Violence erupts during pro-Trump women’s event at DC hotel after attendees at ‘high-profile Democrat wedding’ harass conservative women

A South Carolina man was arrested in Washington, D.C., after reportedly attacking a man who defended a group of pro-Trump women who had convened for a Women for America First event.

The event, held at the Willard Hotel on Saturday, was titled, “A Very MAGA Holiday Weekend.” About 200 women were in attendance at the pro-Trump holiday event.

A “high-profile Democrat wedding” was simultaneously going on inside the hotel venue in an adjacent ballroom, according to the group.

What are the details?

Women for America First released a media bulletin on Monday about the incident.

The news release pointed out that wedding attendees reportedly interrupted the event “at least” 30 times throughout the evening, including a physical assault on Jonathan Gilliam, who is a former FBI special agent and retired Navy SEAL. Wedding attendees reportedly threatened women at the event, allegedly calling them “c****,” “Nazis,” and “MAGA trash.”

Gilliam, who was a guest speaker at the event, also tweeted about the incident, writing, “Saturday night at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, I attended @america1stwomen (WFAF) gala, speaking in support of our president @realDonaldTrump and the strength of all free women of the United States.”

“Unfortunately,” he continued, “due to the harassment from Trump haters from an adjacent ball room, and lack of hotel security involvement, an event occurred when myself and others were escorting WFAF women out of the venue. I’m ok, but the future of this country is not!”

A portion of the release read:

Our event on Saturday evening was rudely disrupted when attendees from a high-profile democrat wedding in the adjacent ballroom repeatedly stalked, harassed, and both verbally and ultimately physically attacked our guests. Throughout the evening, on at least 30 different occasions, our private event was interrupted. …

Our guests were repeatedly verbally assaulted with comments such as “is this an actual thing?”, “you should be ashamed of yourselves,” “MAGA Trash,” “Nazis” and “C*nts”.

After the event ended, Gilliam reportedly stayed behind to help escort guests past the unruly wedding.

The organization pointed out that “[d]uring this time, the alleged best man refused to allow people on the elevator saying, ‘[Y]ou’re only allowed in if you respect your ovaries.'”

“As Jonathan escorted approximately five of our guests to the lobby of the hotel via the stairs so they could exit the hotel, the alleged best man in the wedding party and several other individuals began verbally taunting him and the women he was protecting, resulting in an altercation,” the group added. “Subsequently, Jonathan was physically attacked by approximately 4-6 other attendees of the wedding party who piled on attempting to choke and beat him, before he was able to break free and counter the attack.”

Police responded to the incident, which resulted in one arrest.

What did the police say?

A spokesperson for Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department told TheBlaze in a statement that the man arrested was Charleston, South Carolina, resident Andrew James Ruder, 37.

A copy of the police report, obtained by TheBlaze, reads, “On listed date time and location S-1 lunged in a aggressive manner towards V-1 in which S-2 joined and assaulted V-1 by grabbing his neck causing the listed injury. V-1 was able to defend himself and strike S-1 on the face with a closed fist. S-1 was placed under arrest and transported to the Second District for processing.”

38 thoughts on “Violence erupts during pro-Trump women’s event at DC hotel after attendees at ‘high-profile Democrat wedding’ harass conservative women

      1. Just more evidence of how rotten the leftist Democrats are. The amazng thing is that one of them is actually willing to marry another one of them. Oh well, “there’s a lid for every pot.” But, seriously, to defend against the leftist Dems hysterical violence conservative patriots are going to have to stand together and protect one another. You know, strength in numbers.

        1. They’re one step closer to a civil war! I don’t hold out any hope of there not being a civil war in the Senate agrees to impeach the president!

    1. amazing however no surprise. What a memorial to a wedding. All spoiled by hate of the President &conservative’s. The hotel should have also provided some sort of security.

    2. You can also count on dummycrats to fight 2 or more against one. Bunch of wimps. Andrew James Ruder is probably a damn transplanted yankee from New York or California.

  1. Liberal c suckers, When I go out with my Maga hat on, I also carry a 5 shot revolver chambered to accept a 45 caliber round or a 410 shotgun round.
    I hand load 410 rounds with single ought buuckshot.
    If you attack me, I will leave 8 to 12 of you laying there waiting for the meat wagon.


    2. Your a good man. Liberals are all so violent, they are so unhappy with themselves. We need to have a cleansing and eradicate all liberals from this great country.

