Two 14-year-olds charged with murder in stabbing death of Uber Eats driver who was mother of 3

Two 14-year-old boys have been charged with capital murder in the “random” stabbing death of Ryan Munsie Graham, a 31-year-old mother of three who was killed while working her side gig as an Uber Eats driver.

What are the details?

Last Saturday, Graham’s body was discovered in the breezeway of an apartment complex in Haltom City, Texas, with visible signs of trauma. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Haltom City police Sgt. Eric Peters says that after finding Graham, investigators canvassed the neighborhood looking to find whoever killed her.

“It ended up just being a random thing where these two juveniles were out looking for somebody to rob, and ran into her,” he told KTVT-TV. He said that robbery was the apparent motive, but “the only thing that they took that we know of during the robbery was her cell phone.”

KHOU-TV reported that according to police, the perpetrators intended to steal Graham’s car but couldn’t find her keys. Her phone was found in a dumpster “less than a mile away.”

The two male juveniles were taken into custody by a SWAT team earlier this week, after being discovered on surveillance footage. However, the police did not specify the evidence that linked the teens to the crime. The suspects’ names are not being released because of their age.

Graham’s husband, Camaron Graham, says his wife was working for Uber Eats to help support their family. He told KHOU, “It’s the only thing our family needs right now, is justice.”

15 thoughts on “Two 14-year-olds charged with murder in stabbing death of Uber Eats driver who was mother of 3

    1. While I do not support the death penalty, anyone that takes a life should never know freedom and should be allowed to commit suicide while in prison. And federal and state minimum sentencing for murder should be 55 years to 85 years.

  1. Pictures of those arrested NEED to be shown! Even if they are juvies age wise!! Then maybe people will realize just what the lying, cheating liberal socialist demoncRATs are turning the US and the minority communities into…..

    1. How about showing pictures of the parents and hold them accountable. This county has raised millions of Brats because the parents have become narcissistic “me me me” in my opinion.

  2. Probably those illegals Biden wants to fill our country with. These kids are not human, they are animals. It is so sad to destroy a perfect family with selfish motives. Try the killers as adults.

  3. Sad. Parents of the killers should also receive some sort of punishment for raising their kids in this manner. Also, schools should be opened so that there is something productive for the kids to do rather than go out and do things like this for entertainment. Biden should also be punished for keeping the schools closed. Nothing to do. Partly his blame.

    1. Odds are over 70% the only way to find the fathers would be a MASSIVE DNA screen of all minority men in the state or maybe nation or world! This is a fact I learned during a college course requiring a semesters service at a half way house. Most of the minority men had no idea who their father was! That’s not saying their mother didn’t have a male living with her, but she changed they on a regular and frequent basis!

  4. These aren’t kids they are monsters. They should be tried as adults, convicted and sentenced to the maximum. Anyone that would murder another human for a few dollars doesn’t deserve to walk our streets or be a burden on the taxpayers of Texas for the next 70 years. Thank God Texas has the death penalty and doesn’t mind using it to contend with garbage like this.

    1. I would not be surprised if those killer kids are demon-possessed. I believe that the death penalty should be for EVERYONE who commits intentional murder….yes, even those under the age of 18. The 14-year-olds are more vicious and violent than most adults, so why treat them any differently? They are obviously more prone to kill again if released, so why should we taxpayers support killers in jails?! An eye for an eye!

  5. My dad was raised by a black lady,cause he was born in’33 & his mom had a lot of complications! He taught me not to judge people by the color of their skin. If I see a 4-5
    Yr old black girl w/mom I’ll say “ well aren’t you a pretty lil thing !” She will look at me like
    I’ve got 2 heads and the mother won’t say a thing to the kid!

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