a few political things I haven’t voiced it but I will now. ” I am a Trump supporter.” Granted, President Trump has a personality that people just can’t get by but his personality has nothing to do with the great job this man has done FOR THIS country. If you can honestly say in the past 4 years let’s say 3 years lets exclude 2020 because of the pandemic. The three years prior if you can honestly say that you were doing well financially then you could say you were a Trump supporter as well because he made that happen what this is about is what’s going on in Washington right now. Talk of another impeachment trial when a man has less than two weeks to go before the end of his term all of this sounds pretty petty to me. So what you don’t like the man because of you think he treats women badly okay again a lot of media hype Miss information fed to you and you believed it okay yeah he’s got a rough exterior and for a president sometimes he got to have a tough skin and I think this man has proved time and a time and again just how thick his skin is this has been a vicious witch hunt from the day he took office and it still continuing today It’s a disgrace to all of us that our political leaders ones that we voted into office and they’re acting like this Man we are the laughing stock right now everybody and their brother and every other country on this planet is laughing at us right now because we’re allowing our political leaders to act this way yeah we the people are letting that happen. Our government as we know it is failing this country our political leaders have abandoned the great people of this country just so they can do petty things to one man The one man they knew would help the people. I am genuinely embarrassed by all our political leaders and supposedly the majority of the people. Now they tell us that if we speak out against this we’re going to be labeled domestic terrorists.. That’s appalling since when is it a crime to want to be free since when is it a crime to support the Constitution and the declaration of Independence and who are they to label us to be domestic terrorists when they themselves have done a disservice to this country and to us

  2. queenofpeacemedia/blockedvideos. these were taken down after 27 minutes. See and hear from top virologists and front line doctors how these vacines are toxic.

  3. To wake the country up have the Gov. print and distribute GOLD CERTIFICATES of $20.00 notes. MONEY TALKS and everyone would be buzzing about them.

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