VIDEO: Tacoma police vehicle plows through crowd, officer placed on leave

A Tacoma Police officer has been temporarily placed on leave after plowing through a crowd in Washington state. The dramatic and graphic scene was captured on video.

Tacoma Police were responding to a “car meet” that allegedly got “out of control.” Video shows cars doing “burnouts” and “donuts” in the middle of an intersection. The car meet had “approximately 100 people present blocking the intersection when officers arrived on scene,” the Tacoma Police said in a press release.

At one point, one of the vehicles doing donuts appears to hit an onlooker.

(Content Warning: Graphic content):

“Tacoma Police officers responding to the location began clearing the intersection of vehicles and people for the safety of those gathered and people trying to use the street,” the police department stated.

The Tacoma Police Department statement said the crowd surrounded the vehicle, and people “hit the body of the police vehicle and its windows as the officer was stopped in the street.”

“The officer, fearing for his safety, tried to back up, but was unable to do so because of the crowd,” the press release said. “The officer had his lights and sirens activated. While trying to extricate himself from an unsafe position, the officer drove forward striking one individual and may have impacted others.”

Videos from the scene of the incident show the stopped police SUV and the crowd gathered around it. Then the police vehicle accelerates forward, plowing into the crowd. The vehicle knocks several people to the ground, and one man is seen in the video being run over by the front and rear tires.

(Content Warning: Graphic content):

One person sustained a laceration from the incident and was transported to a local hospital. The police were unaware of the person’s condition.

City Manager Elizabeth Pauli told the News Tribune that the officer driving the vehicle would be placed on leave. The investigation has been turned over to the Pierce County Force Investigation Team.

“I am concerned that our department is experiencing another use of deadly force incident,” interim Tacoma Police Chief Mike Ake said. “I send my thoughts to anyone who was injured in tonight’s event, and am committed to our Department’s full cooperation in the independent investigation and to assess the actions of the department’s response during the incident.”

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tacoma police vehicle plows through crowd, officer placed on leave

    1. Those liberal jerks think they own the streets………He had a right to drive his SUV on that street and if those jerks did not move, then they deserve anything that results in their putting their rumps in the streets……..CONGRATS TO THE POLICE OFFICSER……..

  1. blue lights, plainly painted police carb,but since we are the priviieged dumb asses we doun’t le the car through. they need to put doozer blades on the from of the P.D. CARS SO MORE IDIOTS CAN GE FRMOVED FROM THIS EARTH

  2. Perhaps new technology would include skunk juice sprayers that send an atomized cloud at high pressure and high volume in an arc of 360° around the car. The idiots would withdraw in a hurry. Come to think of it, I think I’ll start working on a prototype for my personal vehicle.

  3. If believe this officer was going to sit there until they pulled him out of the car, your nuts. At this point, it’s either me or them. They shouldn’t be where their not suppose to be and if you have 1/4 of a brain, you listen to and obey the law when told to. To bad he didn’t put the car in reverse and run him over again.

  4. Look, the Officer was being attacked in his vehicle and could rightly believe that they were going to break the windows and drag the Officer from his vehicle and do extreme bodily injury to the Officer. He did what he could by using his emergency lights and siren as well as revening his engine to let these fools know he was going to break free of this crowd! He even tried to come back to help those that were injured but it was obvious that they would attack him then. Lights and sirens mean get out of the way!

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