Two armed men show up at home; one opens fire, hits homeowner. But shooting victim also has a gun — and his aim is deadly

A pair of armed men decided to pay a visit to a residence in Moss Point, Mississippi, to pull off a home invasion Sunday evening, Police Chief Brandon Ashley told WXXV-TV.

But it didn’t go so well for at least one of the suspects.

What are the details?

Police said in a press release that the two armed men went up to the front door of their “target” residence, encountered the homeowner, and one of suspects opened fire “multiple times” and struck the homeowner at least once.

But the homeowner came to the door prepared.

Police said he returned fire and struck one of the intruders — who collapsed in the roadway and died.

Police said they received a call around 6:30 p.m. reporting “shots fired” in the Mill Avenue area of East Moss Point — and upon arrival found the dead suspect in the street.

Police have not yet identified the two suspects, WLOX-TV reported, adding that it’s not clear if the other home invasion suspect was arrested.

Jackson County Coroner Bruce Lynd Jr. said the suspect’s body was sent to the state crime lab in Jackson for an autopsy, the Sun Herald reported. Lynd added to the paper that officials are running the dead suspect’s fingerprints to try to confirm his identity since the he didn’t have any identification on him.

What happened to the homeowner?

Police said the homeowner was treated and released from a hospital for his gunshot wounds and is not facing any charges, the Sun Herald noted.

But the paper added that a Jackson County grand jury will hear evidence in the case to determine if any criminal wrongdoing occurred — or if the homeowner acted in self-defense.

How did folks react?

Commenters on the Facebook page for the Moss Point Police seemed decidedly behind the homeowner’s actions:

  • “Why a grand jury[?]” one commenter asked. “The homeowner fixed half the problem already. Kudos Mr. Homeowner!”
  • “Hell yeah, play stupid games and win stupid prizes!” another user exclaimed.
  • “[You] break in here, get right with Jesus,” another commenter said, “’cause [your’re] meeting him.”
  • “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6,” another commenter noted.

9 thoughts on “Two armed men show up at home; one opens fire, hits homeowner. But shooting victim also has a gun — and his aim is deadly

  1. Well I hope this is spread all over the country, maybe if enough of these robbers hear about the results they will not attempt to hold up homeowners. One of them got what was coming to him, I hope the other is found and the homeowner does the same to him, at least we do not have to pay to feed and house one of them. Just turn your back and let the homeowner do right and bury the robber behind the barn. DONE

  2. good for you Patriot…I’m glad you got rid of one and yes why is there a grand jury? this is plain self-defense and HE GOT SHOT

  3. Got what they deserved. Don’t try to harm home owners and you won’t get shot . Probably democrat controlled. The evil democrats will try anything till someone puts them in the morg.

  4. So this is the “RESTORED” US the liberal socialist Joe Biden promised!! Brazen home invasion robberies! It is also the result of changing US society to allow absorption of so called “african americans” and THEIR majorities social norms! The concept of their jungle social norm of the most aggressive with the worst weapon just taking what they want is destroying the US! And giving it to them when they demand anything obviously is not working either……. despite what the liberal socialist demoncRATs like sleepy Joe and the HO claim.

  5. Homeowner was shot at first and injured and there is going to be a grand jury. For What? Didn’t think people in Mississippi would ever get this liberal. Give me a break.

  6. the liberal wacko’s run amok in “ole” miss. homeowner is shot and defends his home by returning fire. the idiotic liberals want to punish this citizen for surviving a criminal assault. anyone willing to go along with that kind of liberal garbage should burn in hell !

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