Woman fatally shot inside US Capitol was 14-year veteran and ‘strong supporter’ of Trump

A woman was fatally shot Wednesday inside the U.S. Capitol building when a group of Trump supporters stormed the building following a rally protesting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election won by President-elect Joe Biden.

Graphic videos circulated on the internet showing the woman when she was struck along with the chaos of the scene, and now her identity has been revealed.

What are the details?

Ashli Babbit is the name of the victim. KUSI-TV reported that “she was a 14 year veteran, she served four tours with the U.S. Air Force, and was a high level security officer throughout her time in service.”

Babbit’s husband spoke with the outlet, who relayed that his wife was “a strong supporter of President Trump and was a great patriot to all who knew her.”

WTTG-TV reporter Lindsay Watts also confirmed Babbit’s identity by speaking with her family. Watts tweeted out a photo of the veteran, saying Babbit “owned a business with her husband” who “did not come to DC” with her.

Babbit’s mother-in-law told Watts, “I really don’t know why she decided to do this.”

Authorities are still investigating the incident and have not released the details surrounding Babbit’s death, including who shot the victim or if anyone has been arrested.

Videos of the shooting viewed by TheBlaze are too graphic to publish, but continue to circulate social media. Fox News host Tucker Carlson took the same stance in his commentary over the incident.

During the siege of the Capitol, protesters stormed the Senate chambers. Video footage of the shooting appears to show Babbit outside the doors of the House chamber, and shows her attempting to climb through a window into the chamber when a shot is heard and she drops to the ground.

She died later at a local hospital.

6 thoughts on “Woman fatally shot inside US Capitol was 14-year veteran and ‘strong supporter’ of Trump

  1. I am heartbroken for this young woman and her family and friends. I am sure she didn’t realize that she was doing anything wrong just following a crowd. to let Congress know we want legal voting…💔💔🇺🇸
    1 person with ID equals 1 vote and signature matching, ballots, we have to have fair and legal voting 🇺🇸🙏👍

  2. Let see if she will be memorialized as George Floyd.. She will be in my Heart! we must now fight to the end or Lose to Communisms!

  3. The democrats and the Criminal Arm of the Party ANTIFA, BLM and others are responsible for the Violence that has been going on since Trump won the Presidency.

    They have committed murder and mayhem in order to divide and conquer U.S. and were supported by the democrats who control these Cities and States!

    The Democrat Party is Responsible for the Violence and must be held accountable.

    By the way, Do we know for sure who killed this Military Veteran? Will we ever find out?

    1. It is already being EXPERTLY covered up by the criminal sleazy lying crooked liberal socialist demoncRATs who are celebrating stealing elections all over the US with their tricky illegal mail in voting for illegal aliens, felons, ghosts, dead people and so on. These are the same sleazes who have brought you the past four years of increasing criminal activity by illegals and a certain minority sponsored by the socialist demoncRATs! And now Sleepy Joe and the Ho assure us it will all be good soon as they make all these criminals and illegals full SERVED citizens of US!

  4. Who is the moron who wrote this article?
    Why do they keep repeating the same lie? Saying that Biden was the winner of the election for president??!!

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