Viral video shows school food workers throwing out hot lunches of students with debts and replacing them with cold lunches. Now they’re sorry.

A Minnesota public school ate crow after throwing away indebted students’ hot lunches and replacing them with cold meals.

KARE-TV reported that as many as 40 students’ hot lunches were thrown in the trash because they owed balances on their lunch accounts.

What are the details?

The Richfield School District issued an apology on Monday after the video was released to the internet.

The video showed a variety of food service workers at a district school throwing away the hot meals of students who owed money on their lunch accounts.

Facebook post from the district read, “Today at Richfield High School, our nutrition services staff began implementing an existing practice that students with a meal balance of -$15 or more are provided with an alternate lunch.”

“Unfortunately, this was not implemented in line with our guidelines or our values,” the apology continued. “Once our administration was made aware of the situation, we immediately ceased the practice in time for the third lunch period.”

The school went on to point out its deep regret over the embarrassment and promised to rectify the situation.

“We deeply regret our actions today and the embarrassment that it caused several of our students,” the apology added. “We have met with some of the students involved and apologized to them. High school administration will also be meeting with student government this week to talk about the situation and listen to what students have to say.”

Richfield Public Schools Superintendent Steven Unowsky also issued a statement, obtained by KARE-TV, on the matter.

“Our nutrition staff inaccurately and inappropriately implemented alternate lunch,” Unowsky said on Tuesday. “There are multiple failures we had in this situation and our job is to fix it. First and foremost [in] the way we treated our kids. We should never leave kids with the feeling they had from the experience.”

The district also made a link available to people who wished to pay students’ lunch debts.

Richfield High School Principal Latanya Daniels promised that the school would never engage in such behavior again.

“One of the things we can do is model failure with grace. We absolutely failed in this situation and our team is working to try and rectify mistakes we made,” she said.

22 thoughts on “Viral video shows school food workers throwing out hot lunches of students with debts and replacing them with cold lunches. Now they’re sorry.

  1. No child should ever go hungry for any reason especially money. Noone knows what is going on in that child’s home and sometimes this is the only meal that child may get. Horrible, horrible lunch service people. Horrible.

      1. I don’t know about hot lunches however I remember Michelle Obama changing the school lunches & the kids hated them & the kids were ditching them in the trash. Another failed Obama stunt.

  2. the employee in question should kick in for the money they wasted on the lunches ..and if ordered to do this whomever did the ordering should pay the entire amount ..

  3. I know a lot of teachers and workers in the cafeteria have over their careers paid for lunches of students who cant pay. SO now, they wont get Breakfast or lunch and when they go home there is nothing but garbage and blue colored food. I just read about a man who had just retired no family, 2 schools where he lives and paid off all the children’s bills and it cost the man over a $1,000 but the schools need new help or classes on how to care for people and if not terminate them..

  4. Kids with no money should just bring a bagged lunch or get PB&J as we did.

    If you have a debt then you don’t keep buying school lunch. Bring a brown bag lunch. .

    Why aren’t the parents paying the debts off or providing lunch for their kids? That’s the issue.

    Schools just providing a service.

    1. Amen I thought the exact same thing why could they not have supplied the families with P&J & bread. You are right John we bought our own sandwich’s to school & drank water not soda.

    2. John Gray – Do you know the background of these children’s home life? Who are you to be judge and jury and give unwanted advice to people you ASSUME to be Gimme’s? Do you know the history and/or condition(s) of their personal home lives? Do you? Or does your inflated ego allow you to add insult to injury? Perhaps you need to come down off your high horse. Stop breathing in that stratospheric air and join the human race. If you choose to berate me, that’s ok – sticks and stones won’t break my bones, I have tough skin….yup

    1. I stand with you, Toni Weaver. I admire your compassion. Actions do speak louder than words!! The shame and rejection these children must feel is well on its way to total destruction of their future. You do not punish these children publicly and then expect them to succeed in life. They are the future of America. That old adage:
      “Do unto others” strongly applies here.


    1. a dedicated conservative person should run in EVERY democrat seat to replace current seated democrat. There will never be any major decisions made as long as the democrats are in control. Too much hate and demonic minds at work.

  6. From my own experience working in a school cafeteria, children who had an outstanding balance of $10 or more were not allowed to buy a hot lunch. They were given sandwiches for lunch instead. At the end of the lunch periods, all food left over was thrown out per the parent company that supplied the food. This was normal procedure. On a side note, plenty of students knew their accounts were overdrawn. Their attitude was, either way, I get lunch for free (for which they never had to pay). They didn’t care.

    1. Kind of unfair to the child not fair to them & I am sure they are harassed [or today it is bullied] for the whole situation.

  7. “No child left behind”, naaaa, lets just let the liberal socialist system deprive them of the same food everyone else gets for spite! In such a ripe liberal society it would seem that law suites could be filed in which the dignity, race, and mental anguish were the basis of poor performance by these very same students.

  8. When I was in elementary school in the mid 50s lunch was free because the politicians in DC and local were doing what they were put in office to do. Take care of the money and spend it wisely. Times were good. Calif schools were #1 in the nation. now 49th. Nice going Dumbocrats in Sacramento.

  9. People are out of work with little or no money so punish their children. The same people that done this want a socialized government! How low can they go?

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