What Michelle Obama Just Called for Is What Trump Warned Us About Big Tech

In light of the chaos that has engulfed the nation for the past few days, former First Lady Michelle Obama came out swinging, calling for tech companies to permanently ban Donald Trump from their platforms “to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

This is not shocking. Twitter banned Trump for 12 hours before allowing him to post a video message where he officially conceded the 2020 election. Facebook has permanently banned Trump from its platform.

Yes, these are private companies who can do what they want in the same fashion as Simon and Shuster canceling Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) book deal.

They’re not obligated to publish your work, but on the issue of big tech — aren’t these companies now operating as quasi-public utilities? How many people use their platforms for news and information digestion?

We’ve discussed this plenty of times on Triggered. We get the “private company, non-intervention in business” side. We all know that this isn’t any typical private business in the vein of US Steel.

Saying we’re for smaller government, more jobs, fewer taxes, and less regulation could be viewed as fueling insurrection by these folks. No, scratch that — it has. Remember the Tea Party movement?

I remember when the media smeared these patriots as quasi-domestic terrorists, racists, and overall total loons for demanding things that the vast majority of Americans want; no one likes taxes.

The truth is, I don’t trust the Left. I know you don’t either. The “woke” morons who think they know best because they got a degree in gender studies will have sought to cancel people for having wholly uncontroversial views on policy. During COVID, Chicago Public Schools warned that reopening is an act of misogyny and racism.

So, I’m going to trust these morons with filtering through what is truly insurrectionist rhetoric and classic conservative thought? Nope. I can’t, and neither should you.

This is what President Trump and others warned would happen eventually if we let big tech run wild. As we’re about to enter the Biden administration, expect more purges.

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9 thoughts on “What Michelle Obama Just Called for Is What Trump Warned Us About Big Tech

  1. well venezuala here we come we admire your nation so much we want to be just like you. you know only very rich people , hunger and ill health to the rest……….michelle never really liked the usa neverproud of it so why not emulate the country of venezuala it is right up her alley.

  2. If anyone should be banned from media platforms and even from the US It should be Michelle/Michael and her Kenyan husband!

  3. what do you think you get from a tranny a loud mouth what ever you call it who couldnt dress to nice to suit her ass .it will have fun in gitmo as some one fat bitch

  4. Most, if not all other Presidents & their wives retire, write a book, etc. Not so with the Obamas, which is a sign of Communists that haven’t completed their duty yet.

  5. These fucking assholes of past government duties should have their security detail cancelled. Let them live like the rest of us. This country is going to hell in a heartbeat come Jan 20. Those who voted for Biden and any democraps must have blinders on and ear plugs in your ears. They’re going to bring in communistic laws.

  6. I really don’t care what Big Mike has to say! He is and has always been about as anti-American as they come and profited mightily off his marriage to Barrack on his “Vacations” and putting his momma in charge of babysitting etc.

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