VIDEO: Woman has little boy read ‘The GayBCs’ — a children’s book with terms like ‘bi,’ ‘coming out,’ and ‘queer.’ And the reaction is swift.

A video of a woman having a little boy read from “The GayBCs” — a children’s book that uses letters of the alphabet to introduce readers as young as 4 years old to LGBTQ words — has been making quite a stir on social media.

What are the details?

The video begins with the little boy reading aloud the word for letter A: “ally.” Then the woman with him is heard introducing the rest of the letters, beginning with “B is for” — and the tyke answers “bi.”

While some of the words don’t possess immediate LGBTQ connotations — H is for “hope” and M is for “mountain,” for instance — others like “bi” hit right at the heart of it. And little boy with his cute little-boy voice reads all of them:

  • C is for “coming out.”
  • D is for “drag.”
  • G is for “gay.”
  • I is for “intersex.”
  • L is for “lesbian.”
  • N is for “non-binary.”
  • O is for “orientation.”
  • Q is for “queer.”
  • T is for “trans.”

As you might expect, some folks wondered why a kid so young was being introduced to such words:

“The ‘progressive alphabet’ for the next generation,” the Twitter commenter said. “God help us!”

Others seemed just as disturbed:

  • “iight folks, it’s been real but I’m done with this planet,” another commenter wrote in reaction to the clip. “Taking the next Elon Musk spaceship to Mars so we can start over.”
  • “What the actual f***,” another user declared.
  • “Why is this necessary?” yet another commenter asked.
  • “I’m gay & … KIDS SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT ABOUT SEX. PERIOD,” another user noted. “Doesn’t matter if it makes YOU feel better. Is P for pedo? S for sodomy? I’d object to a kid learning an alphabet of diseases, too. It’s called preserving innocence.”
  • “My 6 year old reads at a 3rd grade level and does not know half of these words by design,” another commenter said. “This is full-on abuse. But those of us that do not perpetuate degeneracy can still do our jobs. Pull your kids. Vet their social circle. It’s the very least you can do.”

But not everyone was upset

As you might imagine, others were fully supportive of the little boy being introduced to LGBTQ words:

  • “I don’t get what homophobic people find so toxic with videos like this,” one commenter said before mocking detractors. “Wow the child is probably gonna grow up to be respectful that people can be different in many ways; omg I can’t believe it, this is brainwashing!!”
  • “In the past if you read an ABCs book, it might’ve had B for boy with the color blue and G for girl with the color pink, until you associate the color with the gender,” another user noted. “Familiarizing children with gay, trans, and non-binary things is the exact same thing. That isn’t brainwashing.”
  • “It’s teaching kids that other people and minorities exist,” another commenter wrote. “Trying to imply this is wrong is only implying that children should only grow up to misunderstand and be ignorant of other lifestyles … perpetuates a problem; that is what we already have with ppl misunderstanding us.”

There’s more on the pages

The below video shows a woman reading each page of “The GayBCs” — and there’s more text below the introductory lines noted above.

For instance, after “B is for ‘bi'” the text reads, “You can shout it out loud. I like boys and girls, and that makes me proud.” After “G is for ‘gay'” the text reads, “It’s word that implies you’re a girl who likes girls or a guy who likes guys.” And after “L is for ‘lesbian'” the text reads, “It’s love and affection between two special girls who share a connection.”

12 thoughts on “VIDEO: Woman has little boy read ‘The GayBCs’ — a children’s book with terms like ‘bi,’ ‘coming out,’ and ‘queer.’ And the reaction is swift.

  1. Well what do you want when the people that run this free country are queer, gay, bi, trans or perverts. It’s a damn shame that kids in school are being taught this crap and have to watch on TV. Personally we’re tired of seeing and hearing about this shit along with poor black people. Stay in school and they might make something of themselves.

  2. This is ONE of the most disgusting items I have EVER read. Why pick on innocent children??? Time enough for them to find out what this is when they are old enough to handles ALL this perverse stuff.

    1. Satan is aggressively attempting to build his Kingdom before Jesus Christ returns. The Sinful LGBTQ want to legislate their sinful behavior over the rights of Christians. Sadly Christian institutions are silent. FYI, God only made two sex, male and female.

  3. That woman whoever is he was should somehow be punished! How can parents accept and take that so quietly.
    They are indoctrinating the kids, if that continues, USA WIL BECOME SODOMA AND GOMORRAH . The law should do something about this. Whoever is a trans, ok, but they don’t have a right to SHOVE IT TO CHILDREN THROAT! DO SOMETHING PARENTS!!!!!!

  4. This is NOT for children. Young children should not be taught about sexual anything till after puberty and then some should wait as they are not ready..

  5. Filthy pervert scum indoctrinating our precious young children to their sick perverted way of life. The result of removing God from everything and not standing up to these perverts for their filth!

  6. Please spare children this “information” until such time
    that they are capable of understanding and handling
    It. We start babies off on baby food and then progress
    to more solid food as they get older. This is also why we
    we have a grade system in our schools!

  7. Back in the old days we didn’t have to have all this crap shoved down our throats. What is the rush to convince these kids to be different to begin with. We knew some were gay back then but they kept that private just like the rest of us kept our sex preference private. Now it seems they want to shove it in everyone’s face like they have accomplished something.

  8. When we try to incorporate politics into all levels of education we make a mistake . Very young children are not able to understand some concepts that are related to sexual maturity. We are making a generalization that what is appropriate for one group , very young, is also appropriate for another group, mature individuals. These politically motivated “mistakes “ provide excellent justification for leaving politics completely out of our educational system until middle school.

  9. What is wrong with anyone who feels this it the right thing to do. So you LBGT?? don’t believe in God or you don’t think that what HIS word says is true or whatever your sad and sinful mind thinks, but what makes it okay to try to teach children this stuff. Like it or not, we are either born male or female. Unfortunately, our society has made it seem kind of cool to become one of those other names. It has even encouraged it. When will it stop? When Jesus returns so I hope you are ready.

  10. If you care about your children being brainwashed you would act as soon as it happens! They get away with this because they are allowed to get away with this! You cannot trust anyone when it comes to children. Not your schools not your friends not even family members. This society is sick and they want to drag your children down in their hellish pits!

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