Washington Post gets mercilessly mocked after posting al-Baghdadi obituary with glowing headline

The Washington Post was mocked Sunday after posting an obituary for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with a glowing headline describing the terrorist — known for unimaginable violence, including systematic rape and murder — as an “austere religious scholar.”

When the Post first published its story, the newspaper described al-Baghdadi as the “Islamic State’s terrorist-in-Chief.” However, for unknown reasons, the Post later changed the headline to describe al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar,” giving special emphasis to his academic career.

“The man who would become the founding leader of the world’s most brutal terrorist group spent his early adult years as an obscure academic, aiming for a quiet life as a professor of Islamic law,” the Post wrote.

“And yet, despite the group’s extremist views and vicious tactics, Mr. Baghdadi maintained a canny pragmatism as leader,” the Post also said of al-Baghdadi.

The newspaper, however, conceded that al-Baghdadi oversaw the “shocking brutality” of ISIS.

What was the reaction?

The Post was widely mocked Sunday after the headline change circulated on social media.

After the backlash, Post editors gave the story its third headline iteration, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, extremist leader of Islamic State, dies at 48.”

However, the story’s opening paragraph still described al-Baghdadi as “an austere religious scholar with wire-frame glasses and no known aptitude for fighting and killing.”

2 thoughts on “Washington Post gets mercilessly mocked after posting al-Baghdadi obituary with glowing headline

  1. Charlie Manson; Musician and well known author who was a positive inspiration to others died peacefully. We at the Washington Post will always be inspired by his many famous actions !!!

  2. What is our country coming to? We elevate some one as evil as this man was? IS everybody gone over the edge. The reporters on CNN, MSNBC, AbC, NBC, CBS and others, If the Dems keep up this crazy rhetoric, people are going to turn on them! THEIR RATINGS ARE SO LOW THAT THEY HAVE TO USE A MAGINIFING GLASS. IF EVERYONE GOT ALONG, THINK OF HOW WONDERFUL OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD SURROUNDING US AT PEACE! But no the muckrakers are out there spinning up dark, black stories about their beliefs. The believers in GOD/Jesus need to speed up their rhetoric about Our GOD. GOD is patient and kind and is waiting for all the (Stuff) to hit the fan. No more comedy from Steve Cobart (disgusting),Kimmel, not funny anymore. THey need to go on a journey to find GOD and become a TRUE BELIEVER. Before it is too late for both of you. HELLERY believes in GOD but yet she goes out and has people disappear. Breaks Federal Laws, and etc. SHe needs an intervention!

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