Virginia police officer shot and killed during traffic stop; suspect also killed during flight from police

In a startling incident on Friday, a suspect allegedly opened fire on a police officer in Virginia during a traffic stop, killing him. According to multiple reports, the suspect was himself killed by police after he allegedly made a threatening move towards police who attempted to chase him from the scene as he fled on foot.

Officer Dominic “Nick” Winum was reportedly shot around 3:15pm local time in Stanley, Virginia, where he served on the Stanley police force. Winum had been with the Stanley Police Department for five years, according to reports, and prior to that had served 10 years as a Virginia state police officer. He was praised as a professional and outstanding police officer in statements released by both departments.

According to police, Winum initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on Judy Lane in Stanley, but before he could get out of his car, the suspect who was being pulled over opened fire on Winum, who was later pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect has been identified by police as Dakota G. Richardson, who is also a resident of Stanley.

Richardson allegedly fled the scene on foot, and was eventually tracked to a barn, where he was confronted by Page County Sheriff’s Deputies. Police say that Richardson made a threatening move towards the officers who attempted to arrest him, leading them to open fire on him. Richardson was struck by gunfire and died shortly afterwards from his injuries.

Police were not aware at the time of the publication of this article of any possible motive that Richardson may have had for opening fire on Winum.

In a post on the Stanley Police Department’s Facebook page, the department simply stated, “We have no words. Please pray for the family of our fallen brother, the Stanley Police Department, and our law enforcement family.”

4 thoughts on “Virginia police officer shot and killed during traffic stop; suspect also killed during flight from police

  1. My Family & I all send our most sincere condolences to this Brave Virginia Police Officers Family, Friends & Fellow Officers. They will be in Our Thoughts & Prayers, asking that God help them with the healing as they deal with the loss of this Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend & Fellow Hero Police Officer. God Bless them all.

  2. Officer Winum was NOT a Rookie but a seasoned Veteran. He was murdered before he even stepped out of his vehicle. I am very glad that the POS that murdered him went to his own grave very quickly at the hands of Officer Winum’s brothers.
    Officer Winum, go with God my brother and my deepest condolences to his family.

  3. Why is the shooter INCORRECTLY identified ??
    Is this more media “revising” of facts to try and hide just how prevalent crime by Blacks is at the same time this racial crime is getting WORSE? And our new federal government, rather trying to stop these criminals is trying to cover for them and make it easier to avoid being punished for their crimes!

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