    3. Be careful, Jerry… They like to sneak up behind you and sucker punch before you know what happened… Keep your eyes open all around you… I too have a concealed carry permit and am just waiting for any of these pieces of ‘dung’ to pull any of their leftist/gestapo crap… Interesting about the 410 shotgun rounds… I’m going to look into it… KAG

    4. The bigger picture is that YOU will end up in prison though. I fear for the civil war that is coming when Trump wins again!

  2. Too bad there were not more men escorting the women. It appears the loudmouth wedding
    members could have used a good ass-kicking. Are all Democrats such big mouth know nothing
    screw-ups? If this is an example of the people who will run this country one day then May God
    Have Mercy On Our Souls. Our country and its survival are in enormous jeopardy if this is the
    caliber of people to run the country. Drunk or not, no sense, no class, and pure stupidity.

    1. David and Sandra are correct— Republicans and Conservatives are being silenced and are country is in deep trouble. Young Americans have been taught/brain washed beginning in grammar school, high school and college to be active socialist– just like Hitler taught the Germans.

      1. You reminded me of a commercial I saw when I was growing up in the 1960s. It showed a child with a chain wrapped around his head that was also padlocked. A man was talking in Russian to the child and the child was repeating word for word everything he was told. The announcer said “First they took his country. Now they want his mind.” This is exactly what is happening in our own democrat (communist) controlled educational system. Sometimes TV becomes reality.

    2. Again those that are accusing conservatives of hate and violence are the ones perpetrating the hate speech and the physical violence.

  3. Well what a wonderful wedding gift. Why can’t democrats act civilized instead of like beasts? Anger gets them nothing except everyone else’s disgust.

  4. This is what we get from the pos DEMOCRATS RATS. Next time the Navy SEAL should OF HAD a gun then I would LIKE TO see how brave they are when they get shot and kill,BELIEVE me they would deserve it,that is how they will learn buy one of them get kill.

  5. It really is a sad commentary on the state of our nation when certain people feel they “HAVE THE FLIPPING RIGHT” to interrupt both verbally and physically someone else’s event, of which they are not a part. Liberal Socialist Democrats seem to think they are above the rest of the world, especially Conservatives, and have the “RIGHT” to belittle & abuse. Well, one day very soon they are going to get such a wake-up call, it will make their heads spin. Our President will be re-elected and We The People will no longer be polite about their Crap & Behavior. Ass kicking & name taking will be the order of the day!!! I can barely wait!!!!

  6. Democrats cannot even control themselves at a wedding. Who married the couple anyway? A witch maybe? Evil people. Democrats are just plain nasty.

  7. “Trouble is usually produced by those who produce nothing else”…… a.k.a. Democrats, Liberals, Antifa, and social justice warriors just to name a few……. Like Jerry, I too make sure I am fully loaded when I go out with my Trump gear on and if anyone ever gets in my face and threatens me I won’t release the trigger till it goes “click” so bring it…….

  8. Besides being habitual liars, all the Liberal Socialist Democrats have completely gone nuts with their hate talk and all the physical threats and attacks on Trump. Also, any of us that wears his hat or speaks up for him. Looks like we may have a political war, like no other, if this nonsense keeps up. To me, this just re-enforces my vote for Trump in 2020.

  9. Americans under the constitution have freedom of speech freedom to live and worship as they see fit that’s without retaliation such things as physical violence firing someone because they voted for a conservative stating that they believe in the constitution and a conservative ideals and then being retaliated against is against the law where is the attorney general where are the FBI and the people who are supposed to be protecting out law biting citizens and constitutional Obeying citizens instead of the lawbreakers and NAFTA thugs what is going on in this country and then they say they want to take your guns away from you
    you better be afraid very afraid!
    Next they’ll be killing you instead of just trying to beat you up

    1. Yes, our law abiding citizens should retain their rights without violence from leftist liberals. Citizens have their second amendment right to defend themselves from lunatics and criminals. Globalists will continue trying to take our rights away.

  10. The Democrats are ruining our country. So sad.. Teaching our children in school started it. Then in college.. Everyone used to get along with each other, no matter what party they belonged to. Rep. or Dem. Pelosi & Schummer gotta go.. Trump has done so much good for our country & they do not appreciate anything. Let us be peaceful again.

  11. They all suffer from the ” SICK “. it is a liberal demo-donkey communist socialist illness, and is TERMINAL , if left untreated. in short they are DOOMED
    IMPEACH pelosi IMPEACH schumer IMPEACH schiff IMPEACH nadler. all are TRAITORS

  12. The democrats are total scumbags, attacking a woman’s meeting honoring President Trump with one Nave Seal present at the woman’s meeting. But, that about who they are democrats, they only know how to attack a woman meeting. To bad the woman didn’t bring their husbands, maybe next meeting bring them.

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