VIDEO: Antifa mob attacks Trump supporters in San Diego

An unlawful assembly was declared in San Diego on Saturday after violence sprang up when a mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with Trump supporters during the group’s “Patriot March” in southern California.

KSWB-TV photojournalist Paul Makarushka captured the moment when a horde of apparent Antifa members, at least one wielding a baseball bat, converged upon a handful of conservatives.

“[T]rump supporters clash with BLM and antifa on the boardwalk in PB,” Makarushka tweeted. “Heavy police presence some fights and scuffles. Pepper spray etc (not from pd).”

Left Coast Right Watch, a self-described “CA-based news site covering right-wing extremism,” was documenting the chaos on Twitter and gleefully wrote, “Oooooh some Nazis got beat.”

Patrick T. Fallon, staff photojournalist for AFP, documented some of the images of the violent Saturday in San Diego. A shirtless man has an open wound on his face and blood on his shoulder as a group of black bloc comrades are seen in the background. One member of the gang is seen spraying an unidentified liquid from a water gun into the faces of two men.

One man was seen with a knife in his hand, “which apparently led to counter-protesters using the bear spray/pepper spray.”

A mob was seen waving an “Antifascist Action” flag and holding a sign that read: “ASHLI BABBITT DESERVED IT.” Ashli Babbitt was the Trump supporter and 14-year Air Force veteran from San Diego who stormed the Capitol building last week and was fatally shot.

There were also many people dressed in all-black waving Black Lives Matter flags.

“Lots of confrontation, pepper spray, chanting, and folks just going to the beach as counter protesters faced off with pro-Trump ‘Patriot March’ demonstrators in #PacificBeach #SanDiego today,” Fallon wrote on Twitter.

Dozens of police officers dressed in riot gear were dispatched to the Pacific Beach boardwalk to stop the unrest.

At around 5:30 p.m., an unlawful assembly was declared by the San Diego Police “due to acts of: Violence.” The San Diego Police Department reported that rioters threw glass bottles, rocks eggs, and other objects at officers. Dissenters also used pepper spray on the cops.

A little after 9 p.m., authorities announced that “All the groups have left the area.” The SDPD has not yet announced any arrests stemming from Saturday’s disorder.

In September, President-elect Joe Biden infamously declared, “Antifa’s an idea.”

19 thoughts on “VIDEO: Antifa mob attacks Trump supporters in San Diego

    1. That’s the left’s version of “peaceful protest”….and the conservatives instigated the violence on the peaceful left…

  1. It was not clear in the article as to which group threw things at the police. Was it the Trump supporters, The Antifa/BLM crowd or both. Reporting is only useful when the facts are fully and factuallt presented.

  2. What are antics and blm afraid of by wearing face coverings…. getting caught and arrested. At least Trump supporters are brave enough to show their faces. Antifa and BLM are nothing but a bunch of pussies and thugs! Wish someone would spray tear gas on the lot of them. Why isn’t voicing his comments on San Diego because he is behind it!

  3. let those motherfuc=ers come near my place and they will need a body bag for all of them FUCK BLM AND ANTIFA as they are terrorist’s and need to be treatedas such

  4. GD it, these antifa beasts and savages MUST BE PUT DOWN!!! Trump declare them as domestic terrorists before you leave office…I’m f’ing sick to death of them destroying cities and NOTHING being done about it…FUCK YOU ANTIFA

  5. these antifa beasts and savages needs to be classified as domestic terrorists, period…end of story…they all can f**k off

  6. ANTIFA has been around since at least 1914! I have seen their flag flown in Berlin, Germany alongside that of the Communist Party in their shared HQ. The ONLY difference is that that flag is a mirror image of their current flag. They are definately pro-communist.

  7. What antifa knows about you.
    1 You will not fight back. They can recurte your children.
    2 They can do what they want and the police will do nothing.
    They are an arm of the Democrat party along with the Face book Twitter propraganda machine.

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