Viral video shows New York business owners take defiant stand when health inspector barges inside: ‘Go get a warrant’

Business owners in Buffalo-area took a defiant stand against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus-related restrictions on Friday, telling a local health inspector and sheriffs deputies, who showed up to enforce Cuomo’s arbitrary restrictions, to immediately leave their property because they did not have a warrant to be there.

What happened?

Robby Dinero, owner of Athletes Unleashed in Orchard Park, gathered dozens of area business owners at his gym on Friday night to discuss Cuomo’s latest business-killing restrictions, according to WGRZ-TV. Their goal was to plan how to survive the newest restrictions.

But, about 20 minutes into the meeting, members from the Erie County Department of Health and deputies from the Erie County Sheriff’s Department barged into the meeting, telling those gathered that they were violating Cuomo’s restrictions that prohibit gatherings of more than 10 people.

What happened next was caught on video and is going viral.

One of the people at the gatherings told the health department official to have compassion on area businesses and when she said that she does, another business owner told the official, “OK, well you need to go have compassion out in the parking lot.”

“This is private property. This is private property. This is private property,” the man told the health department official. The man then told the sheriff deputies to “do your jobs.”

“Your job is to remove people who are not wanted here,” the man said. One of the deputies responded by lecturing the business owners for not wearing face masks.

Another man then said, “You guys need to leave because right now, you’re trespassing without a warrant. You need to leave.” Others repeated, “Go get a warrant.”

After more back-and-forth, the business owners continued to tell the health department official and sheriff deputies that they needed to leave because they were trespassing on private property.

“You don’t get to violate the Constitution,” one of the business owners said. “You don’t circumvent or subvert the Constitution.”

The video ends as the business owners shout in unison, “Get out!” The deputies and health department worker are then driven out of the gym.

What was the response?

In an interview with the Buffalo News, Tim Walton, who attended Friday night’s event, said the business owners are not doubting the existence of COVID-19, but rather the arbitrary nature of Cuomo’s restrictions.

Meanwhile, Health Department spokeswoman Kara Kane told the Buffalo News, “We are gathering information and will have more to share in our press conference on Monday.”

4 thoughts on “Viral video shows New York business owners take defiant stand when health inspector barges inside: ‘Go get a warrant’

  1. HAT”S OFF TO MR ROBERT DINERO & OTHER BUSINESS LEADERS IN ORCHARD PARK NEW YORK!! If it was a PROVEN FACT that MUZZLES – MASKS or whatever You want to call them stopped the spread & even protected the individual wearing it, don’t You no EVERYBODY wld have their face covered!! Masks protect Folks from COVID like a chain link fence corrals mosquito’s!! Governor Cuomo is the Last Individual who should be placing restrictions on N York’s Hard working Folks by violating the US Constitution!! Unfortunateley this cld only be the beginning??? IF WE ALLOW these GESTAPO like tactics to continue!! TIMES ARE XTREMELY TOUGH FOR US ALL!! WHY CAN’T THESE GOVERNMENT FOLKS WHO ARE GETTING A WEEKLY PAYCHECK LEAVE US ALONE??????

  2. People of NY you got what you voted for. I wish you nothing but hard times. You voted in totalitarian communists to rule you and that is what you got. Live with it and stay there. Do not move to conservative states bringing your poisoning with you. Welcome to the democrats ‘communist state of america’.

  3. All Businesses must band together all over the Country to Sue then prove their Governors trampling their Constitutional Rights. Dictatorship is NOT WANTED IN THE US. People must HIT POCKET BOOKS OF States, Cities Communities LEADERS in order to get our Constitutional Rights back.

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