Texas jury rules against father trying to protect 7-year-old son from forced gender transition

A Texas jury returned a verdict on Monday that will prevent Jeffrey Younger from protecting his 7-year-old son from a forced gender transition by the boy’s mom, Dr. Anne Georgulas.

According to LifeSiteNews, Younger had petitioned the court to grant him sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude. But on Monday, a Dallas jury — by a vote of 11 to 1 — granted Georgulas, his ex-wife, sole custody of the boys, making her the sole decision-maker concerning the medical and psychological care of the children.

In court, Younger argued that Georgulas was forcing James to undergo gender transition. With the jury’s decision, Georgulas is free to give James puberty-blocker medication that results in chemical castration and, ultimately, hormone pills to complete James’ female transition to become “Luna.”

Not only did the jury grant Georgulas sole custody paving the way to force gender transition upon the 7-year-old boy, but the jury granted Georgulas’ petition to limit Younger’s visitation of his two sons. Younger will also be required to refer to James as “Luna” and he is prohibited from exposing James to anyone who does not “affirm” what Georgulas claims is the male child’s “female identity.”

The two sides were in court last week arguing their case, according to The Texan.

Georgulas claims that James wants to be a girl and her lawyers argued that James is a girl “trapped inside a boy’s body.” Dr. Benjamin Albritton, also the custody evaluator, testified on Georgulas’ behalf — because she paid the doctor to do so — as he was the doctor that originally diagnosed James with “gender dysphoria” and recommended James be “affirmed” as a girl.

Meanwhile, Younger’s lawyer, Logan Odeneal, claimed James only exhibits female characteristics — such as wearing makeup and dresses — when he is with his mother.

Odeneal told the court that Albritton’s diagnosis is faulty because James does not exhibit symptoms outlined in the DSM-V, the diagnostic manual used by the American Psychiatric Association. Not only that, but James does not exhibit “distress” when associated with his male identity — which is mandatory for a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis — a fact that James’ family and other doctors who diagnosed him confirmed, according to The Texan.

Odeneal also proved that Georgulas will force James to undergo hormone treatment despite her denying this fact. Odeneal presented medical records to the court attesting to this fact. When Albritton was shown the records, he told the court he had seen them before but did not include them in his custody reporting “because he did not think it seemed relevant,” The Texan reported.

Odeneal also called numerous medical professionals who testified to the fact that forcing a gender transition on a young child has dozens of negative physical and psychological impacts that severely limits a person’s lifespan and makes them more susceptible to mental illness, all too often ending in suicide.

46 thoughts on “Texas jury rules against father trying to protect 7-year-old son from forced gender transition

  1. I feel very sad for this child, to under go such a thing. The father looks sane to me, maybe the wife is trying to get back at the father never mind the grandparents. This is child abuse at it’s most! SHAME ON THE JUDGE GOING ALONG WITH SUCH A SICK PERSON.

  2. If they can do this to one minor boy who is not old enough to vote buy cigarettes or drive a car yet it affects not only him but his children and grandchildren and future wife as well… and may cost him his life if they can do this against the fathers will then what are they planning on doing to your children! Wake up it’s gender neutral they aren’t even allowing us to have separate bathrooms and separate hospitals rooms. They’re making a mockery out of marriage and stole the rainbow the symbol of one of gods greatest miracles. Theyve got drag queens in our public libraries and totally ruined woman’s sports competition. How much farther is this going to go as far as they can take it. A mother has her baby in a public hospital. Your children go to public school. I grew up in what I would call a conservative neighborhood but when I signed up for a homemaking class planned parenthood was there loudly speaking their views on how they thought my future should be. This is more than about whether the child should wear pink or blue. It has to do with who their future partner will be and will affect many health codes and conduct it affects everything and they’re pushing their belief on us. We can’t have a private bakery which bakes cakes for a religious ceremony they’ll sue us for not baking rainbow cakes. That’s not what the business makes it makes white lace cakes for brides and grooms. But this is going too far with some type of Frankenstein experiment on our youth. It will determine everything about the child culture wise. Controlled by some sick women’s attitude. Who told her it was right to mess with a child’s physical development. But it affects me too. I don’t even know her but it affects me. Her child could basically grow up and marry my grand daughter. She killed that wish. She killed my future great grand children by her actions. She also affected my son who now has another thing to worry about when choosing a wife. I would definitely take this to the Supreme Court. I would recommend foster care and or returning the boy to his father as soon as possible and getting a psychiatrist to check out the unstable warped mother. Choose a baptist psychiatrist from a free will church. They should have the results in a few hours the woman is bonkers. She should be arrested for child endangerment. And on premeditated murder if her grandchildren who your son won’t be able to have. She needs help. Find a different judge one judge isn’t god. There are at least one other judge in this country and eleven others juries that would vote differently. Definitely take this to the Supreme Court and if the Supreme Court rules against it then its time you better check who you voted into office.

    1. Agree! How in the world can 11 out of 12 Judges agree to turn a normal 7 yr old boy forcibly into a female through chemical and mental indoctrination? This is just sick. Maybe they are simply ruling on a legal point, but whatever, what they are doing to this child is shameful! Let the child decide after he turns 16 or better yet 18 yrs old. Until then allow him to be in the gender God made him and he wants to be without outside interference, which seems to be that of a young boy.

  3. Beauty is skin deep.but ugly goes all the way to the bone..this mother is as ugly as it can be.. Jesus save us from ourselves..there is an unpardonable sin.. and God is our only hope to save us from these crazy liberals!

  4. This is absolutely wrong in so many ways and I cannot understand how a Texas Judge would allow this including changing his name to “Luna”, just a few letters shy of Lunatic, lunacy, loon, etc.. Must have shopped for an ultra liberal Judge to rule on this case. Shameful!

  5. What a crying shame. His father is only trying to protect his young son from a horrible fate. His child is way too young to know if he wants to be a girl. God knows he was made a boy why should she try to change him into a girl, he’s seven years old he doesn’t even know how to put his socks on right much less oh I think today I should be a girl why in the world with the court go along with this. I’m devastated for this father. This should be appealed immediately. Nobody in their right mind should go along with this. This must’ve been the most liberal court in the land and for them to try to understand that this should be the thoughts of a young child is unbelievably stupid.

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