Trump supporters clash with police in DC protest ahead of Wednesday’s planned rally

Supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police on Tuesday night, on the eve of a planned rally in support of the president’s ongoing challenge to the results of the 2020 presidential election called for President-elect Joe Biden.

Footage on the ground shows pepper spray being deployed by officers and some protesters condemning law enforcement as officers sought to keep the peace at Black Lives Matter Plaza, where counterprotesters had also reportedly congregated.

What are the details?

Trump supporters from across the U.S. converged on the nation’s capital city ahead of the “Save America March” set for Wednesday, when the president plans to address the rally.

Late Tuesday evening, video from independent journalists and photographs from Getty Images showed skirmishes from the scene and one woman with a bloodied face who said she was assaulted by a Black Lives Matter activist.

Journalist Brendan Gutenschwager reported that Trump supporters and the Proud Boys attempted to enter BLM Plaza but police pushed back against the protesters seeking access. Several clips show officers using pepper spray to push back the crowd, in what the reporter called a “chaotic scene.”

Following pushback from police and the arrests of some Trump supporters, one man was seen on camera berating officers, telling them, “You lost both sides of support. We had your f***ing back, but we ain’t got your back no more!”

Journalist Tomas Morales shared footage online showing a woman badly bloodied, who says on the video that she was hit by a BLM supporter and that the police protected the alleged assailant.

A photographer from Getty Images also documented the woman’s injuries, saying the woman was “struck in the face when police attempted to push back a group of pro-Trump protesters that tried to push through their lines into Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

According to Morales, as of around 11 p.m. EST, riot police remained “on standby outside of BLM Plaza.”

12 thoughts on “Trump supporters clash with police in DC protest ahead of Wednesday’s planned rally

  1. We are seeing an end to America. I fought for you through WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, and our flag was high. The flag was lowered yesterday and my America is disappearing.
    It started with our K12 school system and the garbage “professors” were teaching in our colleges and Universities. They won. and we are spiraling into communism. Goodbye, my America .

    1. Bright side of this an in Nazi Germany and Stalan Communism. The Professors are the first to go! I Think those professors should had read a little history! Like the saying ( Be careful of what you wish for).

  2. Socialism prevails within BLM and other related black people groups, representing less then 15% of our poulation. SHAME – SHAME on the rest of us. DC is a classic example of a BLACK manged city – Utter chaos day and night. Destroyed downtown DC last year and protected the same people who destroyed the ‘pig pen’ of a burg. Congress get off your butts and cut out a federal city FOR ALL FEDGOV OWNED OFFICES AND PARKS AND APPOINT A FEDERAL CITY COMMISSIONER. for that area. Let the’ ‘piss poor’ Mayor live on her slim taxes and obscene fake charges and have HER DAY WITH THE REST OF THIS DUMP, SHE CALLS A CITY.. BOOK ALL TOURISTS IN HOTELS IN VA AND MD.

  3. Why are the police protecting this BLM Plaza? These Trump supporters are there to attend a rally supporting President Trump and NOT to riot or even break any laws. I am a retired police officer and I am shocked and angered by the actions of the MPD!

  4. What the hell is BLM Plaza. I guess just another sample of reverse discrimination. For many months these rioting, looting, Police assaulting pieces of crap have been destroying a bunch of our cities using some bull shit excuse of Police brutality and have been getting away with it. Now it seems they have acquired some kind of “safe place” where only blm racist ass holes are allowed to occupy. What a CROCK!

  5. These the same police that let BLM and Antifa tear up the neighborhood, start fires, destroy property while they did nothing to disturb the peaceful rioters? Yep that’s the lawless DC city government for you!

  6. Time for the huge crowd in DC today to support Trump to rush the Capitol Building and take Democrats and RINOs as prisoners for treason. DC police don’t have the manpower to stop them. And, the NG will most likely back down and maybe join them.

  7. We the People will never give up or give in. I did not serve this country under the Stars and Stripes to live in a 3rd world shit hole country. This is America my country your country we must never give up or give in. SO HELP US GOD. God bless America.

    PS all service members took an oath of office. We should never give up the fight against the enemies of this country, foreign and domestic.

    1. I agree with NOYFB completely. These people who are causing all the trouble have never served this nation. They have no rights as far as I am concerned.

    2. If you are in service you will follow your orders not being allowed to consider that oath . If you are a Vet that served in war or peace
      those orders will be against you. If you are a Cop you will follow your Mayors orders, if you are a citizen those orders will be against you. And both military and cops will be against you if you dare to defend yourselves. These are facts played out in every city in this country under Democrat rule! Cops just watch as people are attacked and the military will defend those politicions that are the cause!

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